Fighting the Shallow State for what is Rightfully Ours

Recently my husband died.

When the cancer hit his brain it made him a little bit crazy.

I nursed him while he was dying and was able to see him leave pain-free and not drugged up.

What has been more stressful than his leaving me after 43 years together, has been the inefficiency, ineptness or plain obstruction of the shallow state in California. Since he died on October 7th, I have received NO benefits from Social Security. LOL he got a small pension from Holland where he was born. Already they have been able to wrap up the processing of all claims.  From the shallow state in California I am just getting the run-around.

From Grandma Thunder to Kevin McCarthy

AKA Margaret Lynn Verhoeff

Letter to Social Security

I am appealing your decision to pay me only the benefit of $562.70 and only on December 27th. I remind you that I have received no Social Security benefits since my husband died on October 7th. It has been a run-around.

 (LOL he also got a small pension from Holland and they seem to have sorted it out much more quickly than you.)


Social Security is governed by the law and not by bureaucratic arbitraries. It amazes me when I talk to to friend and family they want to propitiate these un-elected officials who control so much of our life. 

The payment of my benefits got scrambled when my husband died on October 2017.  Without the support of faith and family I would not be getting through this difficult time

Since he died I have not received a single penny from Social Security.  This is a hardship as I now owe on my Electrical, Phone Bill, Internet Bill and also my Water Bill.

It is my understanding that I am owed the following:

Peter died October 7th. Went to TX where my children live for a celebration of life. October 29th I informed and sent death certificate to Golden One Credit Union. and asked the account be closed.   I was told over the phone (Rene) the account would be routed to the Credit Union’s Department of Diseased Accounts.

On October 10th Peter Verhoeff’s Social Security benefit for September was paid into the joint account, already closed.

October 19th this benefit was taken out of the account by Social Security.

On October 22nd my Social Security $562.70 was paid into this same closed account. I did not get the money.

On November 29th my Social Security was again routed to Golden One but (go figure) the Bank account happened to be the correct Cali Bank & Trust account.  I called Social Security and was promised the money would be deposited into the correct California Bank & Trust Account.

 I called again to check. On the second call I was told that a check had been sent to my Postal Box. It is now over 10 days and I have received no check. I do not understand why a check? Social Security makes direct deposit.

Note : Since (October 29th) I have had no access to the Golden One account. It was set up by the late Peter Verhoeff and is governed by his passwords and security data, unknown to me.  I do not understand why Social Security benefits are going to a closed (defunct) account?  I do not understand why Golden One Credit Union has been taking my money without my consent.

(I do understand Peter died owing Golden One money on an unsecured loan and a credit card. After the cancer hit Peter’s brain, he went a little bit crazy. Our family (spousal agreements) was not to run up debt beyond what we could cover in assets. He was operating individually and on his own. I would NEVER have agreed to these debts)

There appears to be collusion between the banks and Social Security. I am Margaret Lynn Verhoeff and I have integrity on financial lines and I am deserving of the support of Social Security. 

I regret that Golden One is out of pocket on the money.  That said I am well aware that Congress has been kind to banks who take risks on unsecured loans like this.  These bank losses are more than covered by the benefits of fractional banking given to them by Congress.

Social Security Administration Implies I did not Inform Social Security of my New Accounts. This is not true.

October 24th visited the office in Bakersfield dealing with a charming Mary Kay Adams.  She impressed me because she was in a wheel chair but still working.  The purpose of this visit was three fold.

    1. To inform Social Security of the death
    2. To inform Social Security of the New Accounts and Postal Address
    3. To apply for Spousal benefits (as is legally and morally my right)

I was informed that Mary Kaye had all data she needed to wrap my account except a marriage certificate.  I returned the following day October 25th to provide the required form. I WAS TOLD THAT WAS ALL THAT WAS NEEDED.

To date I have had no data on when my Social will be converted to the higher amount as is covered in law.  Perhaps I was optimistic but I expected this to wrap in less than 30 days.  Please note that both Peter and I paid in to Social Security and that these benefits are mine by legal right. They do not belong to the bureaucrats who administer them.

November 16th I returned to the Bakersfield office and spoke to the man at the front desk; who did not get to go back to speak to Mary Kaye again. I confirmed with him that Social Security had my correct bank routing number and my correct bank account and that minimally my own November benefits would be paid into my own account on November 22nd.

November 23 I called Social Security to check up and spoke to a very competent lady called Lydia.  She spotted that the $$$ (my benefit) was routed to the Golden One Account but (go figure) was directed to my Cali Bank & Trust account.  So my November Social Security is floating around in the ether

What needs to be resolved?

  1. I can let my October benefit go. It was given to Golden One Credit Union and while that is not legally or morally right – this is money due to me, and should not be paid into a Peter account. We are two different people. But a big change like this takes time.
  2. I cannot let my November benefit go. This money is owed to me and needs to be deposited into the correct account.
  3. It makes no sense why my spousal benefits as are legally mine were not immediately paid in October. Social Security has records of our contributions. So I am owed for the difference between my Social Security and the higher Spousal benefit for both the months of October and November. These $$$ need to be paid into my account ASAP.
  4. Here we are in December already and since his death I have had ZERO BENEFIT FROM Social Security. I now owe for Water, Phone, Internet and Electricity.  What is owed to me in back amount from Social Security will go to pay off these amounts.
  5. You state that you pay Social Security benefits for a given month in the next month. This means that as he was alive Peter was alive and due Social Security in the month of September this money should be paid to me as the legal heir. (Perhaps it is lucky this money was pulled out of the Golden One Credit Account FOR THIS MONEY IS NOW DUE TO ME. I am Peter’s only heir and have the legal documents to prove this)

Correction of False Data in the information, I have received from Social Security.

  • You state I requested change of direct deposit information on or around November 16th.  This is false. This change was asked for on October 24th at the Bakersfield Social Security Office. See attached.
  • You state that on November 27 I shall receive $562.70. This is incorrect.  Social Security is now backlogged on paying Spousal Benefits. Per my conversations over the phone with Social Security I should be paid (minimally) $1500.00 on the second Wednesday of December.  (I was told the schedule changes from my due date to Peter:s are the second Wednesday of the month. So I am looking to get the full amount that is owed to me by Social Security no later than December 13th.
  • In my application for Spousal Benefits it is written that I have used the following names. This is false.  I have always used the name of Margaret Lynn Verhoeff.

The names Margaret Lynn Bernoeff, and Margaret L. Bernoeff are clerical errors.                      It is true that my maiden name was Margaret Lynn Bevan.

  • You state that I should keep the old account open until you get it together to send the money to the new account.  You don’t get it. You are sending money to a closed account. I have no access to that closed account located in the Diseased Accounts Department at Golden One.Peter is dead. I am alive. I need this money to pay bills and to survive.
  • Remember I have just come thru paying his medical bills, and his burial and I am hurting.  We were together 43 years

Have a little compassion.

Quote for the week. 

Social Security is based on a principle. It’s based on the principle that you care about other people. You care whether the widow across town, a disabled widow, is going to be able to have food to eat.

Noam Chomsky


Understanding ObamaCare

The Old Boys Club, the Senate, failed to repeal and replace ObamaCare

With all that Global and Big Pharma money up for grabs, one has to ask, did Mitch McConnell ever really intend to fix ObamaCare?

Time to push TERM LIMITS in the House and the Senate. With one stroke of Trump’s pen we could get rid of McCain, Graham, McConnell, Maxine Waters, Pelosi, and Schumer, problems to freedom and America, all. Our lawmakers are becoming senile.

ObamaCare creates more jobs for the IRS than doctors. So how do more IRS agents keep you healthier than a doctor?

The Senate should revisit the history of Obama’s deeply flawed HealthCare bill: ObamaCare is/was quite simply BAD LEGISLATION and as so, it is unsustainable.

As a law, ObamaCare was never crafted with legislative integrity. It was passed by Democrats with not a single Republican voting for it. It could not have become the law of the land had there not been legislative shenanigans used by Harry Reid to force it through.

We call ObamaCare a coercive law. There were people being forced to buy HealthCare Insurance they neither needed nor wanted.  Coercive laws and coercive (big brother) government is the biggest threat to our Republic (and to the world) at this time. 

In 2009 Harry Reid  was confident he “just” had the 60 votes to get ObamaCare passed; however according to congressional rules such a bill could not originate in the Senate; it was a revenue bill. So Reid went ahead and found an old (passed) Senate bill HR3590 (a military housing bill) and stripped the bill of its original language, thereby creating ObamaCare. Huh? Duh? You get it? That’s right. ObamaCare began with a confused identity.

There were other problems to making this law: Way back then the house wanted to make some changes to the bill and the house-amended version was scheduled to go back to the Senate for final approval.  Unfortunately in the interim democratic Senator Teddy Kennedy died, and was replaced by a Republican. Hello! Reid no longer had the 60 votes to get ObamaCare passed so once again he had to resort to underhand dealings.

This is what happened: The House would pass the Senate’s original bill (with no changes). Then they would table all the changes they wanted AND THIS THEY CALLED RECONCILIATION. Then they would pass the reconciliation bill. Hello! This was legislating? Excuse me? Of course it was all illegal but you see it was all so complicated that they got away with it.

Do you wonder ObamaCare is difficult to undo? It was a bill crafted from the FAR LEFT with no support from the RIGHT. So do you wonder the Freedom Caucus recently reacted by trying to craft a bill from the FAR RIGHT. That is how it goes: Action and Reaction. There has to be BALANCE TO CREATE SUSTAINABLE LEGISLATION. Trump understands this.

We all knew that ObamaCare was in no way created by politicians; but instead by Big Pharma for Big Pharma. Did not Big Pharma even bribe a judge when this patently illegal bill was challenged in court?  Sadly the bill included Saul Allinsky benefits and so with some (unethical Americans and illegal immigrants along for the ride) it became popular. Many eager to ride the gravy train.

The old Harry Reid/Obama WAY OF DOING BUSINESS (which is not good for America) has to change.

One bill, one subject

Enough time for legislators to read the bill

Time for we the people to study and discuss the bill.

An up & down vote (60 majority as necessary)

Could anything be more simple?

Why is this relevant?
What is essentially wrong with ObamaCare is that TWO different legislating sets have been combined into one  WELFARE  and HEALTHCARE are two different sets with different applicable rules and two vastly different IDEAL operating bases. So a good lawmaker makes different laws for each of them. With Healthcare consumer choice and free competition are the senior data, with Medicaid the senior datum is compassion. Americans are not unkind and help where they can, if they can without bankrupting the nation.

NOTE WELL: there is a long, long history of the wily Obama (with the help of Boehner) socking it to Congress. There is also a long history of the effete GOP establishment going along to get along, pocketing bribes from corporate America, especially bribes from Big Pharma. (Investigating these bribes over the last eight years would be a fruitful Gongressional Investigation)

Then we can  put that all behind us? Let’s all move forward in integritywith a new sheriff in town.


With Obama’s legacy on the line now and the House having passed the first GOP HelathCare bill,  the global forces (historically lined up with McConnell and the Republican RINO Senators) are coming into play. We are talking a lot of money here.

Add into the mix that good conservative men, Cruz, Rand Paul and Mike Lee want a full repeal. The Tea Party is also crying loud and clear for full repeal as promised.

Trump’s dealing skills and leadership will be put to the test as he gets good HealthCare for America passed by the Senate.

For those uncommitted to supporting Trump on Health Care,consider this: It is possible to put a man (unrestrained) in a pot with a comfortable temperature. He is sitting there comfortable so of course he doesn’t jump out. Then increase the temperature 5 degrees every half hour and, guess what? Eventually you can boil that man alive.  I don’t know how true this story is but I do know that using a pragmatic way to go.

Trump cares about the middle man. He wants us all to have GREAT HEALTHCARE. He wants to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. But he also wants good legislation, a functioning law that will last and bring Healthcare costs down. He also wants to balance the budget and it seems HealthCare is making us insolvent. The Senate (composed mainly of men of good will)  would be wise to have Trump’s back for his are good goals, much needed by America right now.

After TrumpCare squeaked through the house, what was the worst that happened?  We had movie star Cher (worth millions) lamenting that she can no longer get free asthma medication. LOL. . The House Bill is brilliant. It is also kind and compassionate, not taking away care from those who desperately need Healthcare. Trump & Price & Pence have crafted a Healthcare bill that will dumb down the protests, yet over time still get to the the promised land. What is the promised land? Getting Healthcare out of Government. 

The new Trump HealthCare bill passed by the House rolls back ObamaCare on a gradient. That it still keeps some parts of the HealthCare organization (not the bill itself) is a plus, not a negative.  I talk here of the parts of the organization running smoothly.  Over the last eight years it is not just the the bill made changes, Medicine itself was changing, with new systems, new protocols, new HMOs and many, many new staff who have been trained.  Trump wants to keep America employed.  These are PRAGMATIC CONCERNS not to be sacrificed to ideology.  Handle the potential upsets of today, but keep the eye on the mountain and we get there tomorrow. Define “get there”: as getting Government out of Healthcare.

The main thing that has to be addressed is that the way Congress has been operating for the last eight years serving global rather than America, HAS TO CHANGE.

The very first thing to fix is weed out the old guard, (term limits) for they are going to find it the hardest to change. It is also they who are more likely to have tarnished moral compasses, and who have exploited the system. (bribes, blackmail and just plain self interest)  Each vote cast as a lawmaker should not be about stakeholders, but rather  for the greatest good.

Failing to repeal and replace ObamaCare is dangerous to to the GOP in 2018, and it is also dangerous to the FREEDOM OF AMERICA  and the FREEDOM OF THE WORLD.

Alinsky’s radical rules are a simplification of Lenin’s plan for conquest of the world. In Lenin’s writings “we the people” are called “Useful Idiots” to be scammed, manipulated and used. It is planned to use our need for healthcare to entrap us.

  1. Class Warfare: Divide the people into the wealthy & the poor, and all other factions. Pit one faction against the other. Easier to keep the people down, if you keep them busy fighting each other.
  2. Religion: Religion brings with it a Moral Code that is at best awkward for the crooked elite, and at worst dangerous. Elites MUST remove God from all things public.
  3. Education – take control of what people listen to or watch or read. Also take control of the Education agenda; what children are taught will define our future.
  4. Welfare – take control of all aspects of welfare – if the people are beholden to the State they will be too afraid of losing their livelihood to revolt.
  5. Gun Control – you have to remove the ability of the people to defend themselves against an oppressive government.
  6. Increase Debt – in this way you can increase taxation, poverty and fear.
  7. Poverty – Increase poverty – poor people are far easier to control
  8. Healthcare – Control Healthcare and you control the people

Senators should also GIVE TRUMP HIS DUE.  He is the right man for his time. He is very deserving of GOP support.

Trump is tasked to save the world from global corruption, from a global BIG BROTHER who wants to destroy America. For Trump to succeed he desperately needs the full, unqualified support of a principled GOP Senate, a principled GOP of Congressmen, excited and active Tea Party volunteers, an army of Trump Train social media supporters and WE THE PEOPLE.

He doesn’t have all that many clean hands around him to help him DRAIN THE SWAMP.

Quote for the Week

When you open your heart to Patriotism there is no room for prejudice.

The Bible tells us” How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity.” Donald Trump 


 About the Author
Lynn Verhoeff (Grandma Thunder) writes political satire. For more information go to

Getting Out the Vote

Excerpt from “Politics IOU”

(Norman is the candidate for the Constitution Party
Ginger is his wife
Rith is his Campaign Manager. (Prior to joining the campaign she had been a Volunteer     Manager in a large hospital.)
Spider is the campaign’s volunteer coordinator)

Volunteer Calling Out

“Elections are won in many ways and a large factor is the ability to get out the vote,” said Norman, “I need a clever plan.”

Rith had her brilliant ideas in the early hours of the morning when she was lying in bed. As soon as it was light she called Ginger who promised to fund the plan, and then the candidates wife began to laugh. She was still laughing when they all met around the kitchen table to share the idea. “With more than a third of the electorate over sixty, Rith, I think this is a brilliant idea,” said Norman.

So Rith went ahead and called her favorite volunteer who was now living in a Senior Center together with Spider’s mother-in-law, the diminutive 60 year old Pearl. Listening to Rith explain the project, the little lady began to jump up and down in excitement. She asked Rith to hold on while she talked with Jay and Marjorie. Yes, they would do it, they were all gung-ho, boy were they gung-ho!

Volunteers calling

Spider had discovered that the voters had been bombarded with election messages and that most were blocking their calls. He was hoping this new plan would change when the word began to get around that cute little seniors were calling out for Norman. So he flew out to corral his mother-in-law and their friends and to get them started.   “Not an outing,” said Jay, President of the Auxiliary, to his fellow volunteers, coming into the lobby with two suitcases. “This is serious, political stuff.” He did a little jig. Are you in? Are you coming with me. “  Of course they were. They had been bored out of their mind.

Spider quickly turned them into a working team. He put them calling out. He was considerate and didn’t overtax them, they worked in comfortable shifts. If a volunteer failed to reach a voter he would have them leave this message. “Blessed are the children, for they shall inherit the national debt!”

Pearl on the phone

Voters were charmed by the novel messages and the phones began to ring and ring.  Spider was into creating games for them: If a senior could stay on the phone talking for half an hour, he would reward the volunteer with a chocolate ice cream cone! The volunteer who had most promises to go to the polling booths in a day would be rewarded with a special volunteer pin. The volunteer with the most pledges got to choose from a selection of kiddy-gifts on a table, and have Ginger send the gift out to a grandchild with a glorious card.

Jay loved chocolate ice cream and so he was their best “stay on the line” caller.

“Why am I calling you?” he would say, “I am calling because I have five grandchildren and they mean a lot to me. Do you have grandkids? Seven, now ain’t that something?” He would then share family anecdotes and precious kid moments. He was so interested that he bonded with every voter that he called. His four hairs would flop into his face as he warmed to his subject and as he moved into the home stretch he would ask, “Now Mrs. Bumble what do you think is the worst thing, I mean the very worst thing that we are leaving our grandkids?” The voter would answer up, “That’s right, that’s right, you are quite right, it is the national debt!” The voter would lament the bad politics, and say that nothing could be done about it. “There is something you can do, Mrs. Bumble,” he would say, “Are you planning to vote in the primaries?”

Occasionally, Pearl would beat him with the number of pledges, but not too often. Her specialty was getting return calls. “I have called you three times; sweet Maryanne and you haven’t returned my call. I am really, really worried about your grandkids!” “Thank you for calling back, Maryanne.” “How old am I? Oh I forget. I am not trying to be funny. Does this happen to you sometimes? The answer is in here somewhere, I just have to find it.” Spider knew his sweet mother-in-law knew her exact age to the very last minute, but she had reached a dodderer and she wanted to bond.

“Why do I do this calling out?” Comment from the voter. “Yes it is very important to me, very important. I don’t like the state of the world.” Long talk from the voter. “Sorry to interrupt you, I have it now; I am all of 73 years old.” Admiration from the voter. “Aren’t you also worried about your grandkids?” Answer from the voter. “You are quite right, it’s way out of control. Plug for Norman (following Spider’s script) and another voter was taking the pledge! “

old twoMost seniors in Shadow State went to the polling booths come polling day and they also took their dogs and their cats and their friends and families with them.

 Quote for the Week

 Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.  John Quincy


Politics IOU

A World on the Tipping Point

This political novel is a work of fiction, yet it gives insights into our political history, our future and our constitutional process. It focuses on what is precious in our heritage.

The book has a touch of sex, a touch of violence and is sometimes funny.

Right now as we advance into an Inauguration of a President loved by the people, slandered by the LEFT and feared by the Global Elites, the parallels are scary.

The government we get is a reflection of our collective reality.

Why is this pertinent at this time?

This is a story of a little rotund man called Corkscrew by the opposition.  He is the president of the largest and most powerful nation in the world, yet (from his view) he is being treated unfairly because he is not eligible to run for a third term. He wants to be Emperor or perhaps even a global oligarch. The majority are beginning to realize that in the eight years that he governed, he didn’t really make their lives that much better. Yet and here is the rub: he is supported by the mighty rich global elites who are loath to lose an unfair advantage.  

This book is relevant because one week away from the inauguration of Donald Trump there are some very disturbing parallels.  False flags abound. What is being hidden? What don’t we know that we should know.

Definition of black propaganda – with lies and innuendo seeking to falsify perception, or to create a false reality, to justify a criminal act.

“derogatory information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.”

In America what is surfacing on social media is that there is NO evidence to support Russia having successfully influenced the American 2016 elections.  The LEFT lost because they chose an arrogant, inept and crooked candidate, Wikileaks exposed the DNC corruption. Assange has said his source was NOT Russian.

We can figure out that if Trump and Putin become friends, as both are AGAINST THE N.W.O. that the global game of open borders and regime change from above is over. Jacob Rothchild has said that Donald Trump is a danger to the N.W.O.

This book (Politics IOU) was written to raise awareness of how a hidden influence can tear apart the fabric of a culture. We lose our heritage only when we let others set out to exploit and divide us.

How we are controlled

In 2017 what is of concern is that:

  • That this election was fought bitterly and after the fight the nation has failed to heal. This shows us that somebody is still subverting us.
  • That false narratives being spread to de-legitimize the Trump presidency get debunked and disproven but then they pop right up again. As each lie is debunked, it seems to go away, but within a day or two the same old stale discredited narrative is resurrected on some different channel.
  • As the CIA baits Russia and Obama amasses troops on the Russian border what stands out loud and clear is that somebody wants World War Three but that it is definitely not the American people.
  • ONE BIG COLOSSAL outpoint:
    Nowhere is there any evidence of bad intent by Putin. He hasn’t eaten babies, he hasn’t been rude or nasty, he hasn’t assassinated an American president, or any other president of a sovereign nation, and no, he hasn’t even made a lewd or dirty pass at Michelle Obama. In fact as hostilities wind down in Syria, it is Russian boots on the ground, feeding and protecting the children and fixing the minefields to make it safe there again. Is it time to rethink good guy/bad guy?

    We are a constitutional republic. If nobody interferes with us we can agree to disagree and sort out our differences in the voter booth every four years.  That is the sane way to handle differences. It is a good system making for a smooth transfer of power. It only breaks down when those who favor “Might is Right” muscle in and try to subvert the system and sow seeds of unrest.

    Problems arise when the population is uneducated. Reading Politics IOU is an easy and pleasant way to remedy this problem and to figure out what is really going on. The best thing is it is FREE. Here is your free download. Politics IOU.

    America stays free if we refused to let ourselves be divided.  We have much in common whichever side of the aisle fits best with our reality.  We don’t have to let the oligarchies divide us.  We are all Americans first and foremost. We are all special.

 Some stable data:
  • That Russia is and will always be an opponent. Fair enough.
  • Putin has led Russia away from communism; that being friends with Russia may well be to our advantage in dealing with the communist China and the N.W. O.
  • That Putin supports Christianity, says he likes the moral and spirituality of a church.
  • That Putin expelled Soros from Russia
  • That Soros was/is Obama’s puppet master
  • That Putin opposes the global NWO and has cut the Russian economy free from centralized banking.
  • That the only gain from the Iraq war that cost us so much was a new Central Bank one of the first in the Middle East.
  • That the Syrian war was ILLEGAL, was never declared by Congress.
  • That the rebels causing the atrocities in Syria are set up and funded by Saudi Arabia, supported and armed by Obama & Clinton.
  • That ISIS was created & armed on Obama’s watch.
  • That this has all culminated in a Lame-duck president going rogue and signing an executive order to expel 72 Russian diplomats; a clear act of aggression. The big danger here is an American President who for some time has been acting like a king.

Liberals are still hurting because they lost the election. The press is very adept at putting a spin on things.  Political consultants aim to “smear” the political opponent and the press (guardians of the truth) are letting them get away with it. The art of the attack ad was created by GOP Karl Rove in daddy-bush days, but perfected in 2008 & 2012 by the Democrats. The attack ad gives political  power to special interests.

Definition of black propaganda – with lies and innuendo seeking to destroy another’s reputation.  Dr Ben has faulty memory, Trump is Hitler, Trump is anti-women, Trump is too-much-for women, Trump is racialist, Trump is anti-Muslim, Lying Ted, Low Energy Jeb, Crooked Hillary. These labels are GENERALITIES and like all GENERALITIES the clever voter spots that they are partly or largely FALSE. Things are never quite the way they seem.

The CIA, CNN, WaPo, Times, have come out in support of Russo-phobia. Why is this? That we have this much turmoil as we go into the Inauguration, is disturbing.


America is a constitutional Republic and Donald Trump is our president elect, so the popular vote is irrelevant. Where it becomes important is when half of the population don’t see this, and buy into “the injustice of it all”. They simply do not understand the electoral college. However know that it is questionable if Donald Trump even lost the Popular Vote.


Read Politics IOU – its FREE and may you never see your Politics in the same way again.


Quote for the Week

Interference of those who should have known better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most; that has made it possible for evil to triumph.

Haile Selassie


Our Constipated Economy – The Economic Scoop about Poop

From Grandma

Poop is not generally discussed in our daily conversation except (as now) when applied metaphorically to harsh and hard economic realities in a constipated economy. Dustin Hoffman once quipped that we know we are growing older when our conversation shifts from sex to our bowel movements.

A prosperous economy relies on a proper rate of distribution of goods and services; not too fast and not too slow. Being gassy, bloated, and generally uncomfortable is an indication of constipation. With all the hot air of the last election, all about the economy, with all that political pushing and straining, we find ourselves today no better off than before. We are left after the election with a whole lot of nothin’ – just hot smelly air.

get the runs

Could it be the FED?

Medicine has advanced to where it is possible to give a body a endoscopy to find out what is causing the blockage and the irregular bowel movements.  Sadly we do not enjoy the same transparency, the same facility to seek out the spiders in our economy. The house has passed a bill “Audit the Fed” which is being stopped/blocked in a Senate filled with old guard career politicians.

IIs it not the FED’s job to set the speed of the Economy?

One can compare the ideal flow of goods and services through a healthy economy to the optimum rate of food going through a body where nutrients are absorbed and the waste eliminated. The process is pretty much the same. We use the term “stopped up” when we get constipated. When we talk about the economy we prefer the term “the economy is sluggish” but in fact both words mean the same; both words mean a natural flow has been slowed or arrested.

Constipation can be caused by foreign elements like cancer, where growth has gone unchecked. The result is big, ugly, hard, blue-black stools that smell.

We find the equivalent in the economy where foreign spider-entities are going unchecked (as in too big to fail). When intervention is called for either in a colon, or in an economy, without establishing true facts, all that we can know is that there is a situation.

For a natural prosperity there should be a natural, regular flow of goods and services through the economy. Economic speed is slowed down by arbitrary decision points and by too many regulations. With a body or with the economy where there is arbitrary effort to hold back or hold on, or reward one sector at the cost of another, the system tends to break.

Kid on Pot with newspaper

Waiting out the bad situation

Our bowel movements are easier to solve than the American economy. Eliminator One (from Picture Lady Health and Beauty) is a fail-safe laxative. It rehabilitates your colon, and puts the muscles of your bowels back into proper action, and it works every time.

With regards the economy we simple folk, too small to succeed, dig in and figure out how to wait out what may in fact be a long, but contrived recession.

Quote of the Week
Tough times never last, but tough people do. – Robert H Schuller

old woman walking on water.

From Grandma 4/24/13

Is America the Greatest Country in the World?

The first step to solving a problem is recognizing there is one.

Why did Forbes Magazine put Stockton at the top of its “most miserable cities” for two years in a row?

The Broken City of Stockton

The Broken City of Stockton

Stockton is home to the University of the Pacific, where jazz artist Dave Brubeck once studied; it is situated in the Central California Valley, with a strong agricultural economy in what has been called the nation’s most productive agricultural region; Stockton even has a thriving port built on a channel that comes inland from San Francisco Bay. It has locally owned banks that didn’t give out loans to people who couldn’t pay them back, and these banks even remained solvent all through the downturn. With all that is positive going for it, why is Stockton a broken city and why is it on the verge of bankruptcy?

There are those in the city trying to declare bankruptcy. In the Private Sector when a company goes bankrupt it can wriggle out of not only its its debt, but its pension obligations and perhaps this looks like an attractive option. Up until now municipalities have not been able to o this but Stockton spends $30 million a year to pay its pension liabilities, money going to workers who are now long gone.

What concerns Grandma is that it is the Taxpayers that are expected to fund this liability.

Here is a true story:

In late 2008 Grandma & Grandpa were visiting Stockton for a mobile gallery staying overnight at a motel. In the new morning Grandpa returned to the motel room with his eyes as big as saucers.  “The van is there,” he said, “but the trailer has gone.”  Criminals had cut the trailer from the van and stolen it in the early hours of the morning.

Grandma asks you to look at  Stockton as the microcosm that represents the macrocosm that is America today.  Is what is ruining America a strange kind of mindset that demands something for nothing?

The Picture Lady Home Products in the trailer were unique and couldn’t be found in Stockton. This had been established by survey.  Then, too, all the products had been photographed there was a full (in color) photographic record of the inventory in the stolen trailer. It should have been easy for the police (if they were doing their job) to locate the stolen goods. Grandma with the help of a friendly clerk had these photos put on the police Intranet.

Then she called the supervisor in charge of the case (theft of the trailer)

The supervisor didn’t bother to call back.  After several failed efforts to reach him, she finally got him on the phone. . Explaining the situation, she told him all he had to do was  go to the swap meets on the weekend where it would be easy to identify the stolen product – it was after all different.   This would lead him to the stolen trailer and the criminal.

“Can’t be done,” said the supervisor.

Grandma’s eyes narrowed “and why not?”

“I don’t work on the weekend.”

“Excuse me!”

Grandma was flabbergasted.  She was in the private sector working 24/7 which she had done for twenty years. She was also over seventy years old.

“I work only Monday through Thursday,” he said smugly.

So Grandma contacted the Stockton chief of police hoping that he would get his junior to do his job.

“I am so sorry I can’t help you,” said the chief. His tone indicated he was not sorry.

“You don’t have anybody handling stolen goods.”

“Not any more, Mam., they had to close the department,” he said. “Taxes are down.” It was a make wrong.

She was close to tears. Losing all that inventory was likely to close her business down.

She asked just one last question,” “As a matter of interest, what are your hours Sir? I have been trying to reach you also for a couple of weeks.”  (Not much luck, for she knew that after all this delay the inventory would be long gone)

“You can always reach me but only on a Tuesday to Friday,” he said smugly.  “I also don’t work on the weekend.”

City employees have a cushy job that is funded by the taxpayers contributions and they have this while they are working, but it gets even better after they retire. Municipal pensions are typically 50% or more of the salary they were earning when working. The average pension paid out per ex city worker per year (including those working for much less than a full career) is a generous $31,653; and then they also get Social Security after age 65.

Grandma tells this story because she wants you to see the similarity to the nation. With a lot still so much that is positive going for it, why is America on the verge of bankruptcy?  Is it the free-loaders that are taking America down? It seems to Grandma that the rich and the idle poor now both live off the efforts of the middle class producers.  Of even bigger concern is how long we and our children will enjoy freedom if too many of us have lost the will to work?

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 Quote of the Week

“The first challenge to solving a problem is recognizing there is one.” Carla Sequist


About Money in Medicine

This post is for you from Grandma

This post is for you from Grandma

She wants you to read this giggle story on the sister blog, the Creative Homemaker

The cost of medications had skyrocketed until they reached a level higher than what the average man could pay. Big Pharma had decided that they would have to find someone to pick up the exorbitant tab. When electronics also entered into the field of medicine with its expensive diagnostic machines, one after another hospital (all in deep fiscal trouble) began to fail. All over the nation (and especially in Health Care) the numbers just weren’t adding up.

Costs had to be slashed and the day had come when austerity even reached the Department of Volunteers. . . .

The Day the Volunteers went on Strike

The Day the Volunteers went on Strike

Quote for the Week

The art of medicine is in amusing a patient while nature affects the cure. Voltaire


Griping Grandpa on Professionalism

Complaining Grandpa

     Griping Grandpa 

What You See is Not Always What You Get

My dictionary defines the word professionalism as: “The skill, competence, or character expected of a member of a highly trained profession.” To me, the word brings to mind people such as doctors, dentists and lawyers. Bankers also used to be included in that category, but I dropped them from the list. I won’t even talk about the politicians!

While it is true that many individuals in the medical and legal fields are skilled, competent and of unquestionable integrity, my concept of professionalism further includes the idea of providing a clearly defined desirable product for a clearly defined price and completed within a clearly defined time frame.

Medical practitioners often fall short in that area. Of course, one cannot always guarantee the outcome of a procedure, but it is possible to predict a typical result. Case in point: Not long ago, I underwent a routine medical operation. My doctor performed many of these over the years and he and his staff should have an excellent grasp of the total cost to the patient. This would include the doctor’s fee, cost of using operating facilities, anesthetic fee, and cost of medication.

Money motivated doctors

Seniors have a right to Reliable Cost-Estimates on
Medical Procedures

We inquired about the total cost before the operation, so we could budget, but even though there were no complications in the procedure and everything went smoothly, we ended up paying more than double what we had been quoted. Not a good idea, as that not only caused us stress in paying the bill, but it also lowered our trust and respect for a doctor we had happily been seeing for many years.

Not telling the patient ahead of time what to expect is sloppy. My doctor could learn from my mechanic of many years. When I take my car in for repairs or a service, he gives an estimate of how much it will cost and how long it will take. He almost invariably completes the job ahead of schedule and charges me less than his original estimate. And, once fixed, it stays fixed.

Now that is professionalism.

 Quote for the Week

The public do not know enough to be experts, but know enough to decide between them. – Samuel Butler

Grandma Thunder on Hypocrisy

old lady and cat in rain  Are we being robbed blind?

There is an election around the corner.  But all around me I still see business going on as usual. There is  noise, a lot of money thrown around, some kindness and some nastiness, but what concerns me most is that I still see that the system is skewered in favor of the rich, the powerful, and the corrupt.

eye with dollar sign Free Book : Magic Money

“Cinderella’s Ugly Sister” partied with “Big Ears” in Hawaii at Christmastime in a room that cost $10,000 a night.  At the same time in Fresno there were fields of homeless going cold and hungry.

A record number of Americans (43.6 million) are using food stamps. Not good, not good at all!  It is we who pays for that. Yet the leading bank that administers the program made $5.47 billion in net revenue, a portion of it off that food stamp program.

The super rich of the world are hiding their wealth in offshore tax havens, to the tune of $21 trillion and get your wits around that amount. This is as much as the American and Japanese GDPs combined.

In the year 2010 the top ten banks in the world managed more than $6 trillion, up from $2.3 trillion five years before.  Goldman Sachs was included in this number, previously bailed out by the American taxpayer.

The rich and good looking wannabe President is being blamed for his past ability to survive and prosper in a system of capitalism running amuck.  We should hold him culpable only to the degree that he considers “all is still okay” and that he intends to go forward without correcting the system.

Even during the two-year recession with people losing their homes and jobs, Big Pharma is still the nation’s third most profitable sector. Evidence is coming to light that an $80 billion financial commitment from the drug companies gave ObamaCare its first momentum. (sic)

unhappy child

Federal spending on children has declined for the first time in 30 years.  Projections estimate that federal spending on children will continue to decline. Currently 20% is allocated to defense, 6% is allocated to paying off the debt, and 10% goes to the children. In the year 2020 it is projected to have gone down to 8%

Note: Children born today are each being given a debt that needs to be paid off in their lifetime. Get you wits around this number, each and every child now owes $36 million.

So are you surprised that you are struggling?

Quote of the Week

Because power corrupts, society’s demands for moral authority and character increase as the importance of the position increases.

John Adams


Is there a Right and a Wrong Way to have a Cataract Operation?

To see or not to see?  Bad eyesight tends to catch up with us as we grow older

I can remember my mother complaining that her arms weren’t long enough to read books and my father trying to install brighter lightbulbs in the house so that he could see better.

Griping Grandpa Griping Grandpa on Glasses

Recently, yours truly, Griping Grandpa, had cataract surgery. The operation was a breeze and the clarity of my vision is much improved.

There is one problem, though.

Prior to the operation I had to decide on what type of lens to get for each eye – optimized either for close-up or distance vision. I chose close-up for the left eye and distance for the right eye, figuring that I could get the best of both worlds. Not true!

Before the operation I was nearsighted and only needed glasses for driving. Reading and computer work.I could do without glasses. My mistake was to choose my weaker left eye for close-up and the strong right eye for distance vision.

As I found out much to my dismay, most of my activities require  close-up vision – I only need distance vision for a few things, like driving, which for me is very much a part-time activity. While my distance vision has improved dramatically, the net result is that I now need reading glasses in addition to the usual driving glasses, which is a real pain in the you-know-where.

If I were to do it over again, I would choose close-up vision for both eyes. That way I would need glasses only for driving.

If cataract surgery is in your future, and it well may be, make your decision, based on what is going to work best for you.

For me there’s hope;. My wife had the same surgery a few years ago. Now some years later, she seldom has any need for glasses and amazingly her vision continues to settle in and change and to improve!.

Whether or not you wear glasses, take some time out to feast your eyes on some beautiful pictures with us at

Have a great day of looking!

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The large print giveth, but it is the small print that taketh away.
Tom Waits, Small Change


Hello New World!

Here we come, two old geezers who have something to say!!!!

01 transparancyWe have been around for better than half a century, a time that was good to seniors. We are grateful for a good life and the past American prosperity. As we move up into the twenty-first century we find we are up to speed. We know computers and we even use a smart phone!  When our fat fingers hit the right keys we can even TEXT!

Most grandparents work and we run three businesses Picture Lady,
Small Business Prosperity and The Aging Shoppe.

Neither of us were born in America, but we have taken time to study the heritage of our adopted country.  We have fallen in love with the American Constitution.

Where we differ from other seniors is that it is long, long ago that we went to work on a 9-5 schedule and we have almost forgotten what this feels like. Our kids remind us, as do our loyal customers and we feel their stress. We have been around long enough to remember a corporate world that was one big happy family and where those running the show were kind to their workers

As we introduce ourselves in this blog, I want you to know that we lean towards optimism and we do believe it is going to get better. You will find biting sarcasm and satire here, but don’t think for a minute that we think we are poised on the brink of the unthinkable. No doom and gloom here!

We shy away from both the Alt LEFT and the Alt RIGHT; holding an Independent View. We think that what is of more importance, and what is causing more upset than either is the Digital Revolution.


We are Grandma Thunder and the Griping Grandpa and we write with tongue in cheek.  We have been around long enough to have the self confidence to speak up about what needs to get changed.

Welcome to our blog. Come and see us often.

Hello New World!.

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I want to be part of things that are tangible, beautiful, and soulful, rather than just give in to the digital age. But when I talk to people about this they say, “Yeah, I know what you mean,”
and then stare a their mobiles

Jack White

peter2Griping Grandpa is the pen name for Peter Verhoeff. Born and raised in the Netherlands, he made electronic engineering his career and later moved into computer programming and Web design. He also developed technical writing skills and wrote an eBook for small business. Peter now lives in the United States.

lynnLynn Verhoeff (Grandma Thunder) writes murder mysteries, and satire on mainly two themes, Banking Corruption” and the conflict between Globalism or “Might is Right” vs. the Constitutional Republic with its “Balance of Power”, & “Consent of the Governed”
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