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We are Peter and Lynn Verhoeff; married 38 years, with one son who is called Charles. He is married to Jody with two beautiful children Sofia (3) and Brooklyn (3 months)

Peter: I am a business owner, computer programmer, grandpa and technical writer.

I was  born in the Netherlands and have lived in France and South Africa.

I have been around computers for almost half a century; I love them and for the most part I understand them.

I can see how the digital world can be confusing to seniors, for it is hard even for me with all my computer experience, to keep up with all the changes.

I am writing this blog to improve conditions, to simplify computer terms and functions for others and to provide other seniors with relevant and useful data.

Lynn: I am a grandma, writer, and a small business owner.

I was born and raised in South Africa where I earned a B. A. – U. E.D. (Bachelor of Arts – University Education Diploma) I began my working life as a teacher.

I write under the pen name, Ella Bevan, Bevan is my maiden name. I write satire.

Peter and I have two small businesses that almost support us and these are Picture Lady Home Products & Small Business Prosperity.

I am writing this blog hoping to change ideas, and current bad economic conditions, so as to give the children of the future a fighting chance.

Peter and I both agree that the wrong thing to do is nothing!

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