Understanding Demonization

How do you take down a country without firing a single shot.

You use demonization as a political tool.  Straight out of the playbook of the Marxist Lenin.

I opened my tablet and found a new icon – I clicked to see what was there. It was an ad sent to me by Washington Post, not anything I had requested.

crowds-at-trump-ralliesIt is an axiom of political warfare that it is not wise to assassinate popular opponents except as a last resort. Instead, it is better to demonize them in the public mind so that, when violence finally is used, the public will think it was justified.

This is why we elected Donald Trump, and it had nothing whatsoever to do with #Russiaphobia  – that narrative belongs to the global elite and such as ex CIA directors with neocon dirt on their hands

I actually opened up my Twitter today to find an ex CIA Director calling for a coup against Trump. Hello! Why was I not surprised?  I AM INFORMED AND I do not get my news from CNN. I do my research and so should you. I seek political truth. I love America. I want America to stay a constitutional republic for another century.

It is the Constitution that polices corruption

Recognize that to demonize is the first step, all the rest is slippery downhill

The Clintons have been playing this evil game for a long time.  This is what went down under Bill Clinton’s watch with Hillary being complicit.

From Ed Griffin (Need to Know News)

“There is no better example than what happened to the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas, in 1993. Because the leader of this religious group was known to have weapons that were not registered, the federal government and National Guard laid siege to their compound and killed its leader, David Koresh, along with 82 of his congregation, including women and children.

The public was not outraged by this, because the media had published an endless barrage of ‘reports’ of sexual abuse of children in the compound – reports that, in later months were shown to be without foundation. But the public didn’t know that at the time, and most people thought it was a shame about those children being killed in the attack, but it was merely collateral damage from a justified law-enforcement operation against very evil people.

If you want to Understand what is going on from the left in America today, just think of the Branch Dravidians. If the elites can sufficiently demonize Donald Trump and his supporters as racists or something equally repugnant, then violence against him personally or against his supporters – perhaps even violence against the system itself – will be viewed as justified. “

Demoniization has became plain for all to see. It began when Hillary squared off against Trump: it didn’t work then and it won’t work now  It has intensified when Obama/Soros set up a shadow government. George Soros has also been playing this evil (Marxist) game a long time.


Get the word out so that America can see political demonization for the ugly PR crime it is

Politics used to be fun, but it become no longer a game at the instant they tried to assassinate Steve Scalise. This may be a pernicious scare tactic to warn Congress to vote for a Trump impeachment.  It is not about free speech. This is Treason.

The only way to prevent that tactic from succeeding is to make the public aware of the tactic itself.


That’s where you come in. Send this post to your friends and contribute to the movement.  We won the Whitehouse fair and square and we do not want to have it stolen from us by swamp dwellers.

 About the Author
Lynn Verhoeff (Grandma Thunder) writes political satire.MOre info at www.grandmathunder.com