A Silent Coup Sitting on a “Gravy Train”

Can ” King” Obama still harm America?

obama shredsusTrump won the election and America should have moved on.

Now it seems America is fighting “the Resistance”. Is this a global plan to bring Obama back for his ” third term”? Men like Obama (no moral compass) do not give up power easily. As puppets they are very attractive to those rich men who pull the strings globally. The ruling elites (first time in almost a century) no longer have a puppet in the White House.

As the LEFT plans this insurrection, it seems billionaire SOROS (with his black Antifa) is right in there funding and orchestrating this unrest

George Soros has said  “The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States of America.” Bankers like George SOROS fight sane banking regulation. They treat the world economy as a casino. Rumor is SOROS lost a billion after Trump was elected.

Go to Wikipedia to read Soros’ own words from his books and articles that describe his tried and true system for taking down a country – or “regime change” is what he  calls it. (sic)

Step One: Form a shadow government using humanitarian aid as cover.

Step Two: Control the airwaves. Fund existing radio and TV outlets and take control over them or start your own outlets.

Step Three: Destabilize the state, weaken the government and build an anti-government kind of feeling in the country. You exploit an economic crisis or take advantage of an existing crisis — pressure from the top and the bottom. This will allow you to weaken the government and build anti-government public sentiment.

Step Four: Sow unrest.

Step Five: Provoke an election crisis. You wait for an election and during the election, you cry voter fraud.

Step Six: Take power. You stage massive demonstrations, civil disobedience, sit-ins, general strikes and you encourage activism. You promote voter fraud and tell followers what to do through your radio and television stations. Incitement and violence are conducted at this stage.

Step Seven: Outlast your opponent.

How far along are we down this slippery path?


We are already at Step six.

In choosing Trump as his opponent Soros erred. I don’t think Trump is going to crumble. Nor do I think the people of America will just lie down and let this ugly movement roll over us.  There are too many people of goodwill with a deep love for this country.

Under Soros’s “regime change” all nations are required to surrender their sovereignty to a one world government with no constitutional restraints.

Definition of Fascism: using force and violence on those who fail to see things your way.  Reagan warned us that if Fascism came to America, it would come from the LEFT.

It seems now that the black masked ANTIFA are everywhere but are they engaged in peaceful protest? Sadly, no. These are paid and trained thugs, in fact they are the true fascists. We know this because we see how the ANTIFA uprisings are so carefully orchestrated. There is nothing spontaneous in the Resistance of 2017.

Median Household Income – no increase in his 8 years as President.
Labor participation rate, the lowest in 40 years, 62.6%.
Number of Americans on food stamps up 14% to 45.36 million.
Poverty rate since 2008 shot up 17% to 47 million Americans.
Home ownership has dropped 4% to 63.7%.
National debt has almost doubled from 10.62 Trillion to almost 20 Trillion!!!!
Executive Clout For the first time ever, America’s credit ration was downgraded in 2011.
A record 95 million Americans are NOT in the labor force.


Gave $150 Billion to Iran, world’s greatest sponsor of terrorism; traded 5 high ranking Taliban terrorists for one traitor; in his final hours, released $221 million in aid to Palestine; lifted American control of the Internet.

And there is more . . . .

From SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Why is Obama staying in Washington? Why did Valerie Jarrett move in? 

You have this what we call shadow government, deep state of career bureaucrats, these are Obama appointees that are working hard and undermining every single solitary day everything that Trump wants to do; this is not by accident. I’ve done a lot of deep background talking to people about where all this is coming from. Where are these leaks coming from? And without fail they all discuss the shadow government, deep state government. The deep state is their term that they’re telling me. Those career bureaucrats. Those holdovers from the Obama administration. And you’ve got to understand here. They are undermining the president.” [Premiere Radio Network, The Sean Hannity Show, 3/3/2017)

And having come out and said this, Sean Hannity is himself now under attack at Fox News.

These injustices will not cease until all criminals from the past eight years are brought to justice. They asked for it setting up a shadow government, they brought their crimes into Trump’s government. Shadow government is dangerous to our Constitutional Republic. Frieze their assets, lock them up.

Not all civil workers are bad. It is true that many are loath to turn on the hand that feeds them. It will take awhile but they will wake up and realize on which side their bread is now being buttered. They will come in line.

On the other hand, Obama’s “Gravy Train” poses an enormous threat to the Trump administration. When you get in the habit of accepting something for nothing this is a criminal attitude so it is these people seek out corrupt leaders, and gravitate to criminal acts. When they cross the line they must be locked up.

The biggest challenge to the GOP lies in a bloated federal government that uses criminal clout to control spending. They do this  BY THREATENING TO SHUT DOWN THE GOVERNMENT. If the government were shut down would it not be a good thing. This is an opportunity to sort out those who are really in need; still have a moral compass and differentiate them from the sluggards and illegals who are just along for the ride.  Trump could set a precedent, after every shutdown record how many unnecessary government workers we were able to lay off.

Sob story those poor postal workers.  Why did the Federal Government get into the postal service, UPS and FEDex do a better job.

A statistic that measures the pruning of the Federal Government, now that would be a grand statistic to keep.  There should be some reward for sifting the grain from the chaff. If this were the focus Congress and the Senate would begin to look forward to the periodic government shutdowns.

Think on this, if you give a child a toy and then try to take it away without replacing it, you are going to have a tantrum on your hands. Don’t blame Trump for all this vulgar “hissy fit protests”.  Obama and the LEFT created the unrest, both directly and indirectly. This is criminal behavior.

The Obama and SOROS ‘s play book is Saul Allinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” the codification of Lenin’s guide for one-world domination.

Here are the Alllinsky rules.

  1. Class Warfare: Divide the people into the wealthy & the poor, and all other factions. Pit one faction against the other. Easier to keep the people down, if you keep them busy fighting each other.
  2. Religion: Religion brings with it a Moral Code that is at best awkward for the crooked elite, and at worst dangerous. Elites MUST remove God from all things public.
  3. Education – take control of what people listen to or watch or read. Also take control of the Education agenda; what children are taught will define our future.
  4. Welfare – take control of all aspects of welfare – if the people are beholden to the State they will be too afraid of losing their livelihood to revolt.
  5. Gun Control – you have to remove the ability of the people to defend themselves against an oppressive government.
  6. Increase Debt – in this way you can increase taxation, poverty and fear.
  7. Poverty – Increase poverty – poor people are far easier to control
  8. Healthcare – Control Healthcare and you control the people

Does any of this sound familiar?

It is hard on those pawns on the Gravy Train  who have been persuaded to use FORCE to try to keep an unfair privilege. The good news is NOW we can see them and their intentions clearly. If they cross the mark, we can deport them, or lock them up.

We have here a failure in education, useful idiots do not understand the electoral college, the American Constitution or our system of government. The marxist/global/socialist bosses know full well that  if you give people too many freebies it is hard to draw back and take them away.  Their whole play book is immoral and the challenge of this new administration is the challenge of how to undo and drain the swamp. A government shutdown is a good place to start.  If Congress doesn’t so its job, Trump should veto bills that drip of bad spending.

You wan to see this clearly:

On the bad side: “Vulgar Liberal Protests” and “Might is Right” and a break down of “Rule of Law”. Recognize also the subversion in our institutions aimed at the disintegration of our culture. Spot also the ongoing efforts to undermine our Republic and our Constitution.

On the other side is Patriots and “Make America Great Again”

How should Patriots react? We make the Resistance irrelevant. What they seek is ATTENTION so we do not give it them. Ignore the tantrums. Ignore the Maxine Waters and Chuck Schumer.  It is a lot of (often vulgar) noise signifying nothing.

Then we demand that our elected representatives investigate and find the crimes, that they have the courage to bring corrupt politicians to justice and LOCK THEM UP.


We struggle mainly with ignorant lawmakers, judges and low information voters.

This new President has a firm grip on power AND HE WILL DRAIN THE SWAMP whatever the resistance.

It is time for Trump to end the corrupt relationship between the IDLE rich and the IDLE poor and put America and the world back to work.



Song at one of the Trump Rallies

Do you hear the people sing?

Singing a song of angry men?

It is the music of a people

Who will not be slaves again!

When the beating of your heart

Echoes the beating of the drums

There is a life about to start

When tomorrow comes!


 About the Author
Lynn Verhoeff (Grandma Thunder) writes political satire. You can read more at fb Grandma Thunder – an Independent Voice or Blog/Grandma hunder  or  Free Books by Grandma

Understanding”Useful Idiots” and “Saul Allinsky”

Now is time to come together as patriots and to rebuild.

Power is only lasting within a framework of balance. It was the American Constitution that gave our country a chance to be great and prosperous. This is because there was a natural balance between the Executive, Judiciary and a Legislature AND free and fair elections. It was the Constitution that gave America a chance to vote out crime and corruption.

America (up until now) has been a land governed WITH THE CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED but in 2016 we nearly lost it. Luckily the majority came through. The people in America have not been happy with the last fifty to eighty years. Watch this short video. We sense, but do not actually know, how badly we have been scammed.

Useful Idiot

Sadly, in the last eight years thanks to shady legislators (like Reid & Boxer) representative government became an endangered species.  One wonders if they werre ever honestly elected, what with illegals voting and crooked voting machines (Project Veritas)  America rejects sleight of hand legislation and ultra, heavy handed EPA regulations stifling progress. What a problem our good constitution is to those who want to keep an unfair privilege. We have been taken into a precarious range of debt, endangering our future and the future of our children and even our grandchildren.

Ask yourself why is America richer than Mexico, why did America become a super power while the beautiful Mexico, same continent, good natural resources,struggles with poverty & crime & corruption? The reason is Mexico does not have “Balance of Power” it does not have our constitution. Mexico and much of the rest of the world have a problem of CRIME AND CORRUPTION but then most of the rest of the world does not YET operate under true balance of power; the brilliant pattern of the American Constitution. We are poor in America in exact degree that we let go of our heritage. Income inequality is a major problem in America and worse in Mexico and the rest of the world. It is the Constitutional form of Government that puts in the checks and balances to open the door to the American Dream and to distribute the wealth fairly.

We did something right when we become prosperous and a super power and our responsibility is to share our successful actions with other sovereign nations through education. 

Useful Idiots:

  • Get most or all data from TV, filtered as it is by a bought Main Stream Media
  • Fail to fact check the ideas they accept and operate on and use as stable data.
  • Fail to take the effort to learn a trade and work to support self, family and the nation.
  • Are influenced in their voting by welfare, and the largesse of the state.
  • Tend to believe authority and that might is right, however irrational.
  • Believe slander and cabal & rumor

Saul Allinsky refers to “we the people” as “Useful Idiots”.

So let’s take a hard and critical look at America as it has evolved over the last eight years. Do you recognize these points in the “new” fabric of our culture? Here is Alinsky’s advice to the elite oligarchies and crooked politicians to help them hold on to an elite and unfair privilege.

  1. Class Warfare: Divide the people into the wealthy & the poor, and all other factions. Pit one faction against the other. Easier to keep the people down, if you keep them busy fighting each other.
  2. Religion: Religion brings with it a Moral Code that is at best awkward for the crooked elite, and at worst dangerous. Elites MUST remove God from all things public.
  3. Education – take control of what people listen to or watch or read. Also take control of the Education agenda; what children are taught will define our future.
  4. Welfare – take control of all aspects of welfare – if the people are beholden to the State they will be too afraid of losing their livelihood to revolt.
  5. Gun Control – you have to remove the ability of the people to defend themselves against an oppressive government.
  6. Increase Debt – in this way you can increase taxation, poverty and fear.
  7. Poverty – Increase poverty – poor people are far easier to control
  8. Healthcare – Control Healthcare and you control the people

We know that Hillary has studied Allinsky when at University. We also know that Obama has referred to Allinsky quite fondly from time to time. We also know that these rules are from Lenin when he was aiming at world control. (An America that sees itself as a soveriegn nation WILL RESPECT other soveriegn nations.  A constitutional America does not engage in imperialistic wars.

In electing Donald Trump, America rejected globalism and THE directed history of global elites. We also rejected imperialism.

We chose America First

Will you, too?


Quote for the Week

When more Americans prefer freebies to freedom, these great United States will become a fertile ground for tyranny.

Allen West

Understanding Bad Legislation

Dirty Tricks have been used to pass Bad Laws

We have a sound system given us by the founders. And it works but if we don’t find & INVESTIGATE AND PROSECUTE the enemies within, we could be losing America to global oppression.

When we talk of making a law, this is the ideal: One transparent source, one subject, one bill, enough time for politicians to read the bill, enough time for the electorate to weigh in on the bill, a simple up/down vote ON THAT ONE SUBJECT and a two thirds majority where applicable. Could it be simpler? Simple is good.

Sadly this is not how it works in Washington. Do you wonder why Congress has such a low approval rating?

LOL. The Senate has just voted in favor of a continuing resolution, a funding bill for the Federal Government’s spending until Dec. 9.

The only problem is that there was no bill. They were voting on a nothing. 

There was no text for this bill, yet the Senate voted 89-7 to proceed to this nonexistent bill. This is a 2016 government spending bill that should have been written and discussed and negotiated and published long before Congress went on vacation.

Congress has the job to make laws but it also has the power to set budgets and thereby control spending. This gives them the means to curb excesses or corruption in the Executive or the Judiciary. The three functions of government should be balanced one against the other. No more.

In Sept 2016 there are two federal excesses Republicans should have been controlling, the Internet handover and secondly the the high cost & ethics of the “Refugee Invasion” Neither was addressed in this the latest McConnell sellout.

If voting on a bill that doesn’t even exist were not so potentially tragic, it would be laughable. 

01one bill

The Mitch McConnell-Harry Reid era has witnessed a Senate that is less transparent, where individual members are less aware of their rights, and where there is a growing centralization of power in the leader’s office.

Not okay 

McConnell finally produced the bill giving Senators only four days to study it before voting (two of these were weekend days)  Was it planned to slide this through while everybody’s attention was on the first Debate?

Sadly, this is not the first time this irresponsibility has happened.

The Story of Glass-Steagall 

Glass Steagall (1933 -1999) was legislation that curbed income inequality. The biggest challenge we face to day is income inequality.

Glass Steagall was repealed right at the end of Bill Clinton’s watch and it has been said that this and the irresponsible deregulation that occurred during the Clinton second term, sewed the seeds for the BIG CRASH of 2008. Robert E. Rubin and Mr. Summers, also culpable for our current economic woes, still maintain strong influence in the Hilary campaign. Neither has been investigated nor prosecuted.


Glass- Steagall was designed to limit conflicts of interest and the creation of over bloated banks with questionable assets that in 2016 are again getting too-big-to-fail.

Banks would never have needed the bail-outs, while still being banned by Glass Steagall from underwriting securities. Glass Steagall is a simple law and it forces banks to choose between being a simple lender or an underwriter (brokerage). It is a good law and it worked for half a century.  It could work again today. Derivatives (which were banned by the Glass Steagall) are fast creating the next financial crisis. We have a dangerous situation with even more banks that are too big to fail.

Along with this forming bubble, is the unsustainable debt the quality needed most in the next president of 2016 is a clean slate with regards to finances. Even more than that we need a STRONG president to help us handle any fallout that may occur from what is still a condition laid in by Bill Clinton, his economic advisers and the big banks.

The story of the Federal Reserve

Fed stats

The Federal Reserve Act was enacted on December 23rd 1913 to create the Federal Reserve and the Central Banking System.  It was slipped through Congress while most of the delegates were away on holiday!

How effective has the Federal Reserve been in managing our money?  Statistics show they did turn the economy around in 2008, but that the recovery for main stream has been tepid at best. Small business is still struggling and too many people are living paycheck to paycheck. They can’t blow thier horn on having had much success. Of most concern is this is the USA debt that they have created for our children.

At this point in time, the Fed is an established part of the fabric of our system of money but there should be more oversight.  Significant efforts to get a complete audit of the FED have so far failed. There has been no complete audit of this establishment in the over 100 years of its existence.

They have allowed the market to turn into one giant casino and should be audited and held accountable.


cost of obamacareIt is still too early to evaluate this expensive Act; so far there have been some good and some bad consequences. We do know though that it is costing the country money. So be it. What we can say with an absolute certainty is that ObamaCare is not a law crafted with legislative integrity.

ObamaCare was passed by democrats; not a single Republican voting for it and there were some legislative shenanigans used to force it through; making it a coercive law.  Is it any wonder that the GOP rage about healthcare is still escalating?

Harry Reid in 2009 was confident he “just” had the 60 votes to get OmbamaCare passed; however according to congressional rules, (like now) such a bill could not originate in the Senate as it is a revenue bill. So Reid went ahead and found an old Senate bill HR3590 (a military housing bill) and stripped the bill of its original language, thereby creating ObamaCare. Huh? You get it. That’s right. ObamaCare began with a confused identity.

There were other problems: The house wanted to make some changes to the bill and the house-amended version was scheduled to go back to the Senate for approval.  Unfortunately in the interim Senator Teddy Kennedy died getting himself replaced by a Republican. Hello! Reid no longer had the votes to get the amended Act approved.

He cut a deal; the House would pass the Senate’s original bill (no changes) and in addition the House would create a new bill that tabled all the desired changes calling it a reconciliation bill. After all who cared about the changes? The bill is so long and complex that nobody was going to read it anyway.

ObamaCare was not created by politicians; it was created by Big Pharma and their lawyers, nothing representative here.  Nothing simple here.

Of course with a Reconciliation Act tagged on, this only further complicated the complex bill.  Note: Such a use of a reconciliation bill is also contrary to congressional rules.

Twice now the Supreme Court has rubber-stamped ObamaCare raising the question, given its blatant illegality, are there any other dirty tricks here in play like blackmail?

None of these above laws could have been passed or been forced on us had there been a true integrity in the legislative process and an ethics body to investigate and make sure our politicians play by the rules.

What the corrupt Senate does not know is that it is a new day and the American citizen is coming to take his country back. This kind of legislating is totally unacceptable. We are expected to follow these bad laws.  So we are going to expect our elected officials to shape up. Minimally they should be carefully studying and understanding all bills before they vote on them. And they need a moral compass when voting.

Let them all be put on notice: We are recording their votes and holding them accountable.

2016 should also be the year when we have the courage to hold our banks accountable, demanding that those who manage our money and our healthcare, do so in the interest of the greater good.

Quote for the Week

“We are making up the rules as we go along.”

Alcee Hastings of the House Rules Committee during the ObamaCare bill process.

About the Author

bluelynnSLynn Verhoeff (Grandma Thunder) has been writing for twenty years.  She has published two books, “Politics IOU” and “Magic Money” both on Kindle.

You can read more posts at www.grandmathunder.com
“Politics IOU” is posted at www.granmawriting.com and is a FREE download (but only until the election) 


Understanding Trade

Not all Trade Deals are Good for America

With ObamaTrade the devil is in the details, hidden from Congress & the American people

Why does America seek Trade agreements?  We all agree we are better off if we trade with our neighbors, so what is the deal here?   While many Trade deals are good and put America First with ObamaTrade the American Citizen loses out. It is a lot worse than that though, with ObamaTrade America gives up her sovereignty.

This is serious guys. No vote should be cast on this lightly.

This is a Trade Deal destroys our Sovereignty

This is a Trade Deal destroys our Sovereignty

The TPA was sneaked through the Senate at the end of May 2015, and this was largely a matter of timing. It was put through when all eyes were on Rand Paul and his epic filibuster. Despite feeble efforts to inject it with continuing life, Paul forced the Patriot Act to die an ignoble death. This was something good.

However, there was something else happening in the wings? With a lot of bribe money in his back pocket, Obama was hard and fast working the politicians in Congress to get TPA approved.  And he succeeded. TPA is designed to give the President (and his executive branch) the sole authority to negotiate trade treaties and and in the face of this, Congress becomes almost irrelevant. Not a good scene, the imbalance between the Legislature, the Judiciary and the Executive was already out of whack, and this just made it even worse.

unconstitutionalA lot of money went into getting TPA passed; paid for by the U.S. Business Coalition for TPP. Donors to the Coalition were Goldman Sachs, followed closely by Citigroup, Morgan Stanley and members of the military industrial complex, which included GE, Halliburton and Northrop Grumman. The Coalition bought Senate support for $1,148,971 being given as bribes to senators, an average of $19,673.28 for Republicans and $9,689.23 for Democrats.

TPA was enacted to ensure fast passage TPP, otherwise called ObamaTrade.

Does this tell you anything?

What congressional rights did Congress give up with the passage of TPA?

Congress gave up the power to write legislation, the power to amend legislation, the power to fully examine legislation, the power to predict and investigate the consequences to a specific bill.  In addition Congress gave up the chance to keep debate open until cloture. Most of all Congress gave up the constitutional requirement that Trade-treaties can only be approved  by a full two-thirds vote.

Both Presidential candidates have said they will disapprove ObamaTrade (TPP) However this is a global play, and Clinton if anything, is a global candidate who was for TPP before she was against it.  Still . . .

Obama is back with even more (I suspect) Global bribe money He wants to get TPP approved during the lame duck session. So in order to be sure to get presidential approval he has to get it signed WHILE HE IS STILL PRESIDENT. What better time than around the holidays after all the excitement of the election when nobody is looking. He is still calling the shots, yet nobody is seeing it like that, he has legal power. Expect another titillating controversy to absorb our protest and attention while he sneaks it through.

Why would this would be a disaster?

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is not TPA, that now a done deal. It is a complex and convoluted legislation that has been shrouded in secrecy. Few of the Congressmen who will finally have to ratify it, have even read it.

TPP (ObamaTrade) is a trade agreement among twelve Pacific Rim countries. The finalized proposal was signed on 4 February 2016 in Auckland, New Zealand, concluding seven years of negotiations. However IT IS NOT LAW UNTIL RATIFIED BY CONGRESS in an up down vote which now only has to get a 50% majority.

Donald Trump says, there are good and bad Trade Deals. and this is one abomination. How so? With this new trading block we have something akin to the EU set up, with a bureaucratic stranglehold on true free Trade. True free trade is good, but this is not that.

There is a lot in ObamaTrade that has nothing whatsoever to do with trade:

  1. Strong patent protection rules for Big Pharma. This increases cost of medications globally, putting a burden on the global poor
  2. Changes to the USA copyright law. Under the TPP, copyright terms for individuals would go from life of the author plus 50 years to life of the author plus 70 years.
  3. Worst of all are the International-Investor Tribunals. There are provisions that grant foreign investors the right to sue governments on the basis of vague and broad obligations regarding loss of “expected” profits. Such suits would not be decided by judges appointed for life in the American courts which subordinate to the Constitution. Where special interests appoint both the judge and the jury we can expect arbitrary justice.Let me give an example. It seems Goldman Sachs may have had a part in the crash of the Greek economy (done with currency finagling) So let’s just say the Greek people wake up and elect a new government.  They are good people and want to follow rule of law.


So they investigate the situation and yes they think there are financial crimes. They are quite sure there are financial crimes. They sue

Any chance of them winning? Wake up to the real world, now dominated by TPP. The court finds for Goldman Sachs, after all did they not lose profits?

So we are about to subject our jurisprudence to tribunals appointed by the corporate oligarchies. Might is right and there will be no justice. America has been snookered into losing her sovereignty.

You see Obama Trade operates ABOVE THE CONSTITUTION. With this transfer of authority legislators give up their god given right to do their job as defined by the constitution.

Sadly there is an unhealthy imbalance between the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary; ObamaTrade makes this far worse.

jobsAnd finally jobs, jobs, jobs  which just happens to be our weakest area. TPP like NAFTA & TAFTA will steal jobs from good Americans.

Yes Donald Trump, there are good deals and bad deals and this one is an abomination.

 Where to from Here?

So what really happened when TPA was railroaded through the Senate when nobody was looking? Did we lose our country? And what of the everyday citizens and taxpayers of America? Do we still have any of the rights left given us in the Constitution?

The people of America do not like the TPP; polls show this clearly. RINOs beware.  Polls show an overwhelming majority oppose TPP and they are out there on Social Media howling their outrage. Politicians who support TPP should wake up and smell the coffee and vote their conscience and for America and not for their back pocket.

Polls or voting won’t defeat TPP; it’s too far along. It is only if we stand together to oppose this assault on our constitution, our heritage and our rights; if we stand up and speak out, and get right in the face of power, will the people be able to overcome TPP’s plutocracy.

These words were spoken by the Libertarian candidate in Politics IOU ( the Election that Spooked the Elites)

Quote for the Week 

“They are fighting for unfair privilege while we fight for our Liberty.” 

Norman McClosky


Read Politics IOU – its FREE

Ref: http://www.infowars.com/rare-obama-visit-on-capitol-hill-shows-how-important-tpa-is-for-globalists/


 About the Author
Lynn Verhoeff (Grandma Thunder) has published two books, “Politics IOU” and “Magic Money” both on Kindle.  The first is satirical about banking and the second, examines the conflict of our times, Globalism vs Patiotism. You can read more at fb Grandma Thunder – an Independent Voice or Blog/Grandma Thunder  or  Free Books by Grandma


Open Letter to Jenny Beth Martin

tea PartyFirst question: When you slide down into “stopping” is it that not when you are on your way out?

Could it be that Ted Cruz with his global ties is destroying the fine conservative movement you all have created? America needs the Tea Party to continue to grow in strength & influence. You are the keeper of our beloved constitution, that which makes us great?

Fact # One Demonstrated in the numbers it is now clear that Donald Trump is the people’s choice.

Donald Trump is neither a perfect person nor a perfect candidate but I do believe he is the right man for this time. His movement is NOT populism like the Bernie Sander’s campaign; it is actually patriotism i.e. Global vs Patriot.
(Read Thomas Friedman – “The Lexus & the Olive Tree” to better understand the global development which has been happening over the last half century. The problem with the global movement is that those who have risen to the top, the global banks and global corporations have done so without the checks and balances given us by our Constitution. Now they badly want to undo it as it restrains them and their corrupt advantage. America and the Constitution stand in their way to full global power

Second Question: Have you honestly educated yourself on Donald Trump – read his books? You may find there is much in Trump’s platform with which you can agree.

Fact # Two Trump is not only supported by the working or uneducated class. It is my observation (on Twitter) that many HIGHLY informed and educated people are committed to supporting his patriot-movement. In short he is supported by people WHO KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON and who understand; people of good will. He is supported mainly by those who have decided the corruption in our system has to come to an end. These purposes in no way oppose the goals of the Tea Party.

Fact # Three:  Imagine just how bad an Obama third term would be. That is what Hillary is offering us; Bill’s third term and Obama’s third term and neither is good... By continuing this feud that seeks to make pure conservatives right while making Trumpsters wrong, is landing the Tea Party on the wrong side of the real fight.  Believe me by continuing the GOP primary past the time when Cruz has any chance of becoming the people’s choice; the Tea Party is playing into the hands of such as SOROS/Obama/Hillary. You have to face the only reason Cruz & Kasich are financially able to continue this unworthy in-fighting is their funding by corrupt donors.

Fact # Four: The real enemy is SOROS /OBAMA /HILLARY and there are many lies and false polls put out to falsely say that Cruz and/or Kasich would be better than Trump to beat Hillary. Don’t buy the political lies. LOL neither has earned even a majority OF REPUBLICAN VOTERS so how could they prevail in a general election. Of course Trump stands the best chance against Hillary; despite gobs of mega money in attack ads from mega donor’s scared shitless losing an unfair advantage. Trump has the numbers and with Tea Party help he can easily beat Hillary. Without Tea Party help he can still do it, but it will be harder. Note well he can be trusted, HE IS SELF FUNDING; beholden financially to no corrupt donors.  We stand the best chance of all when we come together with truth and integrity on our side…

LOL Globalist Hillary says America is great already and from the SOROS/OBAMA/Hillary point of view that is perfectly true. They want us bankrupt, they want us impoverished, they like to see us as a third world country they can manipulate into a corrupt world order and they want to roll us over into a global order where we have no borders with Mexico or Canada, and where there is no balance of power and where corrupt power runs unchecked.

Note well: The danger is much bigger than most people see for if Cruz and his rich donor backer’s succeed in stealing the election; (with Tea Party Help) it will be seen as a GROSS injustice by America and this could lead to riots. (Riots (historically) come from injustice)

Fact # Five After the 2012 elections Obama carefully put in place a slew of executive orders giving him paramount power for martial law. Google SOROS and his “Revolution of Color” and see that this unrest may actually be planned. SOROS has been doing this all over Europe to no good advantage. Now all Obama needs is the excuse to implement Martial Law in order to assume dictatorial powers. King Obama has already far exceeded his rightful place as leader of this nation.

Third question: Do you want the Tea Party fooled into being complicit in the destruction of America, our liberties and our heritage? Do you realize how you are being played?

Fact # Six; There is another crisis looming which I do believe only Trump is able or strong enough to guide us through. Under Obama’s watch the big banks have grown even bigger and are now so top heavy they are ready to again topple. Kasich supports bank bailouts. Ben Carson does not. Hopefully Ben will guide Trump policy. We do not know where Trump stands on bailouts but he has promised to clean up banking and to manage effectively in order to avert any financial disaster

Ted Cruz has persuaded you that he has the better economic & tax plan but that is not true. A flat tax has inherent weaknesses. The Trump tax plan is not ideal but as a trained economist I personally believe his plan is right for this time,  for it takes into account the income inequality that has grown over the last half a century, causing bankers and investors to play their game with a weighted dice.  There has been gross negligence by Obama’s two AGs, a blind eye turned to fraudulent banking transgressions. Minimally SOROS should have been investigated and prosecuted for his financial crimes. Trump has promised that banking corruption, donor corruption, Super Pac corruption, and Big Pharma corruption will not go unchallenged in his administration. Do you wonder they say all these bad things about him?

We don’t have to have Socialism a la Bernie Sanders to solve this problem of income inequality. it must be addressed and corrected; for it is bad for the stability of our culture.

All other 2016 candidates Democratic and Republican except Bernie Sanders, are beholden to rich & corrupt political manipulators.

Note well: The seeds for the 2008 banking crash were laid in at the end of Bill Clinton’s watch, and the same corrupt people and policies are being embraced by Hillary. By accepting Phil Gramm to his financial team along with several Bushites, Ted Cruz has stepped into the same dangerous bucket.

I cannot guarantee Trump will get us through the next turbulent times for we are so very far down the line, with a debt that is all but unsustainable. I will say this though, he gives us a chance. That chance gets way better when the Tea Party climbs aboard the Trump Train.

Fourth question: Do you think we have any chance of beating the evil of SOROS/OBAMA/HILLARY if we don’t stand together? They are happy with our level of debt. Hillary says America is already great. Give me a break?

We all see that we still and always will need the Constitution.

corporate greed

Right now though I do believe we need Donald Trump. There may well be room for a more conservative President up the line, maybe somebody like Rand Paul but with the corrupt hold by evil doers on our government process, and our country’s money, we have to handle the corruption first.  I, personally, am so grateful to Donald Trump for standing up to be counted. If not him, who?

Final Question: And who will be the keeper of the constitution if not the Tea Party? If not you, who? 

 At this time and place your best chance to keep it safe is by climbing aboard the Trump Train which in no way changes your true identity or responsibility.

Only together do we have a good chance of winning back America and restoring the constitution that which is precious to us and that which right now is under siege.

Help that good man Reince Priebus bring the GOP party back together.

It is time to rally around the people’s choice.

Grandma Thunder

Quote for the week

We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.”

J.K. Rowling



About the AuthorLynn Verhoeff (Grandma Thunder) has been writing for twenty years.  She has published two books, “Politics IOU” and “Magic Money” both on Kindle.

You can read more posts at fb Grandma Thunder – an Independent Voice or www.grandmathunder.com



Understanding Election 2016

Did the FBI Director just pull off a dirty-double justice BLUFF? 

justice bias

Thanks to Wikileaks the evidence of unethical Clinton behavior has been mounting.

Here is the short story: Clintons are guilty of working with Quatar and Saudi Arabia to arm ISIS in order to unstabilize Syria. This is an oil grab, and it has nothing whatever to do with democracy or the welfare of the Syrian people. There have been unbelievable atrocities and I predict bad consequences for America. NOTE WELL: The war in Syria like several wars before, WAS NEVER DECLARED BY CONGRESS.

What does Wiki tell us about this game playing out in Syria which illegal war Obama started and Hillary Clinton oversaw as Secretary of State. Somewhere in the middle of all of this and begging for an honest investigation is what appears to be a giant money laundering operation: the Clinton Foundation. Bribe money? Pay-to-Play? Fraud? NOTE: Quatar just gave Bill Clinton a Million Dollars for his birthday. What did SOS Hillary Clinton, give Quatar?

The Clinton Foundation doesn’t seem to be a real charity? Much money raised by the Foundation for Haiti after their disaster, yet none of the money reached the people.

Furthermore thanks to Wikileaks what we now know is:

  • Saudi Arabia was a prime mover in 9/11
  • The Obama/Clinton cabal are complicit in arming ISIS?

Go back to 2012: Apparently Ambassador Stevens didn’t like the shenanigans and had to go. Was the attack on and the failure to protect the ambassador a premeditated and planned event; a setup? (Wikileaks) It is also suspicious that Petraeus was gotten out of the  picture just before Obama’s election in 2012. Petraeus may not have been as compliant and political as Lynch & Comey?

My dear Americans this is not JUSTICE functioning as it should. Don’t understate the level of transgression: The alleged crimes are lying to FBI and the mishandling classified information. But  “Good Justice” would dig deeper. What we have is AN OMITTED INVESTIGATION INTO THE ILLEGAL WAR IN SYRIA.  At the bottom of this we may well find a Sherman Tank.

So the pertinent questions are:


Donald Trump is running on a platform of DRAIN THE SWAMP (clean up the Beltway) and Wikileaks has been showing us that both Clinton, Comey and Loretta Lynch are deep in that stinky swamp. As Trump’s message begins to resonate with the electorate, our good friend PoliticalComey strikes.

Comey finds Clinton not guilty of any wrongdoing, finds her as innocent as virgin snow. 

Should Justice be Above Politics? We all know this to be true, so Democrat or Repulbicans how can we make this happen?

This flaw in Justice does not exist as it was designed in the constitution; but as it exists here and now where it is corruptly abused.

Power Corrupts and Absolute Power corrupts absolutely.

Executive, Justice and Legislature

In an ideal world the AG should be an elected office and the Department of Justice would be FULLY ACCOUNTABLE TO THE PEOPLE. 

Americans pay lip service to the idea of a separation of powers between the Executive, Justice and the Legislature, but I don’t think many understand it.

What we have is an Intelligence Department created by a President, reporting directly to the President. This is a collapse of Justice and the Executive.

What we now have is loyalist Power Czars hired and fired by the President; not ratified by the Senate. This is a collapse of Executive and Legislature. 

What we now have is a president bombing a sovereign nation without congressional authorization.  This is a collapse of the Executive and the Legislature. 

What we now have is a Secretary of State playing foot and loose and getting paid by foreign governments. This payola is specifically banned by the Constitution of the U.S.A.

What we have is a presidentail candidate lying to the FBI; no consequences; collusion between the candidate’s husband and the AG. This is a collapse of justice

What we have is an AG threatening to prosecute American citizens for doubting climate-change and for their anti-Islamic rhetoric; an extreme abuse of judicial power.  This is unconstitutional. 

What we have is an AG threatening to prosecute ‘right wing extremists’; LOL defined as someone owning a gun, who target practices. This is unconstitutional.

Then there is the subject of voter integrity. Several high court rulings have come down abolishing the demand for Voter ID at the polling booth called by the LEFT you won’t believe it, unconstitutional. Now the LEFT is suing the RIGHT for manning Exit Polls to ENSURE VOTING INTEGRITY; this they call (sic) voter intimidation,  I guess the illegals voting illegally are terified that they will be picked up at the polling booths and deported. This is an altered importance in justice. 

Sadly this is the form of government we now have. The good news is that there is nothing that cannot be fixed BY SIMPLY GETTING BACK IN THE PRINCIPLES OF OUR FOUNDING DOCUMENTS. We would need to make just one small change and this is to have the post of AG be an elected post, government in its all three branches would begin to operate for the greatest good and be accountable to the people; a trickle down effect. 

For the last eight years we have had a President autocratically imposing his view of life, his idea of what is right and wrong on the American Citizen supported by a mandate from a past election that was questionable at best. (With these new autocratic dictatorial powers that he has assumed how long will it be before we are forced to agree that any President has the right to tell us how we have to think, and feel and act; not too far from bringing the inquistion and thought police to the U.S.A. An Executive has no right to establish our moral code, or what is considered RIGHT and WRONG, UNDER LAW. This is why we have elected representatives so that our values filter up through a democratic process to become the law of the land.

And now hear this: As set up by TPP & TPIP (Trans Pacific Partnership)  this egregious Trade Deal fully gives away our right to constitutional justice. This legislation appoints justice tribunals to have the power to override our judges. If TPIP is passed during the lame duck session, finally JUSTICE will be dead in our land.

An unjust society is in no way a safe society. An unjust society is in no way an orderly society and an unjust society is never a prosperous society. To make America Great Again we have to restore constitutional justice.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. 

Some states have a far better system where the Attorney General is an elected office. Having an Attorney General elected by the people WOULD BRING  back the balance of power.

As people power filters down through the justice department to fix the FBI, CIA, DHS anti-trust laws and on &  on, could this not bring back TRUE justice in America? 
To eliminate strife clean up justice.

Quote for the Week

All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, JUSTICE, honor, duty, mercy, hope
Winston Churchill

Will ObamaTrade benefit the American Taxpayer?

Is the  Devil in the Details, and are these Details have been Hidden and Obfuscated?

The TPA sneaked through the Senate at the end of May and this was largely a matter of timing. It was put through when all eyes were on Rand Paul and his epic second filibuster. Despite feeble efforts to inject it with continuing life, Paul forced the Patriot Act to die an ignoble death.

The problem was that while  all this was happening Obama’s Fast Track Trade bill was quietly slipped through the Senate. A lot of bribe money then and I suspect even more bribe money now.

Sadly (it would seem) few Senators even bothered to read the TPA  bill or even went down to the uber-secret room to get updated on the terms of TPP.

Open Secrets Blog reported several politicians whose net worth went up.  You can google this there.

Now Obama is back probably with even more BRIBE MONEY especially from BIG PHARMA.



Trans Promotion Authority (TPA)
 TPA and TPP are actually different bills.

TPA (Trade Promotion Authority) or Fast Track gives a president increased power to negotiate Trade Deals with other countries without “interference” from Congress.  Congress may approve or disapprove a President’s Trade Agreement but Congressmen cannot amend or filibuster the deal once agreement is reached.

Historically this authority is not an executive right. For a limited time Congress grants a President this temporary privilege during the named life of a treaty, but only for the duration of a specific trade-deal.

Nixon first kicked off this authority and it stayed in effect from 1975 – 1994.   It was resurrected by the Trade Act of 2002 but expired on July 1, 2007. In 2012 the Obama Administration began seeking a renewal for the authority (and as we speak the heat is on).

What congressional rights will Congress be forced to give up with TPA, ?

Congress gives up the power to write legislation, the power to amend legislation, the power to fully examine legislation, the power to predict and investigate the consequences to a specific bill.  In addition Congress gives up the chance to keep debate open until cloture. Most of all Congress gives up the constitutional requirement that Trade -treaties can only be approved  by a full two-thirds vote.



Republicans like Free Trade; they like the idea of giving a President the freedom to negotiate a Trade Deal with other countries, provided they can get an up and down vote on the agreement and with TPA  they can.

  • Countries are unlikely to commit to a deal that could later be changed in part or in full by Congress. Foreign countries want to know what they are getting into and that the deal is stable.
  •  This point is a negative/positive: Obama has shown in the past that when stopped by Congress he is quite willing to go it alone. His unilateral International agreements are likely to be thrown out by the courts (over time)for such is the American system. However in the meantime having a rogue President is an international embarrassment for America and would become a distraction and a liability as we ramp up for the next election. So why not let a little steam tickle out of those big ears, keep the lame-duck President happy and occupied. Then it would be less likely for things to blow up again. 

Cons forTPA
 Obama is no longer trusted by Republicans, by Americans or for that matter  even by his own party on this issue. So why give him more executive authority to again gum the works?

  • It would seem that Fast Track and TPP will operate ABOVE THE CONSTITUTION. With this transfer of authority Legislators give up their God Given right to do their job as defined by the constitution.
  • Already there is an unhealthy imbalance between the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary; TPA and TPP make this worse.
  •  While TPA is something different from TPP many republicans (like Paul Ryan) recognize that once a trade deal has been put on Fast Track, it is all but impossible to stop it. Since Fast Track was created by Richard Nixon few Trade Deals have been thwarted once they get fast-tracked.

With this in mind we have to look a little more intently at TPA and TPP. Do we really want ObamaTrade? Does the American Taxpayer really want Fast Track ?

or TPP?

Trans Pacific Partnership

Why do we seek to make Trade agreements?  The advantage lies in removing obstacles to the flow of goods and services between countries originating from local tariffs – remove the tariffs and producer and consumer both benefit whatever the country.

Liberalizing services in a Trade deal make them more accessible and efficient and provides an opportunity to open up industries long sheltered from foreign competitors. This is a good thing.

However according to leaks there is a lot in this partnership that has nothing whatever to do with trade:

  • Strong patent protection rules for Big Pharma.
  • Changes to the USA copyright law. Under the TPP, copyright terms for individuals would go from life of the author plus 50 years to life of the author plus 70 years.
  • The creation of International-Investor Tribunals. There are provisions that grant foreign investors the right to sue governments on the basis of vague and broad obligations regarding loss of “expected” profits.
    Such suits would not be conducted by judges appointed for life in the American courts which subordinate to the Constitution.Where special interests appoint both the judge and the jury there will be arbitrary justice as in the darker ages on a darker continent.

Pros of TPP
The TPP covers a wide range of goods and services and finding common ground could be facilitated by a central agency similar to the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs..This would facilitate Trade.

  • Industries like Big Pharma will get a boost because the treaty protects patents.
  •  Americans educated to provide technical services at home or abroad are likely to see their income go up as the demand for their services increases.

The movie, book and music Industries will benefit with copyrights given more teeth (protected by the TPP) Therefore, the higher-paid owners of intellectual property would receive more of the income gains from this Trade Treaty.

Cons to TPP

  • Trade Treaties promote cheaper goods from lower wage countries creating competition and putting local shops out of business. 
  • Fair Use and Free Speech could be adversely impacted. Social Media Sharing could berestricted, citing copyright restrictions. Yet this innocent social sharing has become an intrinsic part of the new Internet Culture and is a form of free speech and it is a good thing.
  •  The protected patents are going to reduce the availability of cheap generics, making drugs more expensive. This is bad especially for the poorer world countries, denying them generics that could save lives.
  • Corporations get excused from safety and/or quality and/or environmental responsibilities – not a good thing.
  • Product transparency will be disallowed. Efforts to get Big Agri to label meat products was thrown out in May justified by the most recent Trade deal. Instead of reinforcing transparency it would seem that TPP leans towards secrecy and complexity.
  • The extreme secrecy in which TPP has been incubated is a negative. Many of the things that went wrong with ObamaCare could also go awry with ObamaTrade simply because the devil is in the details and the details are being hidden or obfuscated. And because of TPA Congress will not be able to do anything about problems that surface AFTER THE DEAL IS STRUCK. With Fast Track, Congress is left with no other option than to throw out the whole Treaty BUT killing the treaty may not be the best solution; throwing out the baby with the bath water?
  • Of most concern though, is that TPP is designed to supersede American financial regulations. This will make ti all but impossible to get in ethics and correction on the International Banking Monopolies. TPP would empower the world’s largest banks, including 19 of the 30 biggest non-U.S. banks, to “sue” the U.S. government before extrajudicial tribunals. Note:it is said that the USA Federal Reserve has in the past bailed out some of these international banks We do not know this for sure, for this, too, is shrouded in an unacceptable secrecy. In all its existence the Federal Reserve has never been subjected to an audit.According to leakes the TPP empowers foreign banks to challenge new U.S. financial protections on the flimsiest of pretexts –  it becomes “illegal” to  frustrate the banks’ “expectation of profit.”  Hello? There is nothing specific or finite here, nothing to be proven, the profit clause is vague and a generality.TPP is also slated to include deregulation provisions written before the financial crisis – provisions that would conflict with bans on risky derivatives or policies that prevent banks from becoming “too big to fail.”  Sen. Warren and other financial experts are warning Congress and Obama that TPP “could make it harder for Congress and regulatory agencies to prevent future financial crises

So we have to ask the key question – is TPP intended to replace our Constitution?

Way back then, it was the States that created the Union, and they gave no authority to the central government via the U. S. Constitution that would provide powers they were not willing to give the central authority. They did not permit functions or activities given the Union to be given over to any agency outside the Union.

The Constitution states that the President shall have the power only with the Advice and Consent of the Senate to make treaties provided two thirds of the Senators present concur.  (Article II, section 2 paragraph 2)



Where to from Here?

So what really happened when TPA was railroaded through the Senate when nobody was looking? And what of the everyday citizens and taxpayers of America? Do we still have the rights given us in the Constitution?

The people of America are suspicious and they do not like the TPP; polls show this clearly. Politicians beware.  Polls show an overwhelming majority oppose TPP and they are out there on Social Media howling their outrage. Politicians who support TPP should wake up and smell the coffee.

2016 is just around the corner.

Polls however won’t defeat TPP.  It is only if we stand together to oppose this assault on our constitution, our heritage and our rights. If we stand up and speak out, and get in the face of power will the people be able to overcome TPP’s plutocracy?.

These words were spoken by the Libertarian candidate in Politics IOU ( the Election that Spooked the Elites)

Quote for the Week 

“They are fighting for their privilege while we fight for our Liberty.” 

Norman McClosky


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A New Civil War (2016)

Civil War 2016 rages on . . .

amash art competition.

 Untitled by Merissa Drew

In the eighteenth century we went to war, a horrid civil war with many dead.

Today we have a new civil war that is going to play out  in election 2016 and the outcome is as yet quite undecided.

We pray that civilization has now advanced far enough that in this new war for control over America ( and the world) that the any unnecessary use of force will be averted. It could be that that depends on your full engagement in the political process.

The problem: 

How to survive as a free, robust, pure republic while retaining our constitutional rights in the face of a very real threat from ass-holes that we have come to call terrorists.  

The players:
The Liberty Movement.
The Liberal Socialists.
A Military Industrial Complex
Justice and the Courts
Independent Voters

Round One goes to the Liberty Movement; thanks to a strategically astute stand by Presidential Candidate Rand Paul  the Patriot Act is set to die. Unless the IC do something before or when the Senate meets again on Sunday, section 215 (pronounced unconstitutional by the court) is set to slide into darkness.

The Patriot Act was conceived during a national crisis. With some time and distance behind us can the House construct a better solution to the problem. NOT an easy problem but I do believe they can.

There are two and only two crimes: Not taking the time to come to understanding, and secondly failing to engage in the political process in this critical time.

It could be that 2016 the world is on the tipping point and it is you and only you who will determine the outcome of this new war.

Quote for the Week

Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’ because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual. – Thomas Jefferson. 

The Pros and Cons of Electronic Surveillance.

 (Excerpt from Politics IOU by Grandma Thunder)

From the Political Research Foundation:

Has the Intelligence Community overreacted to the threat of terrorism? Do we have a handle on just how real this threat is to our national security, not when the towers came down but the threat in present time, right now?

God coin sinking

The Federal Government has authorized B.O.S.S. to conduct unlimited electronic surveillance on the citizens of the New World and to store this information in one BIG biometric database. Once upon a time before all the snooping on our citizens the intelligence community were required to prove that a specific crime had been committed, now with the BOSS Act this restriction is no longer. Electronic data can now be collected on anyone, anytime and in any way. The Department of Justice (which mistakenly exists in the Executive but has nothing actually to do with Justice) can nowadays peek into your computer and listen in on your phone calls whenever it so chooses. If it doesn’t like what you are saying, you are in trouble for there is no recourse, no recourse whatsoever under the BOSS Act which operates under a separate secret court.

We asked the presidential candidates to comment:


Priscilla Laws: (Candidate for the Establishment)
There is a HUGE terrorist threat which adversely impacts our lives. The oil, our gold and our diamonds are at risk. We have to act quickly against terrorism, faster than the bureaucratic checks previously provided by the courts, in order to properly protect our resources. The intelligence failed in the past. The reason for this was too many disparate intelligence communities. This is the main reason for BOSS. We have eliminated situations where the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing in the intelligence community. We have eliminated duplicate functions, creating a far more efficient intelligence department. In this regard the administration collects data using all means available to it, and certainly it collects electronic data for that is the quickest. The government uses facial recognition mined primarily from Social Search and Media to identify and apprehend terrorists. Before we had fingerprinting but with BOSS we now have retina scans and facial feature recognition.

Spying on American Citizens

This is a true state of Emergency: The authority on which the Federal Government has been setting up this biometric database is vested in the “Commander in Chief” by the constitution, for these are very dangerous times.

McClosky: (the libertarian candidate)
The “probable cause” requirement of the fourth amendment has the purpose of keeping the Federal Government out of our lives unless it has reason to believe that a specific crime has been committed. It prohibits inspection before the fact; by this I mean the assumption of guilt before the objective facts have all been assimilated.

Citizens living in the free world have the god-given right to express their political beliefs without fear of government censor; we should have this god-given right to speak on the phone, to write our opinions, and share our observations on social media, without anybody snooping on us or restricting our communication.

The Constitution Party opposes  the BOSS Act in every way.

The Federal Government refuses to consider debate on this subject because their top DOJ officials have already considered all the relevant arguments for and against, behind closed doors. The President tells us they have worked out the perfect formula for sacrificing privacy to security. What is this formula? You will have to take his word on this, because, guess what? Even his formula is secret and classified.

I recently talked with a BOSS official. He was trying to dicker with our party financials and he was getting it all wrong. Luckily I was still able to set him right on the finances. He was a good guy and we straightened out the misunderstanding. Or so I thought we had? As an afterthought I asked him about surveillance drones.

“Cool,” he said, “We got eyes and ears in the sky! Soon we are going to arm these. Then, Senator, if you put a foot out of line again, we got ya!”

Note: He had just conceded I was innocent of any wrong doing and that he was the one who had made a mistake. I realized it was a moot point; The Federal Government has the guns and in his federal view might is right. Instant punishment! Instant pain even when you are not guilty! That is why they want to take away our guns.



Gonzali Larkin:  
(Representing the Producers Party)
He didn’t send in a written response, he dropped in to see the Foundation personally, considering this subject a matter of high importance.

The third party candidate began lightly: “If they want to snoop into my bedroom, maybe I can teach them a thing or two!”


He grinned, “My son yesterday got one of those scare spam calls telling him that the Government knows all about his porn surfing on the web” ; he nearly jumped out of his “too tight” teenage britches.


“We are already two thirds into a new digital culture and marketers have used electronic cookies to collect data on potential customers for nearly thirty years; I am not all that concerned: Actually one can use technology to protect against electronic snooping. Did you know that?”

Most of us didn’t know and he promised to send us the tech-tools to protect ourselves.

When he continued, his tone was a little more serious.  “BOSS collects and stores the full content of photographs, emails, chat transcripts, and other documents that don’t belong to them, actually these belong to us. They say they are keeping this data secret but it seems they can’t even keep our sensitive data secure, for we have already had several whistle-blower leaks to the Press!”

More Laughter.

He went on:  “For locating and tracking people BOSS relies on facial recognition. In Silicon there is a popular shift towards using “selfies” instead of passwords. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t. Face recognition is not all that cut and dried, not yet. “The danger of permitting this kind of database is in the wrong profiling. I could walk past a mosque, or share wisdom from an admired religious leader (no longer in good standing) and my name could land on a red-hot, short-list. But don’t worry my good friends, I promise not to grow a beard in this world of arbitrary intelligence.

A few giggles.

That was when his smile faded, ” I didn’t come all this way down here to entertain you, I came to warn you”

“If they make a mistake and get it wrong and detain you or me, we could have our financial assets appropriated and worst scenario we could even be tortured with no chance to defend ourselves. Under the BOSS Act all is conducted behind closed doors where everything is secret. We are dealing here with a whole new structure of secret courts our standard judicial system has been compromised and is being bypassed.

We all pay lip service to the idea of a separation of powers between the Executive, the Justice and the Legislature.  Did you know that going all the way back to shortly after the civil war we have not enjoyed this separation of powers? No, I see that you did not know that.

What we now have is a new Intelligence Department created by a President and reporting directly to the President. This is a collapse of Justice and the Executive.

“We now have loyalist Power Czars hired and fired by the President. Such appointments are not ratified by the Senate. This is a collapse of the Legislature and the Executive.

“With these new autocratic dictatorial powers that are being assumed by the Executive how long before the Federal or Intelligence people feel they has the right to tell us how we have to think, and feel and act. The Executive has no right to establish our moral code, or what is considered as RIGHT and WRONG, UNDER LAW. This is why we have elected representatives so that our values filter up through a democratic process to become the law of the land.

“I warn you gentlemen that our real problem lies in the structure of our political organization, in its departure from what was intended by our founders; this is what has to be fixed.

Looking in on the world

You can solve it with transparency and consistent with our Time Proven Constitutional Rights

With Boss what we now have had is ten years of a secret court system deciding our rights without any oversight whatsoever, and without the ability to participate or even read the legal opinion of the secret judges; is this not the antithesis to any kind of due process of law.

Our nation is known for freedom all over the world and we have a responsibility to lead the world to sanity and to freedom.

Our founders fled to the New World to escape arbitrary rule and arbitrary justice in an old and troubled world, and for almost a decade in the face of a real terrorist threat we have been sliding backwards. We can solve this in a far better way.We have to solve this in a better way.

We don’t have to give up our rights. Evil proliferates only in the presence of secrecy. We have to craft an open-solution to the problem that is in no way contrary to our fundamental constitutional principles. I truly believe this is possible.

Stand up, turn around and lets keep the forward motion going. Stay free.

Quote for the Week
The Strength of the Constitution lies entirely in the determination of each citizen to defend it. Only if every citizen feels duty bound to do his share in this defense are the constitutional rights secure – Albert Einsten. 


Read Politics IOU  You can download it for free or even just dip into it chapter by chapter.

About Transparency- what we still don’t know over ten years later?

Does Government have the right to suppress data in this new Information Age?

We yearn for freedom

Absolutely not.

Before the infamous “911 Commission” was formed, Congress had its own 9/11 investigation…

From February to December, 2002, the Senate and House Intelligence Committees conducted a “Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Community Activities Before and After the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001.”

The shocking truth is that President Bush censored 28 pages from the report.

Members of Congress who wanted to read the missing pages were first required to swear an oath not to reveal their contents. President Obama promised to release the pages, but hasn’t yet done so; yet another promise broken.

What’s in those pages? 

We don’t know and that is what should be unacceptable to all men of goodwill in this new age.

What do we know about this report? We DO know these pages shocked the members of Congress who read them…

  • Rep. Walter Jones: “[T]he information contained in the redacted pages is critical to our foreign policy moving forward and should thus be available to the American public.”
  • Rep. Thomas Massie: “I had to stop every two or three pages and rearrange my perception of history…it’s that fundamental.”

What does this suggest?  That things in the Middle East, and perhaps in the world are not what they seem.  It also suggests that our Government is still withholding data from us and this is unacceptable. We do not want is the American public duped into supporting inappropriate acts of costly aggression which lower our standard of life. What we surely don’t want is more False Flags. It won’t happen if we all agree and demand transparency in Government.

Walter Jones and Rep. Stephen Lynch introduced House Resolution 14, which would declassify these 28 pages and they are to be commended.

Read also Grandma Thunder- an Independent Voice on Facebook.

About Internet Freedom

(Do we really know what is in the FCC rules?
LIke ObamaCare it was drafted in secret.
Public Knowledge has the best overview.
Grandma is somewhat optimistic that this FCC is a move to create a more equitable playing field.That said, we negotiate frothy rapids as our society changes from the industrial model to the new digital model, founded on connecting to each other over the Internet.

We must be ever vigilant to keep the Internet (our new foundation) free and to keep America free. )

Net-Neutrality Changes the Game Plan. 

internet freedom three

“I have the Cyber Law all written for you Mr. President; it just wants your executive signature,” said Rat-face.

The last honest politician was puzzled.  It sounded like Rat-face, a lobbyist, had just written legislation.

“Not at this time,” said the wannabe Oligarch

“You have signed all my other bills into law, without bothering with Congress, why not this one,” muttered Rat-face sullenly.

“You put a man in a hot tub, and you increase the temperature by ten degrees every half hour and did you know Ratty, that you can boil that man alive?”

“You don’t have to tie him down?”

“Not if the gradient is right.”

“He won’t jump out?” asked Rat-face, astounded.

“No, he won’t jump” said the king-president.

“Why not?”

“Because he doesn’t notice the small changes.”

“So we have to let this one  heat up?” asked Rat-face, finally getting it.

“Yes this is only warm now,” said Crabben, “Yet, Mr. President this is the perfect example of the one factor besides gradient, that is relevant in these PR wars.”

“And that is?’ The President looked at the international corporate leader with some interest.

“You have to make that soaking man, sitting there in a tub that is too hot for him; you have to make him think it was his idea in the first place!”

“Touche,” said the President smiling broadly.

“Are you perhaps both talking about ‘Net Neutrality’?” asked Rat-face. He cracked a stupid smile.

Crabben raised an eyebrow, “No other internet laws have yet been successful to curb the freedom of the Internet, have they Mr. President?”

“I don’t have to use my executive powers to pass ‘Net-neutrality’ “ said the President. “Congress is going to do that for me.”

“My point exactly.”

“So what exactly does ‘Net Neutrality’ give us?” asked Rat-face. “My Cyber Security bill takes the issue much further.”

“What it achieves is it gets the little man willing to stay in a boiling pot,” laughed the President

“It gives us that,  but ‘net neutrality’ also gives us global taxes,” said Crabben with a wicked smile.

“And that is why Congress has to be the one to pass this one.” Crabben nodded.

“Why would Congress want to pass it?” asked Rat-face.

“Because they think it is a good law and this time the people want it.” Crabben winked at the President.

“Yes, you sure have put a good spin on the PR.,” said the President.

“Thank you Sir.”

internet freedom two

The lights flickered as a helicopter was heard overhead. The little group fell silent, then moved to take their seats.

A military man moved briskly to the podium. As he stood ramrod straight they could see how well he had been decorated. With all that brass on his front chest, the last good politician now sitting on the other side of the room, was afraid he would pitch forward.  He listened carefully for name, rank and serial number and when none was forthcoming, he wondered why the uniform was being so secretive?

Medals began his address to the global elites. “I am here to talk to you about getting control of the Internet.” He was going straight to the point. This Internet was the hot topic.

“I’ll begin with a short history; we were caught napping when the Internet went together. We thought the creators of the Internet a bunch of students in Academia playing with computers; they weren’t into money, so they operated beneath our radar.”

“Not good,” said the President.

Crabben remembered how long it had taken him to get the newspapers under his thumb; easily thirty years. Then another twenty until the powers of the Big Screen stood up to salute him.

Medals continued, “Geeks created the Net and with it a new culture of freedom; free speech and free search to be followed by free applications and free content. As long as it all remained free, we let them be; big mistake. When we woke up, everybody was in on the act.

Crabben remembered how the masses had migrated to the Web; searching, and starting blogs, and creating a whole new spider web of social media, sharing with friends and families and even mere acquaintances. How was a body, ever to get control of that?

“Pornography was ramping up.” Medals continued. “We decided that if we could police the porn, we could police the Net.”

“But that didn’t happen,” said Crabben icily.

“No it didn’t happen.”

Techie-geeks had written programs to put Internet viewing under parental control and the Elites had lost another skirmish in the Internet war.

“What is the goal here?”

The uniform answered quickly, “Now that everybody has a website or a blog, what we are after is a rule from a Federal Body of Control; we need the DOJ to give us the power to turn sites on or off.”

The last good politician gagged. He had a vision of individual sites popping on and off, not because the creators wanted them to go away, and certainly not because there was no interest from a Web audience; they would be turned off because the owner of the site or the programmer had fallen foul of the military or the elites. He felt a bad headache coming on.

“Doesn’t “net neutrality” make that impossible?” he asked tentatively. He was outnumbered in this elite gathering.

“Yes and no. This law gives us a foothold. It establishes the right for us to interfere. Before it was all “hands-off”.”

“And this DOJ power that you want, could it eventually loosen the technical and structural control of the web?” The last good politician was computer savvy and he was genuinely concerned.

There was a pregnant silence before the military man answered his question in the affirmative.

“I don’t get it?” said Rat-face breathlessly. “What difference is all this going to make?”

“You are not supposed to get it,” said the President, “It is meant to be confusing.”

“ ‘Net-neutrality’ is game-changing,” said Crabben. “It points us in a new direction.”

“But?” asked Ratty.

“It could change the world; “ said the Uniform flatly, “Now it is still itsy, bitsy tiny, one bit at a time kind of control,  but we have not had that before. One day we could be given a new global power to take the techies out, web site by website and then none will dare oppose us.”

“And then the global elites will rule the world,” thought the President, who was near the end of his term and so badly badly wanted to become a global oligarch.

Crabben rubbed his hands together greedily,  imagining the potential for a brand-new, global tax.

(Excerpt from Politics IOU)


internet freedom one

Quote for the Week

Freedom of connection with any application to any party is the fundamental social basis of the internet. And now, is the basis of the society built on the internet.

Tim Berners-Lee





How they now Pass Laws is Beyond Crazy

Ratified by a GOP congress it has been a long and scary slide since 2008 into more poverty and more tyranny: 

Now once again we have had an abomination in a BIG OMNIBUS BILL that was passed by a Republican Congress in a way where it was impossible for them  to even have time to READ THE BILL   And, yes, hello, of course this bill, like many big omnibus bills before, it was riddled with many irrelevant DIRTY SECRETS.

In the bill which was not written by any congressman but rather by accountants, lobbyists and lawyers (legislation without representation) Dark Money Groups were again given protection to withhold the names of their contributors.  The S.E.C ‘s effort to create rules to force groups and corporations to disclose their campaign contributors was effectively blocked.  This is an unethical, and ugly move to keep the public blindfolded about who is writing the BIG CHECKS.

Note: Since the Citizens United decision in January 2010, politicians have collected more than $500 MILLION in  dark money from phantom donors according to the Center for Responsive Politics,

The way a law should be created is:

  1. A problem is seen
  2. A politician drafts a bill to solve same  problem.
  3. The bill is about only one subject, the solution to the problem. One bill, one subject. The bill description starts with a summary and is then expanded and has a conclusion at the end. it is all about the same thing – there is nothing new that is introduced into it.
  4. The bill is posted on the web where it stays at least six weeks.
  5. During that time it can be viewed by all who have an interest or who would be affected should the bill become law.
  6. IT MUST BE READ and studied by all the politicians who will be voting on the bill.
  7. Each politician has to instruct their aides and staff to inspect the bill in depth during the six week period  and look for ramifications – i.e. places where the bill will be contrary to the current body of law or create a destructive precedent.
  8. Each bill should also be investigated by the Department of Justice to police out vested interests or monopoly.
  9. After the six weeks the bill should be brought to a vote.
  10. When it is brought to the vote on the floor the proceedings should be videoed and all votes should be recorded. The video would be kept on record.

When we are looking at a funding bill , it should clearly state what is being funded and why. Facts and figures. There should be no extraneous data. One subject, one bill one vote. 

According to Senator Elizabeth Warren, Citigroup slipped in another pernicious bailout provision hidden in the most recent spending omnibus bill. Thank you Senator for your integrity. And you have been proven right; the Citigroup supporters were saying that that provision curbing banking corruption, is no big deal for it is all covered in the Volcker rule.  Hello? Now the FED (which I would like to point out does not have a place in our legislative process and refuses an audit) now in their infinitive wisdom, they have decided to put implementation  of the Volcker rule on the never never. Go figure. The losers? Yes Senator you are right. The losers are we the people.

But lest I lose you in the complexity of the legal and financial jargon that is designed to prevent understanding, let’s look at the exact out-point here. We have a simple system given us by the founders. and it works just fine. It also makes good sense. This is what we have to remedy, to get back in again. One transparent source, one subject, one bill, enough time for politicians to read the bill, enough time for the electorate to weigh in on the bill. A simple up/down vote ON THAT ONE SUBJECT. Now that would be sane legislation.

How have lobbyists and special interests gotten their grubby hands into our legislative process?    How dare they?  They are greedy and nasty and selfish and have no concept of the greatest good. And what they use to perplex and exploit us is plain and simple. They use those big, cumbersome bills that are in and of themselves a generality. It is all being done with Omnibus Bills which are introduced to Congress and not even ever read. Yet THEY ARE PASSED by the politicians we are electing.

legislative Responsibility

An omnibus bill is a proposed law that covers a number of diverse or unrelated topics. Omnibus is derived from Latin and means “for everything”. An omnibus bill is a single document that is accepted in a single vote by a legislature but packages together several measures into one or combines diverse subjects. it is a generality and in our legislative process allowing generality opens the door to dictatorship, monopoly and enslavement.

An omnibus bill makes for bad legislation and its effect is to destroy the democratic process.  Because of their size and scope, such bills stop debate and limit scrutiny. The Amendments that are hidden in them are NEVER in the greatest good.

Did you eve wonder how we get bad laws. Simple. This is how.

If we agree to laws being passed in this way we deserve to lose our liberty.

If we want to put an integrity back into Washington we have to first fix the system.

Restore a healthy Balance of Power

Quote for the Week

Anywhere, anytime ordinary people are given a chance to choose, the choice is the same: freedom not tyranny; democracy not dictarship, the rule of law not the rule of the SECRET police.- Tony Blair

Politics IOU

A World on the Tipping Point

This political novel is a work of fiction, yet it gives insights into our political history, our future and our constitutional process. It focuses on what is precious in our heritage.

The book has a touch of sex, a touch of violence and is sometimes funny.

Right now as we advance into an Inauguration of a President loved by the people, slandered by the LEFT and feared by the Global Elites, the parallels are scary.

The government we get is a reflection of our collective reality.

Why is this pertinent at this time?

This is a story of a little rotund man called Corkscrew by the opposition.  He is the president of the largest and most powerful nation in the world, yet (from his view) he is being treated unfairly because he is not eligible to run for a third term. He wants to be Emperor or perhaps even a global oligarch. The majority are beginning to realize that in the eight years that he governed, he didn’t really make their lives that much better. Yet and here is the rub: he is supported by the mighty rich global elites who are loath to lose an unfair advantage.  

This book is relevant because one week away from the inauguration of Donald Trump there are some very disturbing parallels.  False flags abound. What is being hidden? What don’t we know that we should know.

Definition of black propaganda – with lies and innuendo seeking to falsify perception, or to create a false reality, to justify a criminal act.

“derogatory information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.”

In America what is surfacing on social media is that there is NO evidence to support Russia having successfully influenced the American 2016 elections.  The LEFT lost because they chose an arrogant, inept and crooked candidate, Wikileaks exposed the DNC corruption. Assange has said his source was NOT Russian.

We can figure out that if Trump and Putin become friends, as both are AGAINST THE N.W.O. that the global game of open borders and regime change from above is over. Jacob Rothchild has said that Donald Trump is a danger to the N.W.O.

This book (Politics IOU) was written to raise awareness of how a hidden influence can tear apart the fabric of a culture. We lose our heritage only when we let others set out to exploit and divide us.

How we are controlled

In 2017 what is of concern is that:

  • That this election was fought bitterly and after the fight the nation has failed to heal. This shows us that somebody is still subverting us.
  • That false narratives being spread to de-legitimize the Trump presidency get debunked and disproven but then they pop right up again. As each lie is debunked, it seems to go away, but within a day or two the same old stale discredited narrative is resurrected on some different channel.
  • As the CIA baits Russia and Obama amasses troops on the Russian border what stands out loud and clear is that somebody wants World War Three but that it is definitely not the American people.
  • ONE BIG COLOSSAL outpoint:
    Nowhere is there any evidence of bad intent by Putin. He hasn’t eaten babies, he hasn’t been rude or nasty, he hasn’t assassinated an American president, or any other president of a sovereign nation, and no, he hasn’t even made a lewd or dirty pass at Michelle Obama. In fact as hostilities wind down in Syria, it is Russian boots on the ground, feeding and protecting the children and fixing the minefields to make it safe there again. Is it time to rethink good guy/bad guy?

    We are a constitutional republic. If nobody interferes with us we can agree to disagree and sort out our differences in the voter booth every four years.  That is the sane way to handle differences. It is a good system making for a smooth transfer of power. It only breaks down when those who favor “Might is Right” muscle in and try to subvert the system and sow seeds of unrest.

    Problems arise when the population is uneducated. Reading Politics IOU is an easy and pleasant way to remedy this problem and to figure out what is really going on. The best thing is it is FREE. Here is your free download. Politics IOU.

    America stays free if we refused to let ourselves be divided.  We have much in common whichever side of the aisle fits best with our reality.  We don’t have to let the oligarchies divide us.  We are all Americans first and foremost. We are all special.

 Some stable data:
  • That Russia is and will always be an opponent. Fair enough.
  • Putin has led Russia away from communism; that being friends with Russia may well be to our advantage in dealing with the communist China and the N.W. O.
  • That Putin supports Christianity, says he likes the moral and spirituality of a church.
  • That Putin expelled Soros from Russia
  • That Soros was/is Obama’s puppet master
  • That Putin opposes the global NWO and has cut the Russian economy free from centralized banking.
  • That the only gain from the Iraq war that cost us so much was a new Central Bank one of the first in the Middle East.
  • That the Syrian war was ILLEGAL, was never declared by Congress.
  • That the rebels causing the atrocities in Syria are set up and funded by Saudi Arabia, supported and armed by Obama & Clinton.
  • That ISIS was created & armed on Obama’s watch.
  • That this has all culminated in a Lame-duck president going rogue and signing an executive order to expel 72 Russian diplomats; a clear act of aggression. The big danger here is an American President who for some time has been acting like a king.

Liberals are still hurting because they lost the election. The press is very adept at putting a spin on things.  Political consultants aim to “smear” the political opponent and the press (guardians of the truth) are letting them get away with it. The art of the attack ad was created by GOP Karl Rove in daddy-bush days, but perfected in 2008 & 2012 by the Democrats. The attack ad gives political  power to special interests.

Definition of black propaganda – with lies and innuendo seeking to destroy another’s reputation.  Dr Ben has faulty memory, Trump is Hitler, Trump is anti-women, Trump is too-much-for women, Trump is racialist, Trump is anti-Muslim, Lying Ted, Low Energy Jeb, Crooked Hillary. These labels are GENERALITIES and like all GENERALITIES the clever voter spots that they are partly or largely FALSE. Things are never quite the way they seem.

The CIA, CNN, WaPo, Times, have come out in support of Russo-phobia. Why is this? That we have this much turmoil as we go into the Inauguration, is disturbing.


America is a constitutional Republic and Donald Trump is our president elect, so the popular vote is irrelevant. Where it becomes important is when half of the population don’t see this, and buy into “the injustice of it all”. They simply do not understand the electoral college. However know that it is questionable if Donald Trump even lost the Popular Vote.


Read Politics IOU – its FREE and may you never see your Politics in the same way again.


Quote for the Week

Interference of those who should have known better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most; that has made it possible for evil to triumph.

Haile Selassie


Why it is so important to Protect our Civil Liberties

Is it not the job of every American to protect our heritage? 

If you look at his map you will see that, although the USA is flawed, we are still among the luckiest people in the world.

Map of Freedom

In the United States we enjoy many rights that we hold dear: the right to worship freely, the right to think freely and to voice our opinions. Note that this system bequeathed to us by our founding fathers is in no way perfect, but this map shows us that we are still far ahead of the rest of the world. South America is not yet free but it is coming along.

If we are all to win the influence has to go from North to South and not the other way around. And as far as the rest of the world we need to make sure that the influence goes from West to East and that we do not accept totalitarianism.

Ours is not a fast system. Where we have erred is in trying to enforce our reality on others, to make them accept democracy too quickly.  These maps show clearly the advantage our system has in the world and given time and good leaders other countries will come to see this also. The problem is one of education, not war and the Internet is helping.

It has taken a long time for our politics to become inclusive. Society has had to grow beyond the bad idea of excluding certain segments of the population, like blacks and women. There are two more battles still playing out along these lines and these are gay rights and the rights of illegal aliens. Give it a little more time and these problems will also sort themselves out. We can’t short change the process We cannot prevent discrimination or even exploitation, but we are not all that far from making all people equal under the law.

Politics has been evolving in one other significant way. This is in a growing ability for the people to demand honest politicians. Finally we have the technology to demand transparency in government. At little or no cost we are now able to track the actions of our elected officials via the Internet. There is a simple truth and that is that corruption and evil cannot survive when the light of day is shone upon them.

Transparency International defines corruption as the abuse of entrusted power for private gain. It may surprise you to find that we in America enjoy relatively clean government, for there is a correlation between democracy and corruption. That said we still have a way to go. You can play your part by taking on the civic duty of watching your elected officials and writing them whenever they get out of line.


Map of Corruption

With the unique opportunity afforded us by the world wide web we are now able to hold our elected officials accountable. Power corrupts and the truth is that it is we who keep our policies in line but only if we are vigilant.

I laugh when I hear of Congresses low approval rate. Hello! Who is to blame? I don’t think I have the right to speak out or complain, except when I am doing my job to keep them in line. I think that is why the founding fathers blessed me with freedom of speech.

I write regularly to my representatives and have been gratified by observing positive change. It is easy to communicate regularly with your elected officials via

Downsize DC (https://downsizedc.org/)

Popvox (https://www.popvox.com/)

Popvox tries to bridge the gap between the input the public wants to provide and the information U.S. Senators and Representatives want from us.

Downsize DC wants to downsize and decentralize the government by restoring constitutional limits and the Bill of Rights.

Both sites make it easy to communicate to elected officials and both sites are informative.

We have had another election and this time there has been a major shift in power. Now Obama wants to turn back the clock. In no way a good idea.

Quote for the Month

“Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer;

 Let us not seek blame for the past;

 Let us accept our own responsibility for the future.”

John F. Kennedy

Grandma Thunder is political commentary that seeks to educate and go behind and beyond conventional thinking. With the country observably near a tipping point, is there something you can do to help to keep us prosperous and free?

Tipping Scales

Big Brother and the Concept of the Greatest Good

We need a referendum on Executive Clout – do we or do we not accept it?

The effort by Obama to autocratically resolve the illegal immigration issue by bypassing Congress, is not his job and collapses all that is best in our political system.

Executive clout We have a system of checks and balances that has kept us on track since the Constitution was first framed. It is not a perfect system but it has proven a workable system.It should not be undone.

This effort by Obama to undo what is a delicate and constructive balance between the three branches of government is at best an effort by Obama to be right and to reward the Latinos that put him in power in 2012.

At worst it is a premeditated crime by a crooked constitutional lawyer with a lack of a moral compass.

It is clear when looking at the comments by liberals on Facebook that the Liberal defense was orchestrated; They speak with one voice in the comments on Facebook. This proves premeditation. What I am hearing nnot from one but by many, is:

  • It is the fault of Republicans who sought to oppose Obama.(Justification)
  • Past presidents (some of them Republican) have also used Executive override.
  • It is legal (not true) This is being taken out of context.
  • It has precedent  This also is taken out of context.

We have to examine one more scenario; I don’t like it: but I have to put the question out there,  In how far is Obama an International Socialist pawn? Is his trashing of the American system and culture, a global plot?   A couple off things that have happened lend credence to this last and scary threat. This is the influx (invasion) of South American children crossing our borders. This had to be planned on a global scale; couldn’t have happened otherwise. I also look at Obama’s last election tagline “Forward”.  “Forward” shouted out at us from every podium where Obama talked in 2012. “Forward” is owned lock stock and barrel  by International Socialism. “Move forward beyond Capitalism” is the socialist battle cry.

Do we want Socialism in America?

The independent view is that both Capitalism and Socialism are corrupt and neither is a workable system in this day or age.

We have here an extreme danger which if not quickly brought under control opens the door to a global end-game after which we will lose all our freedoms, and we will lose what is left of our American culture.

America has already lost its prosperity on Obama’s watch.  Here are the figures.

Poverty rate 30 year HIGH ~15%
Labor participation rate 38 year LOW ~61%
Food stamps on all time HIGHS
Avg family income 8% LOWER 
Individual income 7% LOWER 
GAP between middle class and top 10% WIDER
Black unemployment 3% HIGHER
5.5 million more people BELOW poverty line
Home ownership 4% LOWER
Healthcare cost increase 25-40% HIGHER

In the last two years of his term, Obama lacks credibility. He has to be stopped.

The only way I can see this happening is that the opposition from Republicans and Independents and even Liberals with a conscience,  come together and act as one.  We need to make it quite clear that Obama meddling with our system will not be tolerated even if we impeach him. Until now although I saw him to be a liability, I was happy to have him live out his term. This overreach ha changed my mind.

My advice to all who see the danger is to have a referendum ON EXECUTIVE CLOUT. Do we in America want a king or autocratic rule or a dictator?

We can go the way of the courts and we should, but I am warning that we may be up against a shyster lawyer, I doubt that any process that takes too long will win the day. There are shady parts to the law and bribed or threatened or blackmailed judges, and I suspect the control of the courts was well in hand before Obama stuck his neck out.

Obama's crown

The only thing that will save freedom in America is a quickly executed referendum. Let the American people decide if they do or do not want to be governed autocratically.

Is there a precedent for solving a problem like this with a referendum? I do not know the answer. But I also ask if there is a precedent for a President usurping the role of the Senate and the House to make his own laws.  .

Note: our legislators are elected by the people and were returned to office in larger numbers in 2014. It can be argued that the 2014 election was a referendum on the Obama solutions and that these were repudiated


Obama's throne

Do we as Americans want to go back to having a corrupt King?

A few words on Immigration:

One thing I see missing in Obama’s immigration law is the demand that immigrants learn English. Our culture is embodied in our language. That is why this is so important.

Compare Mexico to the USA (same continent)  Why is Mexico poor and riddled with lawlessness?. Their poverty and crime and gang warfare is embraced in their language and their ideas and their history; theirs is a lawless culture. This is why we do not want to import their lawlessness here. Like Obama, it seems they do not have an innate respect for the law. We should not be forced by Obama to take on the Latino culture.

It is only fair and just to allow some immigrants in from Mexico but they should come with enough to start a business, and they should be fluent in English. Not because English is better or Englishmen are superior but it costs a lot to have more than one official language and we cannot afford that right now.

It has been proven that the American heritage and culture has produced prosperity or why is it that we all these immigrants want to come into our country. They are welcome but only if they adopt our work ethic, the language of the majority and don’t bring any baggage with them.

In conclusion
If the electorate chooses to keep a legislative integrity (for that is what is at stake here) or even if they choose to support the Obama’s law, order will go in again. We now have a major confusion that Obama that has brought into our fine land.

Confusion is counter productive and it is destructive and this confusion should not have been introduced at this time, for it is not in the common good. This is not a good time. 

What we want is for our leaders to bring back order.

What we don’t want is leaders who introduce confusion and seek to bypass the laws of the land.

Let’s have a referendum and then we can all move forward together AS AMERICANS.

We let Obama win this battle, and the slide to rule by tyranny will have begun.

After that it will all go downhill very fast.

Quote or the Week

The liberties of our country, the freedom of our civil Constitution, are worth defending at all hazards; and it is our duty to defend them against all attacks.

Samuel Adams


Hidden Agenda – the Truth about the National I.D. Database

Bio-metric ID and Past Oppression of the Blacks in South Africa – is there a connection?

Most Americans feel that AIG (assholes in greed) and their too-big-to-fail cronies are getting too big a slice of the American pie. This blog-post examines a similar situation in history when there was oppression and inequity in how the wealth of a country was being Mis-shared.

Big Brothers

I am sharing a little of my South African history in the hopes that the new immigration legislation does not in any hidden way embody the bad identity ideas employed earlier in South Africa.  I came to see in South Africa that the first step in the creation of an oppressive regime is getting every body to accept and to carry identity papers.

I grew up in a little mining town in South Africa.  My father was a School Principal so together with the Banker, the Doctor, the Lawyer and the Pastor we enjoyed elite status; elite status but only in the “very best white” community.  As a school principal my father managed not only an elementary school but also a boarding school. There he had approximately 20 low-level janitorial Black workers who were housed in a compound   In addition there were also Black workers who came in the morning and left in the night,  working on that or this project.  As a “white master” in South Africa my father was considered to be fair, his workers were housed and fed and they were paid, although they would have seen our minimum wage workers as “kings”. In one of our “ethical” father-daughter discussions he explained that while he didn’t quite agree with it, other than voting for the “United Party” not the oppressive Nationalists, there was not much he could do about it. As I grew up I wasn’t quite that reasonable.

The transient workers came out before sunrise to work at the school and then went home after dark. Home to them was a ghetto over the hill where the good whites could not see them, and had no idea how they lived. I found out later that, although South Africa was one of the richest gold countries in the world, they lived for the most part with no lights or running water. The “think” in the White community was that Blacks were genetically inferior – believe it or not this was even taught in the Universities. I wonder what the clever Obama would say to this?

I have an inquiring mind and I have never meekly just “accepted the way things are, not then in the bloom of youth and not now as I enter my golden years. I was fortunate in that at least my father was knowledgeable and willing to answer my “off the wall” questions.

The United Party, founded by Jan Smuts had an interesting history. South Africa had supported the allies in the Second World War and Smuts had had a hand in the final peace treaty. Ironically it was Smuts who drafted the list of “Human Rights” still on record with the United Nations. Dad was able to explain how the oppressive Nationalist government had gained power. There was a problem with the gold mines in South Africa for the gold was marginal; not a great amount of gold per square foot of rock. The very rich international controllers of the mines had a vested interest in keeping the blacks subordinated; this was how they were able to pay the miners sub-minimum wages. In this way international financiers who owned the gold could maximize the mining profits.

In the end 10% of the South African population was able to control the other 90%. Here in America it is the 1% controls the 99%.

At that time  the Powers-that-Be were actually able to relocate large sectors of the Black population, send them all back to undeveloped rural areas, an amazing feat. They were able to determine who could study, who could work, and where the people would be forced to live? Take three steps back and just imagine relocating all Americans in the State of Washington and plonking them down in Nevada. Unbelievable but It was done.

How was it done?  This is a good question to ask as our Nice Government Men draft new legislation to control not just illegal immigrants but also seek to control you and me. It has always been done with Identity Papers. 

Know that that grand experiment actually didn’t work in South Africa, I mean the homeland plan. . Yes many were moved out to the back-lands but the problem was that low-level, low paid workers were still needed in the built up areas. Sound familiar? It was in South Africa when I first heard the term guest workers.  What is wrong with a guest worker program? The biggest problem is that husbands and wives are separated for long periods of time, and the family unit is destroyed. A possible consequence is a wide spread of sexual diseases; witness how Aids in Africa is way out of control.


Autocratic Education

I came to understand all of this in 1978 (time of the Soweto riots) when I was invited to participate in an experiment to train Black programmers for employment in an all White British company (ICL) operating in Johannesburg. We had twelve hundred applicants but for the first batch, we selected only 40 students. The discrimination among the White employees notwithstanding, there was a good reason why we were set up to fail. We had selected some of the most able and wonderful beings I have had privilege to work with in this lifetime, all Black. I remember one especially outstanding student who stood proud and tall, over six feet high.  His skin was dark, and he reminded me of the royal tribes in central Africa at the time of the Queen of Sheba.  He was an achiever, this student, who had two Math degrees. Yet he had no electricity or running water in his tiny hovel. In the early morning he would pick up fruits and vegetables from the market and drive to the affluent White suburbs to sell his produce. Does this sound familiar? So the next time you see a Latino selling fruit on the roadside it could be he that too, has a good education.

The British company in South Africa was structured into competing profit centers. Each profit center was like a small business, with each middle manager operating like an entrepreneur.  In order to survive they had to make a profit. So the new Black workers that we offered  had to be proven producers. When I went out to survey these middle managers I discovered that what was wanted was “self-starters”, yet my students had been trained only in obedience.  There is a trend today towards this kind of autocratic education, but in a digital age this is not what is going to bring back prosperity. My students were very good at following, but that was all. Here in America in the new millennium what we we also need is self-starters.

I developed educational techniques to break down the past indoctrination and the bad propaganda where they had been seen as “non-people”. In the end we were successful. Out of the forty students 36 graduated and were successfully assimilated into the all-white company, my first experience with Diversity. Two students were let go because they could not take the stress of the training, and reverted to drugs. Two were picked up by BOSS (Bureau of State Security) because their papers were not in order.  I was never persuaded that they were bad or that they were revolutionaries as accused.

Man with thumbprint and eyeball

Bio-metric ID

I saw it then all at first hand, and I began to realize that what tipped the scales towards oppression was the pernicious identity papers that not only invaded privacy, but put together with an abusive government, devastated a country.

Please think this through:  At that time in South Africa they did not have the technology to create bio-metric ID cards. At that time the abusive government did not have our  sophisticated computers to track people, nor did they have GPSs; They also did not yet have drones to turn on their own people.  What they did have was a package of nasty identity papers and with this alone  they were able to oppress a whole race.

According to Ron Paul, the national ID could create a new federal database with bio-metric information on all citizens and all of those who work within the United States. It would be illegal for anyone to have a job without an ID card. “Every time any citizen applies for a job, the government will know…[and] once the government bureaucrats know exactly how we run our lives, they will try and control them.”

I, Grandma, want to play it safe. There is a lot of noise regarding IRS targeting of the Tea Party. With a Federal database soon it may not only be these enthusiastic young idealists,  also Churches and Schools could be quashed.  Because Power corrupts and Absolute Power corrupts absolutely, it is not too far-fetched for a popular and charismatic President to seek a third term that goes on forever,.and effectively destroys the Republic.  Bio-metric ID cards open the door to a military coup. So you think it cannot happen in America?

Wake up and smell the coffee. Read Politics IOU


With the bio-metric ID card that grossly invades our privacy, our “Nice Government Men” can decide where we live, who we marry, how we breed, what schooling we get, what groups we support and where we work and I am sure they will be able to invent another 100 uses for these cards to entrap and control us.


A solution for illegal immigrants needs to be found that is simple and fair and brings about growth in their own sector

  Quote for the Week

The purpose of government is to protect the secrecy and the privacy of all individuals, not the secrecy of government. – Ron Paul.