Understanding Global (Updated after Trump’s 100 days)

Power corrupts and Absolute Power corrupts Absolutely. 

Examine these mind blowing facts.

A little history; Our nation’s story began in 1776. and by 1900 American steel production had outstripped that of all other nations. The USA had over 200,000 miles of railroads by 1914, more than all the rest of the world put together. An abundance of American farm products and manufactured goods were being shipped abroad in American-made ships. A healthy balance of trade to say the least.

Sadly, the latter part of the 19th century a new corrupt aristocracy was forming, namely “corrupt captains of industry” bankers, traders and manufacturers, sometimes called “the Robber Barons”.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Big government was invented to bring “The Robber Barons”  to heel.  And so the progressive movement was launched. Move forward to the twenty-first century where under Obama it culminated in an out-of control nanny-state and  an out of control progressive movement.

Then along came Trump.

This is America’s third crisis, the first was when we won freedom from England and “might is right” corrupt royals.  The second was the Civil War and the third has been playing out for a long time. This is a systematic assault on our heritage and the fundamentals of the Constitutional Republic.  The fight is now out of the closet and America is waking up. 3-branches-of-govtIt is time to re-evaluate where we are going? Digital (computers) have accelerated a movement towards a secret one-world government percolating for well over a century.

What is the New World Order? It is is a group of international elites who truly believe they know what is best for us, and for the world. Some are sincere, some favor it so they can keep an unfair privilege. In a New World Order there would be an end to nation-states. Global oligarchies which already control the world, would do so openly. They would create obedient zones, North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, demonstrably corrupt and working through them, easy for global oligarchies to dominate.

At first glance the global idea may seem to have benefits for mankind, certainly it has an appeal to the international elite, the next strata down from the top one percent. These second-tier global players have accumulated wealth throughout the last century.  This is the strata of billionaire players who have learned to game the system in their better (often immoral) interests.

Internet freedom

The New World Order is being sold to all as a world without war, with equality and fairness for the benefit of all world citizens. When we look a little deeper we see that we are being played. Who stands to lose most under a Trump presidency. Is it not those who profit from an unfair elite advantage? “America First” stands in direct opposition to the NWO with its open borders and the arrogant right to move people around the world like pawns in a chess game, and to block reproduction. In a global order there is no room for an American Constitution with its balance of power.

Sadly the USA Deep State (bypassing the president & reporting to the global elites) has controlled foreign USA policy for the better part of the last century. We know this how? Ask yourself, “Why is Putin being given horns?” Is there even just one bad thing Russia or Putin done to America in this new century? He is beloved of his people, he defends his borders, he re-introduced Orthodox Christianity, likes the Christian moral code, lifted Russia out of Communism.

The Russian leader made one big mistake. Putin tried to take out the Rothschilds & SOROS at one time, probably impossible. The Rothschild empire/power has been building for over a century and the oligarchical banking interests are deeply entrenched.  On the other hand SOROS, Obama & Hillary are still weak, for they have no moral compass. We get Hillary and she will rat out Obama. We get Obama and he will rat out SOROS. What a beautiful world it will be.

We need an honorable FBI – still do not have one, but soon – Comey is gone and Rosenstein is a good man.  He will restructure the FBI and then Trump can get serious about draining the swamp.

George SOROS  has meddled in the elections of sovereign nations, he tried it with Russia. Putin wasn’t having it, he investigated, got & published the facts and expelled SOROS from Russia. Judicial Watch is collecting documented facts of SOROS crimes. Wikileaks has exposed SOROS corruption.   America knows all about Hillary’s crimes which were revealed in the last election, the only mystery why has she not been prosecuted.

 The swamp is draining.

Patriots do not want war, especially a war that does not serve America. Therefore the new Trump era is presenting a challenge to Global and the corrupt Military Industrial Complex and the treasonous Deep State (who serve their global masters)  The rot at the FBI reached its highest levels under the Obama Administration.

Let me reassure you, it is not all bad, there are good things happening in the world. first though we have to come up out of the dominance of the NWO.

Another part of the swamp is bubbling and this could play out in favor of patriots. After the death of the morally corrupt Rockefeller, it seems the NWO is breaking into two factions; Rothschild vs SOROS/ Obama. This divorce could  be be a good thing for America. We can use Rothschild banking and NWO Saudi oil money. We do have a problem and we are deeply in debt and they do have the money. It seems Trump is aware that he has to find $$$$ to fund infrastructure and to fund his wall. The big question will he be able to pull this off without losing his integrity and the support of those who supported him. As we drain the swamp, not to forget that banking reform is long overdue.  At a minimum Glass Steagall must go back in. . Also, it should not be possible for an investor like SOROS to profit from a decline, often a decline he himself orchestrates. Our lawmakers created the crazy banking rules that have given SOROS his power, and look how it has been abused.  I have found no record of SOROS ever building anything.  We are complicit, we need to hold our bankers and lawmakers to a higher, saner standard.

The unpopular SOROS/Obama faction are on record for the funding of violence, chaos and insurgency through the SOROS Open Society Foundations. They have meddled in the elections of other countries. The SOROS money is global and it should be illegal for American lawmakers to accept such money.

There has been a deliberate effort over almost a century to destroy our Constitutional Republic. Trump put the people front and foremost and promised  GOVERNMENT ONLY WITH THE CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED. This is why he is our president.



Power Corrupts and absolute Power corrupts Absolutely

Thanks to this election, more Americans are researching, reading books, going to the Twitter feeds of our leaders, and attending rallies. Many have assumed a responsibility to find out the truth FOR THEMSELVES, and many more share their realizations with others in social media. They can now see that Russia like America, like Europe is under a global assault.

That said, there is a history of bad blood between America and Russia, and Putin has to be dealt with fairly, but from a position of strength. Trump understands this. He is no pawn in Putin’s chess game. He treats Putin with respect and so he should, they are the only nuclear country with weapons could reach America.  Detente with Russia could begin a new golden age.

NOTE WELL: Article One Section Eight of the Constitution says “To CONGRESS is given the power to declare war.” War may only be declared by Congress (after due investigation, inspection AND DELIBERATION of the facts. Hostilities against a neutral state are also seen as acts of war and not mere violations of neutrality. Under Presidents Obama and Bush the Executive violated the Constitution in its foreign policy and caused harm and yes, there have been consequences.

So the propaganda line that global brings peace, it just doesn’t hold water. On the contrary. Patriots, working together and honoring our differences with no intent to DOMINATE and no coercive use of BIG GOVERNMENT, this is what makes for world peace. 

When we look back in history we see that we prospered when we followed our constitution. It is the constitution that polices corruption. Could it be that when our lawmakers all learn and fully understand and follow the constitution that there will again be peace and prosperity?

Let’s get SOROS & his money and his ANTIFA thugs out of our civic life;  investigate and prosecute HRC and Obama for crimes done in SOROS name.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

More than any other industry, international banking has profited from GLOBAL. Today (although they are declining in number) we have more investment bankers than lawyers, doctors, or those who build things.

For nearly a century, the world has depended on the protection and leadership provided by a strong, independent United States of America. Considering the corruption that absolute power always seems to bring, a powerful world government could be a catastrophe.

My father was not an American but he would have loved America. He had a warm heart, a nimble mind and a free spirit. I could always rely on his wisdom during troubled times. Sadly thanks to the unchecked global corruption of the past fifty years, (four past GLOBAL presidents) America and the world has entered into troubled times. Can we trust the creators of the New World Order to have our better interests at heart?

Dad said, “In troubled times mend your relationships and reinforce your roots.” Love to see a strong relationship with France and England go back in; it would be like old, good times.

With this in mind I signed up for this free online course on the American Constitution (one hour a week for ten weeks). There I found solutions.

I also  found it liberating in these troubled times.  There is freedom in understanding what good government is. Guess what it is always only government with and by consent of the people.

What we don’t want is a global agenda where we are being played. We don’t want a movement operating in secret designed to keep for some an unfair and corrupt privilege

Much depends on Donald Trump and how well he and his Team-Trump understands global.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. 

Quote for the week

“Nearly all men can control adversity; but if you want to test a man’s character, give him Power – Abraham Lincoln



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