A New Civil War (2016)

Civil War 2016 rages on . . .

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In the eighteenth century we went to war, a horrid civil war with many dead.

Today we have a new civil war that is going to play out  in election 2016 and the outcome is as yet quite undecided.

We pray that civilization has now advanced far enough that in this new war for control over America ( and the world) that the any unnecessary use of force will be averted. It could be that that depends on your full engagement in the political process.

The problem: 

How to survive as a free, robust, pure republic while retaining our constitutional rights in the face of a very real threat from ass-holes that we have come to call terrorists.  

The players:
The Liberty Movement.
The Liberal Socialists.
A Military Industrial Complex
Justice and the Courts
Independent Voters

Round One goes to the Liberty Movement; thanks to a strategically astute stand by Presidential Candidate Rand Paul  the Patriot Act is set to die. Unless the IC do something before or when the Senate meets again on Sunday, section 215 (pronounced unconstitutional by the court) is set to slide into darkness.

The Patriot Act was conceived during a national crisis. With some time and distance behind us can the House construct a better solution to the problem. NOT an easy problem but I do believe they can.

There are two and only two crimes: Not taking the time to come to understanding, and secondly failing to engage in the political process in this critical time.

It could be that 2016 the world is on the tipping point and it is you and only you who will determine the outcome of this new war.

Quote for the Week

Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’ because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual. – Thomas Jefferson. 

The Pros and Cons of Electronic Surveillance.

 (Excerpt from Politics IOU by Grandma Thunder)

From the Political Research Foundation:

Has the Intelligence Community overreacted to the threat of terrorism? Do we have a handle on just how real this threat is to our national security, not when the towers came down but the threat in present time, right now?

God coin sinking

The Federal Government has authorized B.O.S.S. to conduct unlimited electronic surveillance on the citizens of the New World and to store this information in one BIG biometric database. Once upon a time before all the snooping on our citizens the intelligence community were required to prove that a specific crime had been committed, now with the BOSS Act this restriction is no longer. Electronic data can now be collected on anyone, anytime and in any way. The Department of Justice (which mistakenly exists in the Executive but has nothing actually to do with Justice) can nowadays peek into your computer and listen in on your phone calls whenever it so chooses. If it doesn’t like what you are saying, you are in trouble for there is no recourse, no recourse whatsoever under the BOSS Act which operates under a separate secret court.

We asked the presidential candidates to comment:


Priscilla Laws: (Candidate for the Establishment)
There is a HUGE terrorist threat which adversely impacts our lives. The oil, our gold and our diamonds are at risk. We have to act quickly against terrorism, faster than the bureaucratic checks previously provided by the courts, in order to properly protect our resources. The intelligence failed in the past. The reason for this was too many disparate intelligence communities. This is the main reason for BOSS. We have eliminated situations where the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing in the intelligence community. We have eliminated duplicate functions, creating a far more efficient intelligence department. In this regard the administration collects data using all means available to it, and certainly it collects electronic data for that is the quickest. The government uses facial recognition mined primarily from Social Search and Media to identify and apprehend terrorists. Before we had fingerprinting but with BOSS we now have retina scans and facial feature recognition.

Spying on American Citizens

This is a true state of Emergency: The authority on which the Federal Government has been setting up this biometric database is vested in the “Commander in Chief” by the constitution, for these are very dangerous times.

McClosky: (the libertarian candidate)
The “probable cause” requirement of the fourth amendment has the purpose of keeping the Federal Government out of our lives unless it has reason to believe that a specific crime has been committed. It prohibits inspection before the fact; by this I mean the assumption of guilt before the objective facts have all been assimilated.

Citizens living in the free world have the god-given right to express their political beliefs without fear of government censor; we should have this god-given right to speak on the phone, to write our opinions, and share our observations on social media, without anybody snooping on us or restricting our communication.

The Constitution Party opposes  the BOSS Act in every way.

The Federal Government refuses to consider debate on this subject because their top DOJ officials have already considered all the relevant arguments for and against, behind closed doors. The President tells us they have worked out the perfect formula for sacrificing privacy to security. What is this formula? You will have to take his word on this, because, guess what? Even his formula is secret and classified.

I recently talked with a BOSS official. He was trying to dicker with our party financials and he was getting it all wrong. Luckily I was still able to set him right on the finances. He was a good guy and we straightened out the misunderstanding. Or so I thought we had? As an afterthought I asked him about surveillance drones.

“Cool,” he said, “We got eyes and ears in the sky! Soon we are going to arm these. Then, Senator, if you put a foot out of line again, we got ya!”

Note: He had just conceded I was innocent of any wrong doing and that he was the one who had made a mistake. I realized it was a moot point; The Federal Government has the guns and in his federal view might is right. Instant punishment! Instant pain even when you are not guilty! That is why they want to take away our guns.



Gonzali Larkin:  
(Representing the Producers Party)
He didn’t send in a written response, he dropped in to see the Foundation personally, considering this subject a matter of high importance.

The third party candidate began lightly: “If they want to snoop into my bedroom, maybe I can teach them a thing or two!”


He grinned, “My son yesterday got one of those scare spam calls telling him that the Government knows all about his porn surfing on the web” ; he nearly jumped out of his “too tight” teenage britches.


“We are already two thirds into a new digital culture and marketers have used electronic cookies to collect data on potential customers for nearly thirty years; I am not all that concerned: Actually one can use technology to protect against electronic snooping. Did you know that?”

Most of us didn’t know and he promised to send us the tech-tools to protect ourselves.

When he continued, his tone was a little more serious.  “BOSS collects and stores the full content of photographs, emails, chat transcripts, and other documents that don’t belong to them, actually these belong to us. They say they are keeping this data secret but it seems they can’t even keep our sensitive data secure, for we have already had several whistle-blower leaks to the Press!”

More Laughter.

He went on:  “For locating and tracking people BOSS relies on facial recognition. In Silicon there is a popular shift towards using “selfies” instead of passwords. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t. Face recognition is not all that cut and dried, not yet. “The danger of permitting this kind of database is in the wrong profiling. I could walk past a mosque, or share wisdom from an admired religious leader (no longer in good standing) and my name could land on a red-hot, short-list. But don’t worry my good friends, I promise not to grow a beard in this world of arbitrary intelligence.

A few giggles.

That was when his smile faded, ” I didn’t come all this way down here to entertain you, I came to warn you”

“If they make a mistake and get it wrong and detain you or me, we could have our financial assets appropriated and worst scenario we could even be tortured with no chance to defend ourselves. Under the BOSS Act all is conducted behind closed doors where everything is secret. We are dealing here with a whole new structure of secret courts our standard judicial system has been compromised and is being bypassed.

We all pay lip service to the idea of a separation of powers between the Executive, the Justice and the Legislature.  Did you know that going all the way back to shortly after the civil war we have not enjoyed this separation of powers? No, I see that you did not know that.

What we now have is a new Intelligence Department created by a President and reporting directly to the President. This is a collapse of Justice and the Executive.

“We now have loyalist Power Czars hired and fired by the President. Such appointments are not ratified by the Senate. This is a collapse of the Legislature and the Executive.

“With these new autocratic dictatorial powers that are being assumed by the Executive how long before the Federal or Intelligence people feel they has the right to tell us how we have to think, and feel and act. The Executive has no right to establish our moral code, or what is considered as RIGHT and WRONG, UNDER LAW. This is why we have elected representatives so that our values filter up through a democratic process to become the law of the land.

“I warn you gentlemen that our real problem lies in the structure of our political organization, in its departure from what was intended by our founders; this is what has to be fixed.

Looking in on the world

You can solve it with transparency and consistent with our Time Proven Constitutional Rights

With Boss what we now have had is ten years of a secret court system deciding our rights without any oversight whatsoever, and without the ability to participate or even read the legal opinion of the secret judges; is this not the antithesis to any kind of due process of law.

Our nation is known for freedom all over the world and we have a responsibility to lead the world to sanity and to freedom.

Our founders fled to the New World to escape arbitrary rule and arbitrary justice in an old and troubled world, and for almost a decade in the face of a real terrorist threat we have been sliding backwards. We can solve this in a far better way.We have to solve this in a better way.

We don’t have to give up our rights. Evil proliferates only in the presence of secrecy. We have to craft an open-solution to the problem that is in no way contrary to our fundamental constitutional principles. I truly believe this is possible.

Stand up, turn around and lets keep the forward motion going. Stay free.

Quote for the Week
The Strength of the Constitution lies entirely in the determination of each citizen to defend it. Only if every citizen feels duty bound to do his share in this defense are the constitutional rights secure – Albert Einsten. 


Read Politics IOU  You can download it for free or even just dip into it chapter by chapter.