Understanding Healthcare

Why do we still have ObamaCare? 


There are now Americans hurting, unable to get affordable healthcare.

Obama, I think you may have been well meaning in the beginning, but what you created was not affordable, it was not even efficient.

Is ObamaCare a bail out for Big Pharma and Big Medicine?

There needs to be a congressional investigation into the use of Medical Toys

I went for my annual eye-check today  I was charged double for the ELECTRONIC MONITORING of my glaucoma. That is right, the cost for the simple test went up by 100%. Now this is a test that is useful to the doctor but it doesn’t really fix anything.  I want to point out it was the same machine as last year, no new costly training for the doctor or tech, no new facilities needed. In all other industries with these factors in place, costs are going down.

BECAUSE OF GOVERNMENT SUBSIDY DOCTORS ARE CHARGING TWICE AS MUCH FOR AN ALMOST UNNECESSARY TEST –  Is this all part of the “Art of the Deal”  They deliberately create chaos and escalate prices in order to force Congress to legislate in their favor.

Two years ago I decided I should get my heart checked – live in the mountains two hours from a hospital.  NOTE WELL: I was fine. I went in to the heart hospital and got my EKG a quick and satisfying outcome – well no, not quite. Then they slapped me with a doppler electronic test, an echo test and several other electronic tests I cannot pronounce and names I cannot remember. I do remember the bill which was over $500.00 which my insurance was unwilling to pay. So much for CONSENT OF THE PATIENT!

Last week I went in for an Xray – I had fallen on my knee. It wasn’t a bad fall but I am seventy-six years young so it seemed like a good idea to do a quick check for broken bones.  They wanted to charge me $45.00 and that was just the co-pay.  I declined.

I want to point out again since my last Xray no need to train a tech, no new equipment and the building which is charming, has been there over ten years. So why the cost escalation?

The only way these costs get paid is by passing them along to Big Government. With all their electronic medical toys, Medicine and Big Pharma have priced themselves out of the market.

I left the clinic and was going to Walmart where I needed to buy a pillow that from past experience I estimated the cost at $15.00 – It was $2.97.  As I was leaving the store I saw a little black top similar to the one I had bought a year ago for $10.00  Its cost was $5.95 and I snapped it up. After all by refusing the Xray I had just saved myself $45.00, hadn’t I?

Point made?

SOLUTION: CALL FOR A Special Investigation INTO MEDICINE’S USE OF ELECTRONICS – Have the panel issue guidelines on what Big Medicine can and cannot charge for these doctor toys.  have teh panel decide when and  when not these electronic tools (which when used at the right time and in the right conditions) saves lives, should be used in the routine. 


Two: Is ObamaCare a Bail-Out for the Insurance Companies?

Insurance is designed so that the healthy end up paying for the sick.  This is the nature of the beast – it lacks an intrinsic integrity. Unfortunately during a recession, with the stresses hitting primarily low-income voters, there are more sick than healthy productive Americans and the burden grew just too big for the average hardworking American family to shoulder. In a climate of twelve billion illegal immigrants and the demand from the world to take in refugees and an aging population, the working insurance equation has been broken right down the middle.

The big danger is that there are Socialists who favor a single payer system. That would not fix things, it would compound the problem by passing along the health burden in the form of exorbitant taxes.A single payer system presents an even bigger danger; we heard much about Allinsky in the last election.

The Obama and SOROS ‘s play book is Saul Allinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” the codification of Lenin’s guide for one-world domination.

Here are the Alllinsky rules.

  1. Class Warfare: Divide the people into the wealthy & the poor, and all other factions. Pit one faction against the other. Easier to keep the people down, if you keep them busy fighting each other.
  2. Religion: Religion brings with it a Moral Code that is at best awkward for the crooked elite, and at worst dangerous. Elites MUST remove God from all things public.
  3. Education – take control of what people listen to or watch or read. Also take control of the Education agenda; what children are taught will define our future.
  4. Welfare – take control of all aspects of welfare – if the people are beholden to the State they will be too afraid of losing their livelihood to revolt.
  5. Gun Control – you have to remove the ability of the people to defend themselves against an oppressive government.
  6. Increase Debt – in this way you can increase taxation, poverty and fear.
  7. Poverty – Increase poverty – poor people are far easier to control
  8. Healthcare – Control Healthcare and you control the peopleLooking back on the last eight years is any of this agenda apparent in where America has been going?

Why do insurance companies keep putting up the prices? Are they trying to use the threat of rising prices or pulling out of the exchanges, to coerce government?  All Senators should read “the Art of the Deal”

With ObamaCare (and universal healthcare) productive,  healthy Americans are not only being asked to pay for the sick and the old, but also being asked to pay for non-citizens, for those not working, for those eating badly and sorry to have to say this, but with Planned Parenthood, for promiscuity.  It bypasses the CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED. The insruance companies know that we would not pay for these costs if given a free choice, so they are doing all they can to get government foot the bill and pass it to us indirectly. The truth is the industry has priced itself OUT OF THE FREE MARKET.

Insurance companies only continue to the degree we are kind enough to bail them out.  They know this, but does Congress?  They know this but do the people?

I have a rule when going to a doctor. If my body is hurting I force myself to wait two weeks and see if I can handle my problem with self discipline, good eating and exercise – do you know what?  I rarely need doctors  How many more Americans would treat their own minor conditions and not run to the Emergency Room if there were no insurance?

You handle insurance health care differently from welfare healthcare. They are two different animals and there should be two different bills. You will get confusion if you put them together. Different sets, different rules.

The senate will find it far easier to pass healthcare legislation if it recognizes that they are dealing with TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT pieces of legislation. 
THEY SHOULD PASS A HEALTHCARE BILL and then sit down and pass a separate bill for Medicaid. 

So where do we go from here?

A Little HIstory:

When we talk of making a law, this is the ideal: One transparent source, one subject, one bill, enough time for politicians to read the bill, enough time for the electorate to weigh in on the bill, a simple up/down vote ON THAT ONE SUBJECT and a two thirds majority where applicable. Could it be simpler? Simple is good.

Sadly this is not how it works in Washington.

LOL. Not so long ago the Senate voted in favor of a continuing resolution, a funding bill that funded the government through the end of 2016. The only problem is that there was NO BILL. They were voting on a nothing.  Of course they approved it. Go figure?

Legislators need to get integrity in on how they vote.

It begins by making sure they write the bills themselves. It is a betrayal of the sacred trust of the people who elected you to turn over this hat to vested interests. Do your job.

ObamaCare was crafted by Big Pharma and Big Medicine and it was designed to obfuscate. It was so long that no lawmaker had time to study its consequences. Is it not true that Nancy Pelosi is still trying to read the bill (after ten years)

One of the reasons the healthcare bill is not passing the Senate is that Mitch McConnell is trying business as usual and it is not working. He also carries a lot of RINO debris. When the Republican Establishment put heart and soul behind backing moderate republicans they read the wind wrong. Sorry Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Kevin McCarthy but America is moving RIGHT. Legislation by bribery, blackmail and pork is going to become a thing of the past.

ObamaCare was quite simply BAD LEGISLATION and as such, it was unsustainable. This time round the GOP does not want to make the sames mistakes all over again.

As a law, ObamaCare was never crafted with legislative integrity. It was passed by Democrats with not a single Republican voting for it. It could not have become the law of the land had there not been many legislative shenanigans used by Harry Reid to force it through.

We call ObamaCare a coercive law. There were people being forced to buy HealthCare Insurance they neither needed nor wanted.  Coercive laws and coercive (big brother) government is the biggest threat to our Republic (and to the world) at this time. 

In 2009 Harry Reid  was confident he “just” had the 60 votes to get ObamaCare passed; however according to congressional rules such a bill could not originate in the Senate; it was a revenue bill. So Reid went ahead and found an old (passed) Senate bill HR3590 (a military housing bill) and stripped the bill of its original language, thereby creating ObamaCare. Huh? Duh? You get it? That’s right. ObamaCare began with a confused identity.

There were other problems to making this law: Way back then the house wanted to make some changes to the bill and the house-amended version was scheduled to go back to the Senate for final approval.  Unfortunately in the interim democratic Senator Teddy Kennedy died, and was replaced by a Republican. Hello! Reid no longer had the 60 votes to get ObamaCare passed so once again he had to resort to underhand dealings.

This is what happened: The House would pass the Senate’s original bill (with no changes). Then they would table all the changes they wanted AND THIS THEY CALLED RECONCILIATION. Then they would pass the reconciliation bill. Hello! This was legislating? Excuse me? Of course it was all illegal but you see it was all so complicated that they got away with it.

Fast forward to 2017 and McConnell was trying the same old tricks again. It was a good thing some lawmakers took a stand and said let’s start all over and DO IT RIGHT THIS TIME.

Do you wonder ObamaCare is difficult to undo? It was a bill crafted from the FAR LEFT with no support from the RIGHT. So do you wonder the Freedom Caucus recently reacted by trying to craft a bill from the FAR RIGHT. That is how it goes: Action and Reaction. There has to be BALANCE TO CREATE SUSTAINABLE LEGISLATION. Trump understands this.

We all knew that ObamaCare was in no way created by politicians; but instead by Big Pharma for Big Pharma. Did not Big Pharma even bribe a judge when this patently illegal bill was challenged in court?  Sadly the bill included Saul Allinsky benefits and so with some (unethical Americans) it became popular. Always some eager to ride the gravy train.

The old Harry Reid/Obama WAY OF DOING BUSINESS (which is not good for America) has got to change.

One bill, one subject

Enough time for legislators to read the bill

Time for we the people to study and discuss the bill.

An up & down vote (60 majority as necessary)

Could anything be more simple?

It gets a lot easier when you realize you should be passing two separate bills : a Healthcare bill and a Medicaid bill. Two different animals with two different sets of rules.


With Obama’s legacy on the line with the House having passed TrumpCare, the global forces arraigned against McConnell and the Republican Senators are escalating.  Add into the mix that good conservative men, Cruz, Rand Paul and Mike Lee want a full repeal and Trump’s debating & dealing skills will be put to the test as he gets TrumpCare through the Senate.

For those uncommitted to supporting Trump on HealthCare, consider this: It is possible to put a man (unrestrained) in a pot with a comfortable temperature. Then they increase the temperature 5 degrees every half hour and, guess what? Eventually they are able to boil that man alive.  I don’t know how true this story is but I do know by observation that this universe works in GRADIENTS.

The only way you are going to pull this off without letting America descend into civil war is to work with GRADIENTS.  You go from where you are now to where you want to be which is a place where Government is out of Healthcare.

To do this you have to separate out Welfare from Healthcare and craft a fair Medicaid bill that is compassionate but does not in any way reward the deadbeats.  In order to get benefits the American taxpayer should demand some form of exchange.even if part-time community service.  This is true for free housing, food stamps and even disability. Think of it as WORKFARE rather than welfare and think gradients.

I know a good productive man had a bad car accident now on disability but used to have an import art business. He is still quite able to work on the computer two to four afternoons a week. He still has important business assets, lines to artists all over the world.  He is now on full disability. This man should be helped to keep his business and his pride. Even in his reduced capacity he is able to contribute to the social contract.  He is very deserving of help.

I know a woman on disability (citing mental health) She assists her boyfriend (when she is not stealing) to do a very physical job of re-glazing bathtubs.  There is no reason whatsoever why she should be getting taxpayer support. She also draws full disability. When you separate Healthcare from Welfare, and address Medicaid as welfare, not Healthcare, the door is opened for policing Welfare fraud.

The Senate (composed mainly of men of good will)  would be wise to have Trump’s back for he is much loved and much needed by America right now. Trump is struggling to bring back order to America in the face of insurrection and insurgency from the SOROS/OBAMA camp as assisted by useful idiots from the Left.

The new Trump HealthCare bill passed by the House rolls back ObamaCare on a gradient. That it still keeps some parts of the HealthCare organization (not the bill itself) is a plus, not a negative.  I talk here of the parts still running smoothly, I travel for work and have seen the new buildings. Over the last eight years money was poured into Healthcare with new systems, new protocols, new HMOs and many, many new staff getting  trained;  we want to keep America employed. These are concrete things not to be sacrificed to an ideology. You go from where you are to where you want to be and where is that ? It is a place where we get Government out of Healthcare for therein lies our Liberty.  

pullharderMany Americans have become dependent on getting healthcare benefits for which they are not deserving, but on which they have come to depend. If you give a child a toy you can expect  a tantrum if you then take it away without replacing it. The Senate has to REPEAL AND REPLACE OBAMACARE

Recognize that we have a president who is a pragmatist. This is a BIG plus.

Senators should also GIVE TRUMP HIS DUE.  He is the right man for his time. He fully understands his first job is to keep America safe. He also knows he has to bring back ORDER. He is very deserving of GOP support. Trump is tasked to save the world from global corruption, from a global BIG BROTHER who wants to destroy America to turn the world socialist controlled by global (big brother) oligarchies.

The GOP Senate who all agree on one thing, freedom for America, needs to learn to pull harder.

For Trump to succeed he desperately needs the support of a principled GOP Senate, GOP Congressmen, Tea Party volunteers, Trump Train social media supporters and “We the People”

He doesn’t have all that many clean hands around him to help him DRAIN THE SWAMP.

Quote for the Week

When you open your heart to patriotism there is no room for prejudice.

The Bible tells us” How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity.” Donald Trump 


 About the Author
Lynn Verhoeff (Grandma Thunder) writes political satire. For more information go to www.grandmathunder.com

The Ogre in the Closet

Why can’t Democrats and Republicans agree on fixing the Spending?

Out of Control

On March 1st, 2013, I expect our Nice Government Men to follow the same cycle that has played out in each of many prior fiscal showdowns.  Nice Government Men flirt with the edge of the cliff but then they posture and bluster, until they strike a deal that is good for politicians and corporate America but a very bad deal for the taxpayer. This is always done in secret and usually at the very last minute.

Automatic budget cuts — known as sequestration — were in fact scheduled for January 2, (the fiscal cliff) but were then postponed until March 1.  It didn’t solve the problem of the overspending, but it has been very successful in hiding the issue away in the dark closet where taxpayers do not go looking.

March 1st, 2013 is also a significant date in that it is the date when the U.S. is expected to hit the $16.4 trillion debt ceiling.  The amount of debt the nation is now carrying is astronomical and each time the ceiling is raised spending rises commensurately. The debt ceiling has been raised 11 times since 2001 and each time the federal spending has skyrocketed.

Graph to show debt out of control

Up goes the Debt Limit and up goes the Spending

Obama and Harry Reid have stated that they plan to raise the ceiling once again.  Most of the Democratic politicians are in full agreement that the debt goes up without reducing spending.  Ironically most of the Democratic politicians in the house and in the Senate opposed raising the debt ceiling during the administration of George W. Bush.  In fact in 2006 a freshman Senator called Obama said:
“Mr. President I rise today to talk about America‘s debt problem. The fact that we are here today to debate raising America‘s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the U.S. government cannot pay its own bills. Increasing America‘s debt weakens us domestically and internationally . . . America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.”

Republicans have stated that in March they will FINALLY demand financial reform but are they standing strong?  The Brothers Koch, Republican Financiers-in-Chief, have all but ordered the Republican Caucus to cooperate with the President on the debt ceiling. Obama has suggested that the issue get shelved until some time in May. Hey, it worked with the Fiscal Cliff Legislation! Why not again hide the new contentious legislation way back in the big bad, black closet where all good taxpayers fear AND FAIL to look. What a clever ploy. Fooled and conned again.  When will we wake up?

Begin by taking a look at what was actually in that secret Fiscal Cliff legislation that got rammed through when we weren’t looking?

Here are a few choice titbits:

  • 248 million for film production expenses (Hollywood gets a subsidy)
  • 222 million for rum production in Puerto Rico
  • 119 million for companies to hire Native Americans.
  • 7 million for plug-in motorcycles
  • 5 billion to subsidize farmers (mostly for large corporate interests)
  • 12.1 billion for tax credits for wind production.

While corporations and special interests receive billions of dollars of tax relief, this bill allows taxes to increase for 77% of Americans, thanks to the expiring payroll tax holiday.  Because Congress failed to extend the payroll tax cut, an individual who earns $26,000 per year will have over $500 per year in new taxes – that’s $20 taken straight from each paycheck. And the bill effectively raises taxes on every American because it failed to account for any significant cuts in spending.  After all, every dollar of deficit spending is a future dollar that someone will have to pay in taxes down the road. The so-called “American Taxpayer Relief Act” was full of corporate welfare – targeted tax credits and subsidies for companies and industries. The bill actually spends $330 billion more than it takes in with the tax hikes.

The fiscal cliff bill was drafted behind closed doors, and Lawmakers were given ALL OF SIX minutes to read the 154-page bill before voting on it.

There is a lobbying ogre hiding in the depths of the big, black closet and he makes fools out of Democrats and Republicans alike and keeps them at each other’s throats.

So I am asking all people of good will, be they voters or legislators to shine the light of accountability into that big black closet:

The solution:
The single subject rule is provided for by many state constitutions in the United States of America. Its purpose is to avoid complexity in laws, to avoid any hidden consequences that legislators or voters may miss when reading the proposed law. This in turn prevents politicians from sneaking unpopular legislation through, piggybacked on legislation which is more likely to pass.

For example, the constitution of Minnesota, Article IV, Section 17, requires that “No law shall embrace more than one subject, which shall be expressed in its title.”. Conversely, neither the U.S. Congress nor the U.S. Constitution has such a rule so riders which are completely unrelated to the main bill are commonplace. These are often put into bills at the last minute, so that all who may read the legislation before actually voting on it will not have a chance to catch it.

Quote for the Week

While it is commonly believed to take two to make a fight, a third party must exist and must develop it, for actual conflict to occur.

L. Ron Hubbard.