The Ogre in the Closet (2017)

Will 45 be swallowed up by corporate cronyism as was 44?

Or will he DRAIN THE SWAMP and out-create the FISCAL DANGER?  


The real problem with ObamaCare is fiscal. The books are just not balancing.

The real problem with the Resistance is the money: Too many corrupt parasites losing government hand-outs they have grown used to, from Obama

The real problem underlying Justice is that during the Obama years, the corrupt corporations (crony capitalism) and their crooked lobbyists were able to get their greedy hooks into the Deep State, the Pentagon, and our justice system. They have been mis-using the force of government to keep an unfair privilege. Huge problem with government contractors (& lobbyists)

Trump (45) has signaled an end to this corruption. He is standing in their way and they have decided he must go.

Let’s become historians and take an objective view of the last eight years (fiscally)

Here is the real problem. Each time the debt ceiling goes up, so does the spending; non-military or essential spending can be broken down into crony-contracts and pork


I am going to take the year 2013 as the microcosm that illustrates the macrocosm of what we are facing in Washington today.

Every September our “trusted” lawmakers follow the same cycle that has played out in each of many prior fiscal showdowns, with many prior Presidents, Congresses and Senates. This budget is traditionally crafted in secret and typically given to lawmakers to vote at the very last minute. Just before the vote the pork is shoveled in.

As the nice Government Men approach the edge of the fiscal cliff, they posture and bluster, spin their agendas and propagandize. Finally they settle on a deal that they can all live with, the bribes are paid and all agree they have crafted something good for Republicans and for Democrats alike. What is never said, but what is true, is that once again corporate America is making out like a banshee.

The final bill is invariably a very bad deal for the taxpayer.

We heard a lot during the Obama years about the fight over automatic budget cuts — otherwise known as sequestration — these apparently went in but it didn’t solve the problem of the overspending. On the other hand it was very much part of the spin, of how they hide an issue away in the dark closet where taxpayers do not go looking.

Of all the Presidents, sadly Obama has the worst spin and spending record.


The amount of debt the nation is now carrying is astronomical and each time the ceiling is raised spending rises commensurately. The debt ceiling has been raised 11 times since 2001 and each time the federal spending went up.

Here is a fun-fact: Most Democratic politicians in the house and in the Senate opposed raising the debt ceiling during the administration of George W. Bush.  In fact in 2006 a freshman Senator called Obama said:

“Mr. President I rise today to talk about America‘s debt problem. The fact that we are here today to debate raising America‘s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the U.S. government cannot pay its own bills. Increasing America‘s debt weakens us domestically and internationally . . . America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.”

Just after winning his second term in 2013 Obama had made a one hundred and eighty degree turnabout on the subject of money. He had learned to use the idle poor to reward his buddies, the idle rich (Buffet, Citigroup)

Lots of favors ere being called in after Obama’s 2012 election and he desperately needed to lift the debt ceiling to meet his obligations.   In 2013  he solved the fiscal cliff by shelving the legislation. This has become a classic ploy used by Democrats and Republicans to deflect attention from their fiscal irresponsibility.  Why-ever not hide contentious legislation way back in the big bad, black closet where all good taxpayers fear AND FAIL to look.

What a clever ploy. McConnell has become real good at it also, this is not a Democratic monopoly.  You can track the bribes to lawmakers at

Is this going to change under Trump? All the signals point in that direction. It seems that 45 is wide awake on all money issues. He wants to drain the swamp. This is why we voted for him.

To make him right let’s take a look at what was actually in that secret Fiscal Cliff legislation that got rammed through in 2013 under Obama when we weren’t looking?

Here are a few choice tidbits:

Out of Control

Don’t Panic – it’s all under Control

248 million for film production expenses (Hollywood gets a subsidy)

222 million for rum production in Puerto Rico

119 million for companies to hire Native Americans.

7 million for plug-in motorcycles

1 billion for tax credits for wind production.

Corporations and special interests received billions of dollars in tax relief and subsidies. (Big-agri got 5 billion to subsidize farmers in 2013) Do we want our government to pay big farmers to poison us?. Monsanto is still blocking fair labeling laws.

The 2013 bill allowed taxes to increase for 77% of Americans, thanks to the expiring payroll tax holiday.  Because Congress failed to extend the payroll tax cut, an individual who earns $26,000 per year was forced to pay over $500 per year in new taxes – that’s $20 taken straight from each paycheck. The bill effectively raised taxes on every American because it failed to account for any significant cuts in spending.  After all, every dollar of deficit spending is a future dollar that someone will have to pay in taxes down the road.

Kid on Pot with newspaper

Deferred constipation

This so-called “American Taxpayer Relief Act” was full of corporate welfare – targeted tax credits and subsidies for companies and industries. The bill actually spent $330 billion more than it took in with the tax hikes. So we the taxpayers of America are ripe for a tax-cut, and Trump has promised it to us. The problem, the crony corporate beneficiaries are having a conniption and fighting it.

Leader of the Senate is back to his old corrupt habits, BUYING VOTES.  With a corrupt Bronco in charge, lawmakers specially our corrupt lawmaker from Alaska bucks the system, knowing full well she can squeeze it for everything she can.  Is this legislating? How does this fit with the constitution?  Freedom dies in the Senate UNLESS WE FORCE IN TERM LIMITS.

There is an ogre hiding in the depths of the big, black closet and he makes fools out of Democrats and Republicans alike; He gobbles up the freedom of Congressmen, Senators and Presidents;  and with the help of a corrupt MSM this global ogre keeps us at each other’s throats.

So I am asking all people of good will, be they voters or legislators, Democratic or Republican to shine the light of fiscal accountability into that big, black closet:

Social Security and Medicare are very much at risk, as their coffers have already been raided to facilitate the corporate-crony spending.

Bernie Sanders has come out advocating lowering the eligibility age of Medicare to 55 years.  He does not talk about how he is going to pay for it? Sensible to raise the elig-age to 70, after all medicine has advanced since 1965 when we first got Medicare which has worked very well. However, we are living much longer these days if we exercise and eat right, and responsible Americans (like me) (75) and my husband (80) are out there still working and taking a pride in contributing to the social contract.

We have one of the oldest presidents in recorded history (70) and he outlasts and out performs the best of thee rest of us.

But Bernie wants to to dump two decades of welfare recipients into the equation. In America we want partners not parasites. So Maxine Water, Lefties and socialists like Bernie Sanders, quit whining and get to work before it is too late for America.

Looming danger

Looming danger

The problem in 2013 was that the fiscal bill was 154 pages long (not too bad as we have had many more complicated bills designed to obfuscate)

NOTE: our lawmakers were given only 6 minutes to read the bill before voting. This happens far too often.

The solution:
The single subject rule is provided for by many state constitutions in the United States of America. Its purpose is to avoid complexity in laws, to avoid any hidden consequences that legislators or voters may miss when reading the proposed law. This in turn prevents politicians from sneaking unpopular legislation through, piggybacked on legislation which is more likely to pass.

For example, the constitution of Minnesota, Article IV, Section 17, requires that “No law shall embrace more than one subject, who shall be expressed in its title.”

Sadly neither the U.S. Congress nor the U.S. Constitution has such a rule so riders which are completely unrelated to the main bill are commonplace. These have been often put into bills at the last minute, so that all who read the legislation before actually voting will not have a chance to catch the pork..

Now do you understand why it is taking so long to craft and pass a good healthcare bill. You take Big Pharma out of the ObamaCare equation and the bill will go through promptly.

Now do you understand the Resistance?

Now do you understand all the noise from Main Stream Media.

Now do you understand Russo-phobia. The Russian Nothing-Burger has been thrown into that dark closet, and it is now rotten and beginning to smell.

Quote for the Week

While it is commonly believed to take two to make a fight, a third party must exist and must develop it, for actual conflict to occur – Hubbard.