Voter Fraud

April 2016

I wish it weren’t true  but Election 2016 is on a fast track to follow the predictions (and the corruption) described in Politics IOU which free book you should read to find out how we can all work together to make 2016 come out right. This excerpt is relevant to the 2016 election in November.


There was evidence of voter fraud both in the Democratic and GOP Primaries.

Voter ID is a contentious subject, strongly protested by the left who feel that it discriminates against the old and the uneducated. It could be argued that a citizen who cannot make effort to prove that they are a legal citizen at the polling booth, is not part of the social contract and should not be entitled to vote. Finally we have to ask as much evidence is now surfacing to the contrary, is it right that illegal immigrants be allowed to vote? Did they make their illegal voice heard in 2012? Did they improperly influence the outcome of the last four years?

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You see what the founding fathers did not know, could not know as they were crafting the constitution, was that up the line there would be a digital Revolution and computers and electronics would undo their carefully crafted checks and balances.

Computers should enhance our democracy. With computers it is possible to cross check voting lists and cull dead or duplicate voters. Like fire that can be used to build and heal, or to destroy, computers could open the door to a golden age.  It is all in how the electorate lets them be used.

Read this extract which is in the book Politics IOU (about corrupt politicians, global clout and especially about the digital revolution and its influence on our politics) It explains how we can use computers, not to change the system or constitution, but to enhance its implementation and to make a better America.


The Wrong way for Computers to Count our Votes. (excerpt from Politics IOU) 

In this excerpt from “Politics IOU” it is the blogger, Majula, who is explaining that there is a wrong way to count votes with computers.

Once upon a feudal time it was difficult for villagers to participate in the process of government. So they put a man on a horse and sent him to speak for them in the big city and representative government was born. Our choice at that time; predictable rule of law where we can trust each other because we all know the rules or rule by a corrupt king who arbitrarily killed eight wives, killed the acceptable religion, and was determined to tax without representation. The founders understood and warned us that each generation would have to fight executive clout, and corruption, but there was one thing they could not know and that is that one day television and computers would change everything. 

It is a sad truth that when some men (or women) rise to greater heights they kick against the constraints of rule of law. 

Power corrupts and it has been said that the love of power corrupts absolutely. What of the love of money? There are some men who will do anything for money. There are some men who will do anything for power. With them the end justifies the means and we all need to learn to recognize them and vote them out of office. This we cannot do IF THEY DO NOT COUNT THE VOTES ACCURATELY and if they are corrupt they know this. 

In the close runoff between Kyani Ryken and Senator Norman McClosky it was not at all clear who was going to win. The tie-breaker was Shadow State and for the first time in living history the votes there were being counted by computer. Because of my strong interest in changes introduced by the Digital Revolution, I was invited to be an observer. Shortly after arriving at the polling booths in the early morning I had already identified several areas of concern.

“Where are the checks and balances?” I asked the officials.


“‘Duh!’ They were officiating and had no idea of what I was talking.

“Well…” I said, trying to make it simple, so that they could follow, ”How do you know that these computer totals will be accurate?”

“It is all done by computers now,” said the official, clearly exasperated that I was making such a fuss.

“Well yes,” I said, “and you don’t see any problem?”

“No,” the man furrowed his brow.

“Computer-counting is great! We don’t have to do anything,” said his sweet, young assistant.

“No I don’t think so,” I said carefully, “there are, there really are such things as bugged programs.”

“‘Don’t you worry your pretty head Majula,” the official said. “Computers are far more accurate than manual counting.”

“Do you have any kind of manual check at all?” I asked.

I did not want to take away their simple faith in computers, for I, too, am in love with my computer. But I know computers and that is why I also know that there is a right and a wrong way to transition from manual vote-counting to having the computers do it all for you.

So what would be the right way?

It’s a no-brainer. The voter votes and the computer counts and prints a receipt. Have the voter verify his vote, sign the receipt and pop it into a ballot box. These are the votes that are manually counted if there is a challenge to that particular county total.  In most elections these receipts won’t be needed but by their very existence, the integrity of the election is insured. These were the checks and balances I was expecting, but I didn’t see them.

I called both campaigns, but was unable to reach Kyani Ryken. Then I talked to Ginger McClosky. The candidate’s wife got it immediately. Within minutes there were volunteers conducting exit poll surveys. You could see the volunteers in poll booths all across the state.

In the end it was a very close race and the computers awarded the election to Kyani Ryken, Norman McClosky conceded victory and it was all over. The computers had informed the nation that Kyani Ryken had won 52% of the vote. This cannot be challenged when the computers do the counting. So what is the problem?

The problem is that the exit polls got it quite differently. They gave Senator Norman McClosky a 54% lead.

I don’t know if the first election was fraudulent for I have no way of proving it either way when those counts were hidden in computers. What I do know is that proper checks and balances were not put in on that first primary election.

We are in a digital transition and as we change from the manual counting to digital machines, it really, really has to be done right.


The un-american global elite effort to cut America down to size, subordinate our people to global oligarchies, has been progressing in little increments over many years.  2016 is the year we have a chance to stop the rot.  But we have to be vigilant. As Kissinger is once quoted as saying, “The illegal we do immediately, the unconstitutional takes a little longer.” We still have some time. However, if we lose in 2016, especially if we lose due to voter fraud, it is all over. That is the end of America as we know it. We will be wallowing in a sea of corruption.

The leaked Democratic emails show voter fraud with suspected tampering of the counting machines, by the Clinton Campaign against primary opponent Bernie Sanders. Will they also use voter fraud again as a last resort to STOP Donald Trump? The bad news is that Obama is now determined to have the Department of Homeland Security oversee the election. He is entrusting “all voting machines” to the care of DHS.  Is this a good idea, I think not.

Obama wants DHS oversee the November election

Obama wants DHS oversee the November Election

Jeh Johnson heads the DHS. He was appointed to the post by Obama himself. Can he be considered an objective player in this contest? Before he ascended to this post, he was active in Democratic Party politics as a fundraiser and adviser to the Kerry & Obama presidential campaigns.  Furthermore, as this election is shaping up to be more about Global vs. Patriot than Democrat vs Republican, Johnson has come right out and shown where he stands.In a speech in January 2011 he erroneously claimed that the imperial wars in Iraq & Afghanistan were quite in line with Martin Luther King thinking, and that he supported them.  Now Obama, returning from the United Nations, wants this man to oversee the elections. I think not.

In his last speech to the UN  Obama came right out and said that Americans must be willing to lose freedoms in order to submit to an International New World Order. So we know where Obama stands on the key issues of this election. He is a globalist through and through.

I remind all true Republicans that this election is about is preserving the Republic, that which made America Great. It is about restricting government to only government by the consent of the governed. It is about a smaller Federal Government. It is about eliminating duplicate functions in the Intelligence Bureaucracy and making government more effective. It is about restoring and protecting the constitutional balance of power between the Executive, the Judiciary and the Legislature. It is all about giving the people a voice in how they prosper. So much depends on honest elections.

Without signed receipts kept for manual counting in the event there is a challenged county tally, votes should not be counted by computers.

The paper trail has the extra value in that it acts as an ethical check which may not ever need to be there. Yet knowing that it exists deters corrupt politicians who would not dare to risk the bad PR of a fraudulent count.

Power corrupts and it has been said that the love of power corrupts absolutely.
The amount of privilege and corrupt money that will go away with a Trump presidency is astronomical. The banks and global elite won’t stop at voter fraud. There are some men (or women) who will do anything for power.

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Quote of the week

The greatest threat to the constitutional right to vote,  is voter fraud. 
Lynne Westmoreland


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