Understanding”Useful Idiots” and “Saul Allinsky”

Now is time to come together as patriots and to rebuild.

Power is only lasting within a framework of balance. It was the American Constitution that gave our country a chance to be great and prosperous. This is because there was a natural balance between the Executive, Judiciary and a Legislature AND free and fair elections. It was the Constitution that gave America a chance to vote out crime and corruption.

America (up until now) has been a land governed WITH THE CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED but in 2016 we nearly lost it. Luckily the majority came through. The people in America have not been happy with the last fifty to eighty years. Watch this short video. We sense, but do not actually know, how badly we have been scammed.

Useful Idiot

Sadly, in the last eight years thanks to shady legislators (like Reid & Boxer) representative government became an endangered species.  One wonders if they werre ever honestly elected, what with illegals voting and crooked voting machines (Project Veritas)  America rejects sleight of hand legislation and ultra, heavy handed EPA regulations stifling progress. What a problem our good constitution is to those who want to keep an unfair privilege. We have been taken into a precarious range of debt, endangering our future and the future of our children and even our grandchildren.

Ask yourself why is America richer than Mexico, why did America become a super power while the beautiful Mexico, same continent, good natural resources,struggles with poverty & crime & corruption? The reason is Mexico does not have “Balance of Power” it does not have our constitution. Mexico and much of the rest of the world have a problem of CRIME AND CORRUPTION but then most of the rest of the world does not YET operate under true balance of power; the brilliant pattern of the American Constitution. We are poor in America in exact degree that we let go of our heritage. Income inequality is a major problem in America and worse in Mexico and the rest of the world. It is the Constitutional form of Government that puts in the checks and balances to open the door to the American Dream and to distribute the wealth fairly.

We did something right when we become prosperous and a super power and our responsibility is to share our successful actions with other sovereign nations through education. 

Useful Idiots:

  • Get most or all data from TV, filtered as it is by a bought Main Stream Media
  • Fail to fact check the ideas they accept and operate on and use as stable data.
  • Fail to take the effort to learn a trade and work to support self, family and the nation.
  • Are influenced in their voting by welfare, and the largesse of the state.
  • Tend to believe authority and that might is right, however irrational.
  • Believe slander and cabal & rumor

Saul Allinsky refers to “we the people” as “Useful Idiots”.

So let’s take a hard and critical look at America as it has evolved over the last eight years. Do you recognize these points in the “new” fabric of our culture? Here is Alinsky’s advice to the elite oligarchies and crooked politicians to help them hold on to an elite and unfair privilege.

  1. Class Warfare: Divide the people into the wealthy & the poor, and all other factions. Pit one faction against the other. Easier to keep the people down, if you keep them busy fighting each other.
  2. Religion: Religion brings with it a Moral Code that is at best awkward for the crooked elite, and at worst dangerous. Elites MUST remove God from all things public.
  3. Education – take control of what people listen to or watch or read. Also take control of the Education agenda; what children are taught will define our future.
  4. Welfare – take control of all aspects of welfare – if the people are beholden to the State they will be too afraid of losing their livelihood to revolt.
  5. Gun Control – you have to remove the ability of the people to defend themselves against an oppressive government.
  6. Increase Debt – in this way you can increase taxation, poverty and fear.
  7. Poverty – Increase poverty – poor people are far easier to control
  8. Healthcare – Control Healthcare and you control the people

We know that Hillary has studied Allinsky when at University. We also know that Obama has referred to Allinsky quite fondly from time to time. We also know that these rules are from Lenin when he was aiming at world control. (An America that sees itself as a soveriegn nation WILL RESPECT other soveriegn nations.  A constitutional America does not engage in imperialistic wars.

In electing Donald Trump, America rejected globalism and THE directed history of global elites. We also rejected imperialism.

We chose America First

Will you, too?


Quote for the Week

When more Americans prefer freebies to freedom, these great United States will become a fertile ground for tyranny.

Allen West

Understanding Political Secrets

Updated December 2017

Corruption cannot Survive if the light of day is Shone on it 

unconstitutionalAs corruption breaks up and it breaks away, it is a noisy process.

Swamp Dwellers are truly scared and fighting their last street fight at the CFPB.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is an agency that has pretended to protect consumers in the financial sector.  We know that didn’t happen because the bureau was set up to operate without Congressional oversight.  Big red flag. Of all the Obama bureaus this one has many ugly secrets. Furthermore it is funded by the Federal Reserve, not Congress.  So it has been used to pursue goals not decided by the people in the last election.

Trump is seeking to bring it under congressional scrutiny and provide financial accountability. He appointed Rick Mulvaney as interim director and this appointment was upheld by the courts. Swamp dwellers in Washington are worried because Mulvaney now has access to the internal documents that could indict them.

For almost a century and especially in the new digital age big bad corporations have gamed the system. How do we fix this, we force in transparency and the new Interim Director (Mulvaney) will be doing just that.

This agency was a hot bed of crony capitalism and money laundering funded by the Federal Reserve. This endangers Congress whose job it is to police the finances of such Agencies. 

We commend the President for bringing it back under Congressional oversight and in line with the Constitution.

Coercive government, religion or healthcare is WRONG.

Stealing from the working class of America to pay for an unfair corporate, banking, government or global privilege is WRONG  

It is only when our laws enable such bully thinking that they, too become wrong.

There is much we do not know about the Deep State (Military Industrial Complex & the Intelligence Community) and we should.

Here are some questions we should be asking:Hard to understand Congress. Is the irrational thinking and irrational voting caused by corrupt donors and lobbyists?

Sometimes the way Congress (or the courts) reacts or votes makes absolutely no sense. Is somebody running a bully control system with threats of family violence, and blackmail?

We the people .will not tolerate corruption WHEN WE KNOW. Now we have a chance to pull aside the curtain. I think we are about to find out much they don’t want us to know.

Two things drive change: the ideas of man and new technological breakthroughs. Make America Great Again may not seem to be a new idea; given what has been politically correct to think and say over the last 25 years has been the New World Order. Whether he lasts or not, Donald Trump will be changing “Business as Usual” and “Banking as Usual”, and shaking up the corruption in America.

In living memory there have been three civilizing waves: the Agricultural, the Industrial and now the Digital-Electronic Wave. The changes we now experience are fast and furious and are akin to a gigantic wave that is descending on us.  It is because of this that we need new leaders, men of vision who can help us to see where we are going. It is in times like this that we need a simple formula to sort it all out. There is such a formula and it is this:


It takes men of courage and honesty to stand firm and hold a true course as we let go of the old corrupt order. It is such men of courage that we need to seek out and support in this next election.

Imagine a powerful sea, with large waves breaking. The force of each new wave is met by the force of the prior wave receding. At the place where the two waves meet, their force is broken into a thousand swirling eddies. Is this not what our society is experiencing right now?.

It is not the first time two powerful civilizing waves have met and wreaked havoc on society. It was the force of the Industrial Revolution that undid the old agricultural order of Kings and the Aristocrats. The difference was that in those days it was easy to see unfair advantage and inevitable that justice and fair play would eventually overcome. The world was smaller but even then the changes brought by the new industrial wave fighting an entrenched corrupt agricultural order wreaked havoc on the world. The French Revolution was ugly.

As the Industrial wave now meets the Digital Wave, the Digital Revolution has taken us global.

Now the the conflict is both bigger and more subtle. This is because in the industrial order it is easy for bad men to hide because of the split between the consumer and the producer. Those taking advantage have learned to steal from both producer and consumer and they have perfected the art of hiding in the middle.  When men do not act to serve the greatest good, their activities MUST be conducted in SECRECY.

Those who have bad secrets are running scared and we can know them by their efforts to hide their acts and to curb transparency.

As the corrupt industrial and financial model crumbles, it is actually possible to create a better culture, maybe even a golden age. This may be hard to see as the water swirls around us and the banking and corporate and military and political powers fight to maintain an income inequality that will upend our culture.

To come through we are going to have to have a willingness to refresh our lives, to let go of the old and to embrace the new.  This is the decision that each voter faces in 2016. First and foremost we MUST get the Internet back under American control, and subject to constitutional protections. 

Sadly the Industrial Order could well be replaced by something far worse than what we now have, the signs of decline are already out there. We see the diabolic ideas of Saul Allinsky manifesting in America; having been secretly introduced to usurp our traditions of freedom.

What we are doing is riding the digital wave on the cusp, and it is almost ready to tip over.  We can ride and command this new electronic wave, keep it free and use it to create a far better system – or we can let it crash and engulf us.

We can fail to take action, fail to elect the right new leaders and we can let the electronics that drives this new wave be used by the entrenched establishment to undo our working system of government in the USA and replace it with a global governance driven by ugly secrets and dark money.

How do we fight back?

It all begins and ends with a STRONG AND COLLECTIVE demand for TRANSPARENCY.

01 transparancyThis is not something not a one of us should get reasonable about.

The truth is that we dare not fail to bring in positive reform in 2016, for if we do how will our world look?

  • The elites will continue to enjoy more and more opulence. There will be scarcity by design – all in our best interests, of course.
  • In a new super-regulated society we will find a high ratio of cops (AKA Security Officers) to every working man. They are there to protect us, of course.
  • We will begin to pay a Local Tax, a City Tax, a State Tax, a National Tax, a Federal Tax and a World Tax. This new tax is going to be introduced gradually but it will grow and grow. There will be no representation, of course.
  • The idle rich and the idle poor, both parasitic on society, will continue to collaborate to steal the fruits of the labor of the producers. There will be no fair exchange with producers of course.
  • There will be the appearance of democracy but the election process will be manipulated. There will be no freedom of course
  • The elites will be there by divine right and it will behoove us to support them, of course.
  • The one percent rich will grow richer and the ninety nine percent will grow poorer of course.
  • The free internet will become a distant memory of a better age.

Quote for the Week

 Truth never damages a cause that is just”

Mahatma Ghandi



Lynn Verhoeff (Grandma Thunder) has been writing for twenty years.  She has published two books, “Politics IOU” and “Magic Money” both on Kindle. You can read more posts at www.grandmathunder.com

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Expect the Best, but prepare for the Worst

Are banks buying politicians in an effort to keep an unfair privilege?
(See contributions to Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton)  Too many voters have their heads like ostriches in the sand.

money in 2016Seeing their darling on the left (Hillary) hit the skids and their favorite on the right (Jeb Bush) in sad decline, the reaction of the banking industry reminds me of a cat I once had.
She was placid, until one morning some dogs backed her into a corner. Then she lost it.

You only have to watch some of the Club for Growth negative ads to wonder if they have lost it.  Don’t they realize they are on the wrong side of history. 2016 is the year when the negative ads finally stop working. This 2016 electorate wants positive, STRONG solutions.

Now this cat, she bit and clawed and screeched and pounced and even although we saved her, she was never the same again.  She was irascible, unpredictable and mean. Possibly this had been her basic personality all along.

So the big question is, are the banking elites frightened that their unfair privilege is about to come to an end? Is this becoming a vital factor in Election 2016? Are the statists and now the conservative elites (crony capitalists)  frightened because they can’t buy Trump?  

There is a situation here that the next President will have to face, and it is going to take a very strong man (Trump or Cruz) to bring us through.

Hello! It is finally time to face the facts of this economy. 

No, it is not all doom and gloom, it is a situation that can still be fixed but only if we choose wisely in the next election. 

In a nutshell here is the situation:  In spite of a bottomless pit of FED money creation, the debt is unsustainable; the “created” income inequality is finally being seen and understood by voters and they are resenting the injustice.. Stop gap measures to settle out the protest  like food stamps are only making matters worse.  Past efforts by the banksters to pin the blame elsewhere are no longer working. On Twitter and Facebook we learn that with the crash of 2008, only the immediate danger was handled but ethics and correction and reorganization NEVER WENT IN. All the money printed by the FED to bail out the banks, and to “stimulate the economy” didn’t go to the people; it went right back to the banks. The biggest danger: derivatives  could be the next bubble to pop and make life mighty hard on main street.


We are going to have to wake up and realize that we need a STRONG and good president!. Please read the following:

” As my fellow Heritage colleague Norbert Michel and other scholars have thoroughly documented, the crash of 2008 was caused by government policies and regulatory failure, including easy money policies that flooded the markets with debt. Within a decade, these policies led to preposterous mortgage loans being issued, and massive over-leverage of government, companies, and households.

Now the Fed, the White House, and Congress are recreating the very same conditions for another financial bubble. If it pops, we could replay the same devastating effects as occurred during the first bubble in 1999 and 2000.

It is doing so in four ways:
First, the Dodd-Frank regulations are exacerbating one of the greatest consolidations of the banking industry since the Great Depression. Those indispensable small banks, like the one Jimmy Stewart operated in the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life,” are disappearing from the American landscape.

This is largely because big government policies are slanting the system in favor of big banks. Because of this, we have created a competitive advantage that allows the sharks to swallow the minnows. Meanwhile, the “too big to fail” safety net to Bank of America, Citi, and other titans exacerbates this cost advantage of big banks and thus makes bailouts even more likely in the future.

Second, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are engaged in the same low down payment lending mania of 2004-07, and the Obama administration is on a Bush-like homeownership push. Fannie and Freddie are again guaranteeing mortgages with as little as 3 percent down payment. Have we learned nothing at all?

Third, the Fed refused to tighten its stance in September, and, hello, that easy money policy is how we got into the mess in 2000 and then in 2008. Wall Street cheered Janet Yellen’s decision to keep the cheap dollars flowing.

sliding banks

Finally, there is the saturation of debt. When the crisis hit in 2008, the national debt stood at a little under $10 trillion. Now we are over $18 trillion. Government is hopelessly over-leveraged, and the interest rate exposure is enormous. With each one-percentage-point rise in long-term rates, the servicing costs of the debt rises by about $1.8 trillion over ten years.

Fannie and Freddie are again guaranteeing mortgages with as little as 3 percent down payment. Have we learned nothing at all?

The point is that government and politicians have no learning curve. All of the conditions of financial wreckage are reappearing. The presidential candidates should start warning voters that Washington is rebuilding another financial house of cards”

As Published in the Daily Bell – A Heritage Foundation Publication.


Portrait of Stephen Moore

Stephen Moore, who formerly wrote on the economy and public policy for The Wall Street Journal, is a distinguished visiting fellow for the Project for Economic Growth at The Heritage Foundation.

 Quote for the week

In choosing a president, we really don’t choose a Republican or Democrat, a conservative or liberal. We choose a leader.

Rudy Giuliani 

Will ObamaTrade benefit the American Taxpayer?

Is the  Devil in the Details, and are these Details have been Hidden and Obfuscated?

The TPA sneaked through the Senate at the end of May and this was largely a matter of timing. It was put through when all eyes were on Rand Paul and his epic second filibuster. Despite feeble efforts to inject it with continuing life, Paul forced the Patriot Act to die an ignoble death.

The problem was that while  all this was happening Obama’s Fast Track Trade bill was quietly slipped through the Senate. A lot of bribe money then and I suspect even more bribe money now.

Sadly (it would seem) few Senators even bothered to read the TPA  bill or even went down to the uber-secret room to get updated on the terms of TPP.

Open Secrets Blog reported several politicians whose net worth went up.  You can google this there.

Now Obama is back probably with even more BRIBE MONEY especially from BIG PHARMA.



Trans Promotion Authority (TPA)
 TPA and TPP are actually different bills.

TPA (Trade Promotion Authority) or Fast Track gives a president increased power to negotiate Trade Deals with other countries without “interference” from Congress.  Congress may approve or disapprove a President’s Trade Agreement but Congressmen cannot amend or filibuster the deal once agreement is reached.

Historically this authority is not an executive right. For a limited time Congress grants a President this temporary privilege during the named life of a treaty, but only for the duration of a specific trade-deal.

Nixon first kicked off this authority and it stayed in effect from 1975 – 1994.   It was resurrected by the Trade Act of 2002 but expired on July 1, 2007. In 2012 the Obama Administration began seeking a renewal for the authority (and as we speak the heat is on).

What congressional rights will Congress be forced to give up with TPA, ?

Congress gives up the power to write legislation, the power to amend legislation, the power to fully examine legislation, the power to predict and investigate the consequences to a specific bill.  In addition Congress gives up the chance to keep debate open until cloture. Most of all Congress gives up the constitutional requirement that Trade -treaties can only be approved  by a full two-thirds vote.



Republicans like Free Trade; they like the idea of giving a President the freedom to negotiate a Trade Deal with other countries, provided they can get an up and down vote on the agreement and with TPA  they can.

  • Countries are unlikely to commit to a deal that could later be changed in part or in full by Congress. Foreign countries want to know what they are getting into and that the deal is stable.
  •  This point is a negative/positive: Obama has shown in the past that when stopped by Congress he is quite willing to go it alone. His unilateral International agreements are likely to be thrown out by the courts (over time)for such is the American system. However in the meantime having a rogue President is an international embarrassment for America and would become a distraction and a liability as we ramp up for the next election. So why not let a little steam tickle out of those big ears, keep the lame-duck President happy and occupied. Then it would be less likely for things to blow up again. 

Cons forTPA
 Obama is no longer trusted by Republicans, by Americans or for that matter  even by his own party on this issue. So why give him more executive authority to again gum the works?

  • It would seem that Fast Track and TPP will operate ABOVE THE CONSTITUTION. With this transfer of authority Legislators give up their God Given right to do their job as defined by the constitution.
  • Already there is an unhealthy imbalance between the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary; TPA and TPP make this worse.
  •  While TPA is something different from TPP many republicans (like Paul Ryan) recognize that once a trade deal has been put on Fast Track, it is all but impossible to stop it. Since Fast Track was created by Richard Nixon few Trade Deals have been thwarted once they get fast-tracked.

With this in mind we have to look a little more intently at TPA and TPP. Do we really want ObamaTrade? Does the American Taxpayer really want Fast Track ?

or TPP?

Trans Pacific Partnership

Why do we seek to make Trade agreements?  The advantage lies in removing obstacles to the flow of goods and services between countries originating from local tariffs – remove the tariffs and producer and consumer both benefit whatever the country.

Liberalizing services in a Trade deal make them more accessible and efficient and provides an opportunity to open up industries long sheltered from foreign competitors. This is a good thing.

However according to leaks there is a lot in this partnership that has nothing whatever to do with trade:

  • Strong patent protection rules for Big Pharma.
  • Changes to the USA copyright law. Under the TPP, copyright terms for individuals would go from life of the author plus 50 years to life of the author plus 70 years.
  • The creation of International-Investor Tribunals. There are provisions that grant foreign investors the right to sue governments on the basis of vague and broad obligations regarding loss of “expected” profits.
    Such suits would not be conducted by judges appointed for life in the American courts which subordinate to the Constitution.Where special interests appoint both the judge and the jury there will be arbitrary justice as in the darker ages on a darker continent.

Pros of TPP
The TPP covers a wide range of goods and services and finding common ground could be facilitated by a central agency similar to the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs..This would facilitate Trade.

  • Industries like Big Pharma will get a boost because the treaty protects patents.
  •  Americans educated to provide technical services at home or abroad are likely to see their income go up as the demand for their services increases.

The movie, book and music Industries will benefit with copyrights given more teeth (protected by the TPP) Therefore, the higher-paid owners of intellectual property would receive more of the income gains from this Trade Treaty.

Cons to TPP

  • Trade Treaties promote cheaper goods from lower wage countries creating competition and putting local shops out of business. 
  • Fair Use and Free Speech could be adversely impacted. Social Media Sharing could berestricted, citing copyright restrictions. Yet this innocent social sharing has become an intrinsic part of the new Internet Culture and is a form of free speech and it is a good thing.
  •  The protected patents are going to reduce the availability of cheap generics, making drugs more expensive. This is bad especially for the poorer world countries, denying them generics that could save lives.
  • Corporations get excused from safety and/or quality and/or environmental responsibilities – not a good thing.
  • Product transparency will be disallowed. Efforts to get Big Agri to label meat products was thrown out in May justified by the most recent Trade deal. Instead of reinforcing transparency it would seem that TPP leans towards secrecy and complexity.
  • The extreme secrecy in which TPP has been incubated is a negative. Many of the things that went wrong with ObamaCare could also go awry with ObamaTrade simply because the devil is in the details and the details are being hidden or obfuscated. And because of TPA Congress will not be able to do anything about problems that surface AFTER THE DEAL IS STRUCK. With Fast Track, Congress is left with no other option than to throw out the whole Treaty BUT killing the treaty may not be the best solution; throwing out the baby with the bath water?
  • Of most concern though, is that TPP is designed to supersede American financial regulations. This will make ti all but impossible to get in ethics and correction on the International Banking Monopolies. TPP would empower the world’s largest banks, including 19 of the 30 biggest non-U.S. banks, to “sue” the U.S. government before extrajudicial tribunals. Note:it is said that the USA Federal Reserve has in the past bailed out some of these international banks We do not know this for sure, for this, too, is shrouded in an unacceptable secrecy. In all its existence the Federal Reserve has never been subjected to an audit.According to leakes the TPP empowers foreign banks to challenge new U.S. financial protections on the flimsiest of pretexts –  it becomes “illegal” to  frustrate the banks’ “expectation of profit.”  Hello? There is nothing specific or finite here, nothing to be proven, the profit clause is vague and a generality.TPP is also slated to include deregulation provisions written before the financial crisis – provisions that would conflict with bans on risky derivatives or policies that prevent banks from becoming “too big to fail.”  Sen. Warren and other financial experts are warning Congress and Obama that TPP “could make it harder for Congress and regulatory agencies to prevent future financial crises

So we have to ask the key question – is TPP intended to replace our Constitution?

Way back then, it was the States that created the Union, and they gave no authority to the central government via the U. S. Constitution that would provide powers they were not willing to give the central authority. They did not permit functions or activities given the Union to be given over to any agency outside the Union.

The Constitution states that the President shall have the power only with the Advice and Consent of the Senate to make treaties provided two thirds of the Senators present concur.  (Article II, section 2 paragraph 2)



Where to from Here?

So what really happened when TPA was railroaded through the Senate when nobody was looking? And what of the everyday citizens and taxpayers of America? Do we still have the rights given us in the Constitution?

The people of America are suspicious and they do not like the TPP; polls show this clearly. Politicians beware.  Polls show an overwhelming majority oppose TPP and they are out there on Social Media howling their outrage. Politicians who support TPP should wake up and smell the coffee.

2016 is just around the corner.

Polls however won’t defeat TPP.  It is only if we stand together to oppose this assault on our constitution, our heritage and our rights. If we stand up and speak out, and get in the face of power will the people be able to overcome TPP’s plutocracy?.

These words were spoken by the Libertarian candidate in Politics IOU ( the Election that Spooked the Elites)

Quote for the Week 

“They are fighting for their privilege while we fight for our Liberty.” 

Norman McClosky


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The Pros and Cons of Electronic Surveillance.

 (Excerpt from Politics IOU by Grandma Thunder)

From the Political Research Foundation:

Has the Intelligence Community overreacted to the threat of terrorism? Do we have a handle on just how real this threat is to our national security, not when the towers came down but the threat in present time, right now?

God coin sinking

The Federal Government has authorized B.O.S.S. to conduct unlimited electronic surveillance on the citizens of the New World and to store this information in one BIG biometric database. Once upon a time before all the snooping on our citizens the intelligence community were required to prove that a specific crime had been committed, now with the BOSS Act this restriction is no longer. Electronic data can now be collected on anyone, anytime and in any way. The Department of Justice (which mistakenly exists in the Executive but has nothing actually to do with Justice) can nowadays peek into your computer and listen in on your phone calls whenever it so chooses. If it doesn’t like what you are saying, you are in trouble for there is no recourse, no recourse whatsoever under the BOSS Act which operates under a separate secret court.

We asked the presidential candidates to comment:


Priscilla Laws: (Candidate for the Establishment)
There is a HUGE terrorist threat which adversely impacts our lives. The oil, our gold and our diamonds are at risk. We have to act quickly against terrorism, faster than the bureaucratic checks previously provided by the courts, in order to properly protect our resources. The intelligence failed in the past. The reason for this was too many disparate intelligence communities. This is the main reason for BOSS. We have eliminated situations where the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing in the intelligence community. We have eliminated duplicate functions, creating a far more efficient intelligence department. In this regard the administration collects data using all means available to it, and certainly it collects electronic data for that is the quickest. The government uses facial recognition mined primarily from Social Search and Media to identify and apprehend terrorists. Before we had fingerprinting but with BOSS we now have retina scans and facial feature recognition.

Spying on American Citizens

This is a true state of Emergency: The authority on which the Federal Government has been setting up this biometric database is vested in the “Commander in Chief” by the constitution, for these are very dangerous times.

McClosky: (the libertarian candidate)
The “probable cause” requirement of the fourth amendment has the purpose of keeping the Federal Government out of our lives unless it has reason to believe that a specific crime has been committed. It prohibits inspection before the fact; by this I mean the assumption of guilt before the objective facts have all been assimilated.

Citizens living in the free world have the god-given right to express their political beliefs without fear of government censor; we should have this god-given right to speak on the phone, to write our opinions, and share our observations on social media, without anybody snooping on us or restricting our communication.

The Constitution Party opposes  the BOSS Act in every way.

The Federal Government refuses to consider debate on this subject because their top DOJ officials have already considered all the relevant arguments for and against, behind closed doors. The President tells us they have worked out the perfect formula for sacrificing privacy to security. What is this formula? You will have to take his word on this, because, guess what? Even his formula is secret and classified.

I recently talked with a BOSS official. He was trying to dicker with our party financials and he was getting it all wrong. Luckily I was still able to set him right on the finances. He was a good guy and we straightened out the misunderstanding. Or so I thought we had? As an afterthought I asked him about surveillance drones.

“Cool,” he said, “We got eyes and ears in the sky! Soon we are going to arm these. Then, Senator, if you put a foot out of line again, we got ya!”

Note: He had just conceded I was innocent of any wrong doing and that he was the one who had made a mistake. I realized it was a moot point; The Federal Government has the guns and in his federal view might is right. Instant punishment! Instant pain even when you are not guilty! That is why they want to take away our guns.



Gonzali Larkin:  
(Representing the Producers Party)
He didn’t send in a written response, he dropped in to see the Foundation personally, considering this subject a matter of high importance.

The third party candidate began lightly: “If they want to snoop into my bedroom, maybe I can teach them a thing or two!”


He grinned, “My son yesterday got one of those scare spam calls telling him that the Government knows all about his porn surfing on the web” ; he nearly jumped out of his “too tight” teenage britches.


“We are already two thirds into a new digital culture and marketers have used electronic cookies to collect data on potential customers for nearly thirty years; I am not all that concerned: Actually one can use technology to protect against electronic snooping. Did you know that?”

Most of us didn’t know and he promised to send us the tech-tools to protect ourselves.

When he continued, his tone was a little more serious.  “BOSS collects and stores the full content of photographs, emails, chat transcripts, and other documents that don’t belong to them, actually these belong to us. They say they are keeping this data secret but it seems they can’t even keep our sensitive data secure, for we have already had several whistle-blower leaks to the Press!”

More Laughter.

He went on:  “For locating and tracking people BOSS relies on facial recognition. In Silicon there is a popular shift towards using “selfies” instead of passwords. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t. Face recognition is not all that cut and dried, not yet. “The danger of permitting this kind of database is in the wrong profiling. I could walk past a mosque, or share wisdom from an admired religious leader (no longer in good standing) and my name could land on a red-hot, short-list. But don’t worry my good friends, I promise not to grow a beard in this world of arbitrary intelligence.

A few giggles.

That was when his smile faded, ” I didn’t come all this way down here to entertain you, I came to warn you”

“If they make a mistake and get it wrong and detain you or me, we could have our financial assets appropriated and worst scenario we could even be tortured with no chance to defend ourselves. Under the BOSS Act all is conducted behind closed doors where everything is secret. We are dealing here with a whole new structure of secret courts our standard judicial system has been compromised and is being bypassed.

We all pay lip service to the idea of a separation of powers between the Executive, the Justice and the Legislature.  Did you know that going all the way back to shortly after the civil war we have not enjoyed this separation of powers? No, I see that you did not know that.

What we now have is a new Intelligence Department created by a President and reporting directly to the President. This is a collapse of Justice and the Executive.

“We now have loyalist Power Czars hired and fired by the President. Such appointments are not ratified by the Senate. This is a collapse of the Legislature and the Executive.

“With these new autocratic dictatorial powers that are being assumed by the Executive how long before the Federal or Intelligence people feel they has the right to tell us how we have to think, and feel and act. The Executive has no right to establish our moral code, or what is considered as RIGHT and WRONG, UNDER LAW. This is why we have elected representatives so that our values filter up through a democratic process to become the law of the land.

“I warn you gentlemen that our real problem lies in the structure of our political organization, in its departure from what was intended by our founders; this is what has to be fixed.

Looking in on the world

You can solve it with transparency and consistent with our Time Proven Constitutional Rights

With Boss what we now have had is ten years of a secret court system deciding our rights without any oversight whatsoever, and without the ability to participate or even read the legal opinion of the secret judges; is this not the antithesis to any kind of due process of law.

Our nation is known for freedom all over the world and we have a responsibility to lead the world to sanity and to freedom.

Our founders fled to the New World to escape arbitrary rule and arbitrary justice in an old and troubled world, and for almost a decade in the face of a real terrorist threat we have been sliding backwards. We can solve this in a far better way.We have to solve this in a better way.

We don’t have to give up our rights. Evil proliferates only in the presence of secrecy. We have to craft an open-solution to the problem that is in no way contrary to our fundamental constitutional principles. I truly believe this is possible.

Stand up, turn around and lets keep the forward motion going. Stay free.

Quote for the Week
The Strength of the Constitution lies entirely in the determination of each citizen to defend it. Only if every citizen feels duty bound to do his share in this defense are the constitutional rights secure – Albert Einsten. 


Read Politics IOU  You can download it for free or even just dip into it chapter by chapter.

About Transparency- what we still don’t know over ten years later?

Does Government have the right to suppress data in this new Information Age?

We yearn for freedom

Absolutely not.

Before the infamous “911 Commission” was formed, Congress had its own 9/11 investigation…

From February to December, 2002, the Senate and House Intelligence Committees conducted a “Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Community Activities Before and After the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001.”

The shocking truth is that President Bush censored 28 pages from the report.

Members of Congress who wanted to read the missing pages were first required to swear an oath not to reveal their contents. President Obama promised to release the pages, but hasn’t yet done so; yet another promise broken.

What’s in those pages? 

We don’t know and that is what should be unacceptable to all men of goodwill in this new age.

What do we know about this report? We DO know these pages shocked the members of Congress who read them…

  • Rep. Walter Jones: “[T]he information contained in the redacted pages is critical to our foreign policy moving forward and should thus be available to the American public.”
  • Rep. Thomas Massie: “I had to stop every two or three pages and rearrange my perception of history…it’s that fundamental.”

What does this suggest?  That things in the Middle East, and perhaps in the world are not what they seem.  It also suggests that our Government is still withholding data from us and this is unacceptable. We do not want is the American public duped into supporting inappropriate acts of costly aggression which lower our standard of life. What we surely don’t want is more False Flags. It won’t happen if we all agree and demand transparency in Government.

Walter Jones and Rep. Stephen Lynch introduced House Resolution 14, which would declassify these 28 pages and they are to be commended.

Read also Grandma Thunder- an Independent Voice on Facebook.

How they now Pass Laws is Beyond Crazy

Ratified by a GOP congress it has been a long and scary slide since 2008 into more poverty and more tyranny: 

Now once again we have had an abomination in a BIG OMNIBUS BILL that was passed by a Republican Congress in a way where it was impossible for them  to even have time to READ THE BILL   And, yes, hello, of course this bill, like many big omnibus bills before, it was riddled with many irrelevant DIRTY SECRETS.

In the bill which was not written by any congressman but rather by accountants, lobbyists and lawyers (legislation without representation) Dark Money Groups were again given protection to withhold the names of their contributors.  The S.E.C ‘s effort to create rules to force groups and corporations to disclose their campaign contributors was effectively blocked.  This is an unethical, and ugly move to keep the public blindfolded about who is writing the BIG CHECKS.

Note: Since the Citizens United decision in January 2010, politicians have collected more than $500 MILLION in  dark money from phantom donors according to the Center for Responsive Politics,

The way a law should be created is:

  1. A problem is seen
  2. A politician drafts a bill to solve same  problem.
  3. The bill is about only one subject, the solution to the problem. One bill, one subject. The bill description starts with a summary and is then expanded and has a conclusion at the end. it is all about the same thing – there is nothing new that is introduced into it.
  4. The bill is posted on the web where it stays at least six weeks.
  5. During that time it can be viewed by all who have an interest or who would be affected should the bill become law.
  6. IT MUST BE READ and studied by all the politicians who will be voting on the bill.
  7. Each politician has to instruct their aides and staff to inspect the bill in depth during the six week period  and look for ramifications – i.e. places where the bill will be contrary to the current body of law or create a destructive precedent.
  8. Each bill should also be investigated by the Department of Justice to police out vested interests or monopoly.
  9. After the six weeks the bill should be brought to a vote.
  10. When it is brought to the vote on the floor the proceedings should be videoed and all votes should be recorded. The video would be kept on record.

When we are looking at a funding bill , it should clearly state what is being funded and why. Facts and figures. There should be no extraneous data. One subject, one bill one vote. 

According to Senator Elizabeth Warren, Citigroup slipped in another pernicious bailout provision hidden in the most recent spending omnibus bill. Thank you Senator for your integrity. And you have been proven right; the Citigroup supporters were saying that that provision curbing banking corruption, is no big deal for it is all covered in the Volcker rule.  Hello? Now the FED (which I would like to point out does not have a place in our legislative process and refuses an audit) now in their infinitive wisdom, they have decided to put implementation  of the Volcker rule on the never never. Go figure. The losers? Yes Senator you are right. The losers are we the people.

But lest I lose you in the complexity of the legal and financial jargon that is designed to prevent understanding, let’s look at the exact out-point here. We have a simple system given us by the founders. and it works just fine. It also makes good sense. This is what we have to remedy, to get back in again. One transparent source, one subject, one bill, enough time for politicians to read the bill, enough time for the electorate to weigh in on the bill. A simple up/down vote ON THAT ONE SUBJECT. Now that would be sane legislation.

How have lobbyists and special interests gotten their grubby hands into our legislative process?    How dare they?  They are greedy and nasty and selfish and have no concept of the greatest good. And what they use to perplex and exploit us is plain and simple. They use those big, cumbersome bills that are in and of themselves a generality. It is all being done with Omnibus Bills which are introduced to Congress and not even ever read. Yet THEY ARE PASSED by the politicians we are electing.

legislative Responsibility

An omnibus bill is a proposed law that covers a number of diverse or unrelated topics. Omnibus is derived from Latin and means “for everything”. An omnibus bill is a single document that is accepted in a single vote by a legislature but packages together several measures into one or combines diverse subjects. it is a generality and in our legislative process allowing generality opens the door to dictatorship, monopoly and enslavement.

An omnibus bill makes for bad legislation and its effect is to destroy the democratic process.  Because of their size and scope, such bills stop debate and limit scrutiny. The Amendments that are hidden in them are NEVER in the greatest good.

Did you eve wonder how we get bad laws. Simple. This is how.

If we agree to laws being passed in this way we deserve to lose our liberty.

If we want to put an integrity back into Washington we have to first fix the system.

Restore a healthy Balance of Power

Quote for the Week

Anywhere, anytime ordinary people are given a chance to choose, the choice is the same: freedom not tyranny; democracy not dictarship, the rule of law not the rule of the SECRET police.- Tony Blair