Seven Fake Narratives; Seven Deadly Sins

 False Narratives Trap us, it is the Truth that sets us Free. 


Don’t believe blindly what you hear on TV; we are blessed with computers to help us seek out and find the truth.

Definition of black propaganda – with lies and innuendo, seeking to falsify perception, or to create a false reality to justify a criminal act.

“Derogatory information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.

You can often recognize the propaganda because it is riddled with generalities. Clinton is crooked, Trump is racialist, Trump is anti-women, Ben Carson is delusional.

Truth is specific. It will supply the who, when, where, why and how.  Good leaders embrace specifics when they speak to the people.


False Narrative #1: America is a Democracy – False
America is a Constitutional Republic


At the time of its writing our constitution was muddied by corrupt slave owners, yet contrary to partisan politics we have actually cleaned house, amended the constitution to include all and everybody and moved beyond bigotry.

The reason America became a Super Power is because our system of government IS UNIQUE; it is a brilliant system that rejects the “Might is Right” of the kings of old and is different from any other political constitution in the world. We allow our elected representative to govern ONLY with the consent of the governed.

We are a nation rich in the heritage of LIBERTY.

America in 2016 rejected “Might is Right” in favor of rule of law, balance of power, consent of the governed and a rich history of freedom.

In a Constitutional Republic the Executive is equal but not greater than Congress, equal but not greater than the Courts and in the final analysis all three are policed by the people.

We support the system (and our elected leaders) because that is who we are, American.

False Narrative # 2  Trump and his Patriots are White Supremacists – False 

pullharderThis is a narrative being spread by the far LEFT

Take Charlottesville:

  • Jason Kessler who organized the Charlottesville has past ties to Obama.
  • In February the Mayor of Charlottesville Signer, claimed the dubious honor of LEADING THE RESISTANCE
  • The presiding (Obama) judge refused a request for a better venue for the rally, a bigger place where law enforcement would have time and space to bring warring factions back under control. 
  • The police were ordered to stand down AND NOT DO THEIR JOB to bring order. It is not clear if this order came from the Governor or the Mayor.
  • Brennan Gilmore (witness to the car crash) is a deep state, CIA operative. 
  • The car had its licence plates changed and was not being driven by its owner. 
  • Global sympathizers (McCain, Rubio, Corker, Romney) rushed to FAKE NEWS to attack Trump – are they afraid of losing their unfair privilege?
  • All have financial ties to George Soros whose open Foundations fight American Exceptionalism, America First, God, Family, and the Constitutional Republic?
  • Swamp dwellers lose $$$ under a Trump Presidency (Clue: big climate change (EPA) subsidies, Big UN subsidies, Big banking bail outs, Big Pharma & Big Agri subsidies, Money for foreign imperial wars, taxpayer funding for investigations based on phobia and fabrication( Mueller),
  • and then there are THE VERY HIGH COSTS OF unwanted refugees and illegal immigrants.
  • Kessler, Signer both spoiled Academics have not worked a day in their lives. Totally inept and totally unable to differentiate Patriots from White Supremeists 
  • There is only one person even more inept than they and that is Terry McAulliffe Corrupt Democratic Governor of Virginia who claimed the “white supremacists” had hidden several caches of weapons in Emancipation and McIntyre parks. He lied. 

All in all this was orchestrated rabble rousing, and the false narrative continues to be pushed by those in the swamp. 


False Narrative #3  Russia caused Hillary to lose the election – False

America chose Trump because he promised to restore our Constitutional Republic (from which Hillary & Obama had strayed)

Russophobia is largely fabrication, wishful thinking. 

I suspect the source on this is the rich, diabolical financier, SOROS
He explains his influence here in his own words.

“Our inclination is to engage in activities and with actors that will
understand and counter Russian support to movements defending
traditional values.”

Let’s rather look at this Russian narrative IN THE LIGHT OF WHAT IS GOOD FOR AMERICA AND FOR THE WORLD.

trump-russiaLow information voters NEED AN ENEMY and they and their global handlers have selected Putin to be the scapegoat.

Left leaning voters blame Putin for the Wikileaks dump that exposed the Clinton, Soros and DNC corruptions.  Wikileaks denied the data came from Russia. Putin has denied that he played any part in this data dump. Know that disinformation in the Intel community is routine; it is a confused area as it seems hackers are able to leave false footprints and so far (MSM propaganda notwithstanding) no investigation has actually elicited any hard facts. Until Assange is willing to reveal his sources the data dump that proved Hillary and the DNC crooked could have been Seth Rich (disgruntled DNC operative), SOROS (Open Society Foundations)  it could even be China or EU or any rogue Russian hacker out to make a buck. Fake Media and the LEFT accuse Putin of lying.  The truth is WE JUST DON’T KNOW.

Until we have real facts it is not a nice thing OR A WISE THING to accuse the leader of a powerful NUCLEAR nation of lying, done nothing to harm America in this century. Putin has signaled he wishes to work with Trump. Is this not a good thing?

Here are some facts we do know: We know is that Clinton and Podesta were woefully inept at protecting their computer data. Even if there were any collusion between Russia and Trump Team ( both wary of the global agenda) the IMPORTANCE HERE IN THE WIKILEAKS DUMP IS THE CORRUPTION not the leaks.  Why are the Democrats so upset? Is there something else bad we still need to find out about them?

Again. it is a far-fetched assumption that the Wikileaks dump even caused Hillary to lose. It proved her crooked, true, but that didn’t win the election. When Trump Team switched from attacking her as “crooked”  to attacking her as WEAK it was a game changer and Russia had absolutely nothing to do with that. .

America is experiencing its third crisis; the assault on God & traditional values. Trump has two crimes. One he won the election. Two he supports “America First.” and has rejected the open border, suicidal thinking of global. 

If we look at the bigger picture (and at the history) can we see that we are mad at Putin and Putin is mad at us because of Crimea and the Ukraine. If we take these Eastern European nations out of the equation could Americans perhaps accept that Putin is a benevolent dictator? Lot of evidence that he loves his people and his country and that Russia under Putin is far better for Russians than any prior Russian leader before in history.

(I personally re-evaluated Russia when I found stories on social media where Russian boots on the ground were cleaning out the mines making the space safe for children in Syria.  I also heard of Russians holding concerts in bombed out buildings, using aesthetics to lift the morale after the horrors of war.  Didn’t see Americans doing that, didn’t see Syrians doing that and definitely didn’t see anybody from Saudi Arabia trying to improve conditions on the ground. Rough, I mean rough what America, Saudi Arabia and the world has done to Syria).

Like Donald Trump, it is true that Putin is no golden boy, but we need to realize that he has seen through communism, knows it doesn’t work, likes orthodox Christianity for its morality, and supports the doctrine of sovereign nations. He doesn’t like global but then nor does Trump or his supporters. If you listen to the Putin interviews by Oliver Stone you will also hear how deeply he feels about preventing a nuclear holocaust, something that could end planet Earth.

We see that Politicians like John McCain (bought and paid by SOROS) have Putin firmly in their cross hairs.. Differentiate between the New World Order and America for they are not the same thing.

I think Putin sees this and is this why he supports Trump.

Painting Putin as enemy number one, without proof or evidence of harmful actions to Americans or America, could lead to WW3 and that is not good for any world citizen.


False Narrative #4 The GOP is bad, & Trump has grown horns – false
This false narrative is being used to justify violence and criminality.


Once upon a time political discourse was about ideas. Now we have identity politics. With low information voters unable to grasp the ideas on which this country was founded, they vote for those who give the better benefits. Such are called “useful idiots” for they are used by political consultants and the international elites.

This all  began when Karl Rove encouraged by H.W Bush invented the NEGATIVE ATTACK AD. Way back in Bush-Daddy-Days (1993-1998) he invented and perfected the negative attack ad.  It is this political attack ad that has created a toxic, fearful & divisive political climate in Washington.  The idea of the negative attack is to define your opponent as bad, before he is able to get to your weaknesses. While the attack ad was evolving it was played out a lot with half-truths. Political consultants would take a small piece of truth and spin it,  the lie deriving its power from the altered truth. We see this in the Russian narrative.

The attack ad is now politics as usual.   High paid political consultants call it a science. It’s not. However they do have a bucket full of very dirty tricks. One dirty trick is to  repeat a lie often enough and they believe it then becomes true. Is this why they beat the false Russian narrative to death? Boring!!!!

Tell you something, it isn’t working and this is why: People are not all the same, they think differently so you have to talk to each one directly, the collective message is way out of touch – why rallies and social media work. Television and Main Stream Media with a collective control message, is dying and people have caught on to the Political Lies. 

Over the last eight years the idle rich have used the idle poor to steal from hardworking men in the middle. In 2016 the “Forgotten-Middle-Man” found a new champion and a movement was born.

Low information voters get their information, not through study, not through research on the web but from Main Stream Media. Main Stream Media is by nature oppositional, it is in their genes,  and so as a result almost everything the LEFT believes is also negative.

They are against global warming, against the 2nd Amendment, against the unborn, against the military, against American exceptionalism, against immigration reform and tax reform, but most of all they are against Republicans and Trump. This is a fertile climate for Marxists who specialize in demonization of their opponents. They want to destroy America.  The Islamic Caliphate also wants to destroy America.

How can Congress help? There is a simple fix and with their very lives now threatened will Congress have the courage to make the necessary changes? In Norway they limit the TV time allowed for political advertising.  Each party is given a slot to make their main points; no time allowed for knocking down political opponents. We should be doing the same thing here in America. Nobody enjoys these negative ads.  In some countries it is illegal to air Big Pharma ads. Does this not endanger our doctors?

Fix the false violent narrative embraced by the violent LEFT or we lose America.


False Narrative #5
American Citizens are “ENTITLED” to free healthcare, food stamps and free education – false

This socialist narrative was spread in the last election and taken to be true by some low information voters. In Socialism it is left to the State to distribute the wealth as they see fit.  They want to use high taxes to even the playing field. Entitlement requires “the force of government” to take from some and give to others.

Historically Socialism has led to anarchy which is followed by a dictator. The difference between Socialism and Marxism is that one is mild mannered and covert, while the other is overt and nasty. Antifa is a Marxist movement.

The communist Lenin created a set of rules to keep the power for the elites. His ideas were codified by Saul Allinsky, a favorite of Hillary Clinton and Obama.

Here is Alinsky’s advice to the crooked politicians who want to hold on to an elite and unfair privilege.

  1. Class Warfare:Divide the people into the wealthy & the poor, and all other factions. Pit one faction against the other. Easier to keep the people down, if you keep them busy fighting each other.
  2. Religion:Religion brings with it a Moral Code that is awkward for the crooked elite, and dangerous to them.  Elites MUST remove God from all things public.
  3. Education– take control of what people listen to or watch or read. Also take control of the Education agenda; what children are taught will define the future.
  4. Welfare– take control of all aspects of welfare – if the people are beholden to the State they will be too afraid of losing their livelihood to revolt.
  5. Gun Control– you have to remove the ability of the people to defend themselves against an oppressive government.
  6. Increase Debt– in this way you can increase taxation, poverty and fear.
  7. Poverty– Increase poverty – poor people are far easier to control and keep under wraps.
  8. Healthcare– Control Healthcare and you control the people

Socialism in America crept up on us before we knew it. 

It is flourishing in our universities and maybe this is why. Central to the fake narrative is a confusion regarding “rights” as defined in the American Declaration of Independence and “rights” as codified in the United Nations Bill of Rights. These “rights” mean different things.

Jefferson affirmed that in a free society government is not valid UNLESS it is derived from the CONSENT OF THE PEOPLE to so be governed. This was a new and very radical idea, timeless actually, as applicable today as it was then in the seventeen hundreds.

Jefferson talked about natural rights, rights inherent in human nature and there was a reason for this. The King’s England justified their form of government on heredity, class, race, and wealth. To give a higher validity to his revolutionary argument than “the divine right of kings” Jefferson claimed God-given rights or natural rights for America, God being higher than a mighty king.

One can spot those who wish to destroy our country by their godlessness and/or attack on the spirit or on religion.

It is important to differentiate between the American Constitutional “rights” and the “rights” as listed in the articles of the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a stable datum for the European Union.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was a giant leap forward for a world dominated by oppression. However, recognize that it isn’t on a par with what was given to us by the Founding Fathers. This is important, because certain international trade treaties were designed to replace the balance of power embraced in the American Constitution, elevating the ideas of the United Nations as higher than our heritage.

What they miss is that it is our constitution with its inherent balance that polices corruption. A corrupt country can never be great or prosperous.


The there is the consent of the governed. A coercive government taking from some and giving to others WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT cannot last. There has to be a fair distribution and agreement across teh boards.

Here sits a child at the threshold of life, having great potential in America, even although female she has all opportunity. She would also ahve it if she were black.

However  she is going to have to work for it, going to have to learn, to get herself well-educated.

If she depends on the government for a hand-out or a hand-me-up she will fail.


False Narrative # 6 Hillary won the Popular Vote – False.
That Hillary won the popular vote is more PROPAGANDA than it is truth.

QUEEN hILLARYQueen Hillary was crowned by Wall Street. America did not want her.

Trump won the Electoral College by a Landslide. It was stated Hillary won the popular vote but this is questionable when you take into account results from third party candidates and voter fraud.  In 2016 America was clearly leaning right even in the popular vote.

Relevant to the popular vote narrative is also evidence of voter fraud where illegals were voting for Hillary. Judicial Watch has uncovered massive voter fraud in South Carolina. Judicial Watch uses Freedom of Information and legal suits to get at the truth.


False Narrative # 7
Trump and the GOP are Racists – False 

“If we cannot end now our differences, at least we can make our world safe for diversity.”  – John F. Kennedy

Let us examine the facts here: Trump has employed persons of every race, pays women much or more than men,  As an employer his company history shows him in no way a bigot.

He stands for law and order and our constitutional republic.

Where he clashes with the  LEFT is that he expects all Americans to learn a trade, get a job, support their families and contribute to the nation. He expects Americans to follow the law. He sees all men as equal, provided they are legal under the law.

We have serious situation with immigration and refugees in America and it is a situation that was not of Trump’s making. There is much lawlessness South of the Border and we do not want it spilling into America. Crime from unvetted immigrants and refugees has become a problem to the safety of America.

We have eleven million plus immigrants living illegally in America and although this number has dropped under Trump, until the wall is built we have no control over criminal elements entering our country.

More than half of illegal immigrants came here to escape poverty or crime in Mexico (and more recently they are coming from other Latin American countries) What is bad is we have political players like SOROS funding this influx of low, uninformed, uneducated immigrants into America, useful idiots that Soros believes will vote democrat.  The Left accuses the GOP and Trump of meddling in the elections but this is classic gerrymandering.  There is a political agenda.

Mexico, beautiful country, same continent ask yourself why Mexico is poor and America rich? Reason: they don’t have and honor our constitution or have our language rooted in rule of law.

The solution is not for us to accept these people in our country for they threaten our safety and are a welfare burden.  The sane and the compassionate solution is for America to teach Mexico how to control their drugs and crime and to show them how to put in a workable system of government.

Trump did not create the illegal problem, yet he has been willing to face it and handle it.

Congress makes the laws, the judges interpret the laws, and the President exists to enforce the laws. Trump may be the first president in a long time actually doing his job but sadly he is obstructed on every side.

Proving again that Trump is in no way racist and a strong supporter of Diversity is the choice of school for his son Barron. Not following in the tradition of past presidents, the Trumps looked afield for a stimulating environment but also one rich in diversity

Eight years ago before the rise of inverse racism there was a strong push within corporate America to foster diversity.  One of the most successful programs was the art-centered diversity event. The best of all cultures is found in the art and music, and this raises morale and shows us we are all the same, although delightfully different.

Man is not the color of his skin, the size of his nose or even his genetic heritage.

We are spiritual beings, and first and foremost, we are Americans, one nation under God.


To put it all in perspective, watch this video: mind blowing facts.

The income inequality is something America has to address but not by embracing socialism but rather by policing corruption.

The biggest criminalsdanger to the current administration is interference from swamp dwellers who have enjoyed an unfair advantage. They have gamed the system and want to keep on doing it.

It is Trump who now stands in their way and oh so badly they want to nail both he and Putin and get back to corrupt business as usual.

We now have the Mueller investigation: Will it be honest?

I call on all men of good will to stand up for good government.

The world is on the tipping point and we do not want another world war.

Definition of black propaganda – with lies and innuendo, seeking to falsify perception, or to create a false reality to justify a criminal act. Watch for this.

You can also recognize it because it is filled with name-calling – Putin is a thug, Trump a Russian agent. No specifics are supplied to  back up the accusation. The intent here is to demonize, an immoral political play. There is always a hidden agenda in demonization and in this day and age, sadly, the agenda seems to be to have America fail.  

You will find that those who profit from propaganda lack a moral compass and are inevitably found to be dwelling in the swamp.

Don’t believe blindly what you hear on TV; we are blessed with computers to help us find the truth . . .

Be sure you come down on the side of good. With the world on the tipping point it is not the time to do nothing. Stand up and be counted.


Seven Deadly Sins (Mahatma Ghandi) 

Wealth without work
Pleasure without conscience
Knowledge without character
Religion without sacrifice
Science without Humanity
Business without Ethics

Politics without Principle

About the Author
Lynn Verhoeff (Grandma Thunder) writes political satire. More at  She writes about the conflict of our times: The Digital Revolution and its relation to the American Constitution.  You can follow at fb Grandma Thunder – an Independent Voice