Fighting the Shallow State for what is Rightfully Ours

Recently my husband died.

When the cancer hit his brain it made him a little bit crazy.

I nursed him while he was dying and was able to see him leave pain-free and not drugged up.

What has been more stressful than his leaving me after 43 years together, has been the inefficiency, ineptness or plain obstruction of the shallow state in California. Since he died on October 7th, I have received NO benefits from Social Security. LOL he got a small pension from Holland where he was born. Already they have been able to wrap up the processing of all claims.  From the shallow state in California I am just getting the run-around.

From Grandma Thunder to Kevin McCarthy

AKA Margaret Lynn Verhoeff

Letter to Social Security

I am appealing your decision to pay me only the benefit of $562.70 and only on December 27th. I remind you that I have received no Social Security benefits since my husband died on October 7th. It has been a run-around.

 (LOL he also got a small pension from Holland and they seem to have sorted it out much more quickly than you.)


Social Security is governed by the law and not by bureaucratic arbitraries. It amazes me when I talk to to friend and family they want to propitiate these un-elected officials who control so much of our life. 

The payment of my benefits got scrambled when my husband died on October 2017.  Without the support of faith and family I would not be getting through this difficult time

Since he died I have not received a single penny from Social Security.  This is a hardship as I now owe on my Electrical, Phone Bill, Internet Bill and also my Water Bill.

It is my understanding that I am owed the following:

Peter died October 7th. Went to TX where my children live for a celebration of life. October 29th I informed and sent death certificate to Golden One Credit Union. and asked the account be closed.   I was told over the phone (Rene) the account would be routed to the Credit Union’s Department of Diseased Accounts.

On October 10th Peter Verhoeff’s Social Security benefit for September was paid into the joint account, already closed.

October 19th this benefit was taken out of the account by Social Security.

On October 22nd my Social Security $562.70 was paid into this same closed account. I did not get the money.

On November 29th my Social Security was again routed to Golden One but (go figure) the Bank account happened to be the correct Cali Bank & Trust account.  I called Social Security and was promised the money would be deposited into the correct California Bank & Trust Account.

 I called again to check. On the second call I was told that a check had been sent to my Postal Box. It is now over 10 days and I have received no check. I do not understand why a check? Social Security makes direct deposit.

Note : Since (October 29th) I have had no access to the Golden One account. It was set up by the late Peter Verhoeff and is governed by his passwords and security data, unknown to me.  I do not understand why Social Security benefits are going to a closed (defunct) account?  I do not understand why Golden One Credit Union has been taking my money without my consent.

(I do understand Peter died owing Golden One money on an unsecured loan and a credit card. After the cancer hit Peter’s brain, he went a little bit crazy. Our family (spousal agreements) was not to run up debt beyond what we could cover in assets. He was operating individually and on his own. I would NEVER have agreed to these debts)

There appears to be collusion between the banks and Social Security. I am Margaret Lynn Verhoeff and I have integrity on financial lines and I am deserving of the support of Social Security. 

I regret that Golden One is out of pocket on the money.  That said I am well aware that Congress has been kind to banks who take risks on unsecured loans like this.  These bank losses are more than covered by the benefits of fractional banking given to them by Congress.

Social Security Administration Implies I did not Inform Social Security of my New Accounts. This is not true.

October 24th visited the office in Bakersfield dealing with a charming Mary Kay Adams.  She impressed me because she was in a wheel chair but still working.  The purpose of this visit was three fold.

    1. To inform Social Security of the death
    2. To inform Social Security of the New Accounts and Postal Address
    3. To apply for Spousal benefits (as is legally and morally my right)

I was informed that Mary Kaye had all data she needed to wrap my account except a marriage certificate.  I returned the following day October 25th to provide the required form. I WAS TOLD THAT WAS ALL THAT WAS NEEDED.

To date I have had no data on when my Social will be converted to the higher amount as is covered in law.  Perhaps I was optimistic but I expected this to wrap in less than 30 days.  Please note that both Peter and I paid in to Social Security and that these benefits are mine by legal right. They do not belong to the bureaucrats who administer them.

November 16th I returned to the Bakersfield office and spoke to the man at the front desk; who did not get to go back to speak to Mary Kaye again. I confirmed with him that Social Security had my correct bank routing number and my correct bank account and that minimally my own November benefits would be paid into my own account on November 22nd.

November 23 I called Social Security to check up and spoke to a very competent lady called Lydia.  She spotted that the $$$ (my benefit) was routed to the Golden One Account but (go figure) was directed to my Cali Bank & Trust account.  So my November Social Security is floating around in the ether

What needs to be resolved?

  1. I can let my October benefit go. It was given to Golden One Credit Union and while that is not legally or morally right – this is money due to me, and should not be paid into a Peter account. We are two different people. But a big change like this takes time.
  2. I cannot let my November benefit go. This money is owed to me and needs to be deposited into the correct account.
  3. It makes no sense why my spousal benefits as are legally mine were not immediately paid in October. Social Security has records of our contributions. So I am owed for the difference between my Social Security and the higher Spousal benefit for both the months of October and November. These $$$ need to be paid into my account ASAP.
  4. Here we are in December already and since his death I have had ZERO BENEFIT FROM Social Security. I now owe for Water, Phone, Internet and Electricity.  What is owed to me in back amount from Social Security will go to pay off these amounts.
  5. You state that you pay Social Security benefits for a given month in the next month. This means that as he was alive Peter was alive and due Social Security in the month of September this money should be paid to me as the legal heir. (Perhaps it is lucky this money was pulled out of the Golden One Credit Account FOR THIS MONEY IS NOW DUE TO ME. I am Peter’s only heir and have the legal documents to prove this)

Correction of False Data in the information, I have received from Social Security.

  • You state I requested change of direct deposit information on or around November 16th.  This is false. This change was asked for on October 24th at the Bakersfield Social Security Office. See attached.
  • You state that on November 27 I shall receive $562.70. This is incorrect.  Social Security is now backlogged on paying Spousal Benefits. Per my conversations over the phone with Social Security I should be paid (minimally) $1500.00 on the second Wednesday of December.  (I was told the schedule changes from my due date to Peter:s are the second Wednesday of the month. So I am looking to get the full amount that is owed to me by Social Security no later than December 13th.
  • In my application for Spousal Benefits it is written that I have used the following names. This is false.  I have always used the name of Margaret Lynn Verhoeff.

The names Margaret Lynn Bernoeff, and Margaret L. Bernoeff are clerical errors.                      It is true that my maiden name was Margaret Lynn Bevan.

  • You state that I should keep the old account open until you get it together to send the money to the new account.  You don’t get it. You are sending money to a closed account. I have no access to that closed account located in the Diseased Accounts Department at Golden One.Peter is dead. I am alive. I need this money to pay bills and to survive.
  • Remember I have just come thru paying his medical bills, and his burial and I am hurting.  We were together 43 years

Have a little compassion.

Quote for the week. 

Social Security is based on a principle. It’s based on the principle that you care about other people. You care whether the widow across town, a disabled widow, is going to be able to have food to eat.

Noam Chomsky


America’s Debt

Insatiable Spendifosity – with apologies to Rudyard Kipling.

Once upon a time, dearly beloved, there was a little planet scooting around  on the very edge of the universe. No I wouldn’t be telling you this story if there wasn’t a most picarious situation there on that little planet.

The problem is sentially the boss-men can’t agree when the little planet is wallowing in debt, not just a little debt but a big, bad debt; a VERY big debt which would be quite alright if you and me were not (again) expected to pay.

elephant and donkey fightingHere are the guys take turns running the show on this little planet.  One side gives out the food stamps, and the aid to refugees & immigrants (all paid for by the banking FED). The other side fancies big bombs and whrrrrrr fast planes. You like that eh? Truth is this side likes to fight are mostly crusty OLD white men, been getting a payoff under the table since time began.

Will you, one day, be expected to pay?  Unless they get their shit together. Fraid so!

How much do we owe?  Click to see the amount in pictures. A quarter, a dollar, ten dollars, a hundred dollars? The debt is now over 120 trillion dollars.  To pay your share you would have to work for a whole year with no ice-creams, no burgers, and you wouldn’t be able to pay the rent or go to school.


There is only one thing on which both sides boss-boys agree: they all love to spend and spend and spend and spend.  Right now one boss-man wants to cut titlements, and the other wants to tax the rich.

No you are right, they really don’t know what they are doing!

What is titlements? Well it is like this, if you loan money to the government or to a banker, then when they finally get to pay you back, then they call it titlements.

Let me tell you a secret. The truth is that these two groups  pretend not to agree, but I suspect that is all for show.  You member the time you and I were caught with our hands in the cookie jar and we had to concoct a good story together?   Are bankers the same as boss-men? Well kind of, sort of. It is they who have their fingers in the cookie jar!

What is the fiscal cliff?

It is when you put too much money in the cookie jar and try to pick it up but it has got too heavy. So you drop it and it breaks and the money runs everywhere.

You think that’s funny? You like that picture? Ok.

Looking at the debt pictures.

What is fiscal? It means money.

Oh no, no, no, you don’t want to push both groups over the cliff although I do understand your anger, dearly beloved.  You looked at those pictures? One hundred and twenty billion dollars is one hefty, big tag they are going to be asking you to pay. Now they have increased it to thirty million AND THEY WANT YOU TO ALSO PAY FOR REFUGEES FOR FIVE LONG YEARS.

Big Banks on a Fiscal Cliff  What I want you to know is that if we just quit holding the safety net, the big bad banks will all go a slipping and a sliding all the way down the REAL fiscal cliff and sink under a sea of derivatives. It was they who created the casino-system that made your bad debt and conned both leader-groups into accepting it, oh yes, really, oh yes, really really!

We not bail them out again?

No Not under the big man.   He knows there a law to handle situations like this.

All supported by the tax payer

The Safety Net

Meanwhile while the big bad banks continue their shilly-shanigans. I am going to take all your money put it into a little credit union. I have already taken it out of the stock exchange. It is the revenge of the taxpayer and the likes of you and I. Credit unions (for now) don’t play around with your money and deliver an honest service.

The big, bad banks are sliding down a real fiscal cliff, and they won’t land softly.

Thank you? You’re welcome.



Yes I know.  A very bad thing to borrow money we cannot pay back.

Are we really ruptbanked?

Bankrupt? Yes dearly beloved America has been bankrupt a long, long time, Running on debt is built into the rigged system. It is designed to be like that.  Don’t make another ugly face!

And the big man, he the one with the funny, ugly  faces, he knows about such things?

Yes I think he does.

He made the debt?

Oh no. He very frugal.  I think he will stop the spending.

And you say it my money they are spending?

Fraid so.

He makes me laugh. I think he fix it up.

He strong enough to throw them all over the Fiscal Cliff?


kids 4 trumpI call him and talk with him?

I teach you how to tweet.

Then we all live happily ever after.


Quote for the Week

Blessed are the young, for they shall inherit the national debt.”
Herbert Hoover