About Transparency- what we still don’t know over ten years later?

Does Government have the right to suppress data in this new Information Age?

We yearn for freedom

Absolutely not.

Before the infamous “911 Commission” was formed, Congress had its own 9/11 investigation…

From February to December, 2002, the Senate and House Intelligence Committees conducted a “Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Community Activities Before and After the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001.”

The shocking truth is that President Bush censored 28 pages from the report.

Members of Congress who wanted to read the missing pages were first required to swear an oath not to reveal their contents. President Obama promised to release the pages, but hasn’t yet done so; yet another promise broken.

What’s in those pages? 

We don’t know and that is what should be unacceptable to all men of goodwill in this new age.

What do we know about this report? We DO know these pages shocked the members of Congress who read them…

  • Rep. Walter Jones: “[T]he information contained in the redacted pages is critical to our foreign policy moving forward and should thus be available to the American public.”
  • Rep. Thomas Massie: “I had to stop every two or three pages and rearrange my perception of history…it’s that fundamental.”

What does this suggest?  That things in the Middle East, and perhaps in the world are not what they seem.  It also suggests that our Government is still withholding data from us and this is unacceptable. We do not want is the American public duped into supporting inappropriate acts of costly aggression which lower our standard of life. What we surely don’t want is more False Flags. It won’t happen if we all agree and demand transparency in Government.

Walter Jones and Rep. Stephen Lynch introduced House Resolution 14, which would declassify these 28 pages and they are to be commended.

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Excerpt from Politics IOU

. . .  The disgraced politician barricaded himself in his office where he read and reread every blog-post Majula had ever written. He wanted to reach out to her and to say, “you were right, blog queen, it was voter fraud, I was fraudulently elected; you were right the election was manipulated,” but it was far too late for that. He could honestly say “I didn’t know” but when had that ever been a justification? So instead now she had exposed it, he hid from the nation, he hid from the world and he hid from himself.  Barricaded in his officed he reread and reread and read again all her words. He finally came to admire her. However had she figured it all out when he,  who was the apparent benefactor of the scam, had had no idea?

He also came to agree with her vibrant message, voiced in so many different ways,  in so many posts and on so many different websites: She had written, “Transparency alone will flush out the evil, transparency will set us free.”  So it was that creating transparency became his new goal.

He withdrew from the presidential race, he withdrew from politics altogether, but he was not done. He was determined to use what power and influence that he still had for the greater good. The vehicle he chose was his Research Foundation; something he had started ten years before. He began to rework this institution to make transparency its mission.


News from the “Research Foundation.”

Did you know?

It is a comfortable idea that it is good to kill at a comfortable distance without having to put boots on the ground. B.O.S.S. (Bureau of State Security) claims that no New World Citizen is being targeted by drones yet the Security Agency refuses to give us specifics. The foundation asks,  “What are the real civilian drone casualties around the world?”

International watch groups place this number at over 5000 (mainly women and children). The national security world denies this number, but the foundation suspects their numbers are false for they count children over the age of twelve in a strike zone as militants; these young children who should be in school are being called guilty as charged and have no recourse.

drone two

We ask the presidential candidates to comment.

Gonzali Larkin:

(Representing the Producer’s Party)

This is a new technology, it is very powerful, expensive technology which can harm and destroy and as such it wants proper oversight. The real problem here is not that drones are being used to seek out and destroy our enemies, the real problem here is that there is actually transparently NO LEGISLATION that defines how we are to honorably use drones.

Under no circumstances would I approve the use drones on the citizens of our nation. That said, I do support the use of drones under certain, specific conditions to handle our enemies, those who seek us harm.

Yet is still have to ask where Congress stands on this matter? The Senate has been somewhat vocal on the suject of drones but there are still many questions.

My office has asked the DOJ but gotten no answers, there appears to be no satisfactory rules in place to govern how in the future we are to use this powerful technology, no safeguards on government using it against the people. It is all clouded in secrecy.

My office has been told there is a secret court and that there are secret laws governing their use, but I do not see that the legislature, Congress or the Senate  has clearly and transparently defined how we are to use drones in the future..

I hear there are sectet rules but I do not hold with this secrecy. Even when we attempt the freedom of information my office hits a blank wall.
So I have to ask, regarding the use by the military of drones, is Congress and the Senate doing their sacred duty? I am deeply concerned that we are fast (again) becoming a country that condones arbitrary force.

Is this not what our founders fled to the New World to get away from?

drone three


(Representing the Religious Right)

I fully support the use of unmanned aircraft to kill suspected terrorists. This is a religious war that has played out for centuries and I know it is a righteous war because God has now given us the technology to handle it. We have to realize that our way of life is superior and it should be praised and admired. It always amazes me that our lesser brethren do not happily accept the gift of a superior culture, but instead fight us. I have been briefed by the President and I am fully satisfied that there is adequate oversight of the drone program, and that it is being conducted within the rule of law. A president is tasked with the job of keeping his people safe. If he shuns the available defense tools in the pursuit of justice, he is not doing his job.

Priscilla Laws:

(Attorney General – running for President)

We have to carefully weigh the constitutional right to due process with the government’s obligation to keep us safe. The current administration strongly supports the use of drones. These have been useful in hitting and destroying terrorist cells on their own home ground and thus preventing terrorists from bringing their evil acts of violence onto our own sacred soil. Our administration has ordered a review into the oversight of drone actions and to this end we have established a special court to oversee instances where lethal action is being contemplated. We have also beefed up our Congressional Briefings and as President I look forward to engaging Congress to explore other options for increased oversight.

It is not possible nowadays or even desirable to deploy special troops on the ground, as this puts our own young men at risk. Furthermore putting our boots on the ground may trigger an international incident. The wonder of drones is that they can kill at a distance, while being controlled from right here at home. Regarding transparency: I see challenges in striking the right balance between security and an open society. It is important to keep information secret that protects secret operations.

dfrone four

Norman McClosky:

The President claims the unchecked authority to put desert people on “kill lists” on the basis of a secret determination, based on secret evidence, on a secret definition of enemy. If we let all of these secrets go unchallenged, how long do you think it will be before they put you and me on these same kill lists? With these new weapons of mass destruction a power czar would be able to sit in a situation room and press a button and with the new power of the drones, take out all of his political enemies. He would be able to do this with no valid congressional oversight, or any requirement of a declaration of war.


I regret to say that some of what we call terrorism is but a backlash; a payback for past imperial exploitation. I maintain that we do better when we apologize for the times in the past when we have overreached; when we take responsibility for our mistakes and make the appropriate amends and compensation. When drones harm civilians, should we not do all that we can to make up the damage to the civilian families who are in no way our enemies, yet we have harmed them?


If we want to take responsibility for leading the world to better ways, it will open the door to new friendly relations with the countries around the world and we can help them to control their own radical elements. Not all people are bad, in fact there is a majority of good people around the world everywhere. It is with these persons of goodwill that we should seek to engage. We are the super power, if we are fair and just we should not have to spend so much on military bases around the world, at the cost of our own poverty and infrastructure. If we were to take true responsibility we would not have an unfortunate state of perpetual war, a war of terror that has never been declared.

Our constitution does not give the security detail the right to act and commit international crimes in our name with no oversight from congress and with no true transparency.

Majula’s Blog

In living memory there have been three civilizing waves: the Agricultural, the Industrial and now the Digital-Electronic Wave. The changes we now experience are fast and furious and are akin to a gigantic wave that is descending on us. Imagine a powerful sea, with large waves breaking. The force of each new wave is met by the force of the prior wave receding. At the place where the two waves meet, their force is broken into a thousand swirling eddies. Is this the cultural confusion we are now experiencing? It is not the first time two powerful civilizing waves have met and wreaked havoc on society. It was the force of the Industrial Revolution that undid the old Agricultural Order of Kings and Aristocrats. The difference is that in those days it was easy to see the unfair advantage and it was inevitable that justice and fair play would eventually win out.

As the Industrial wave meets the Digital Wave, the conflict is both bigger and more subtle. This is because in the industrial order it is easy for bad men to hide, because of the split between the consumer and the producer. Those taking advantage learned to steal from both producer and consumer and they perfected the art of hiding. When men do not act to serve the greatest good, their activities MUST be conducted in secrecy.

But times are changing. Now we are all connected via the Internet. The glory of the Internet is that it brings with it a new transparency; it gives men of goodwill a tool to bring bad men and bad acts to the light of day. The web empowers the individual, connects people and groups, but most of all it mandates transparency. Those who have bad secrets are finally running scared and finally, if we truly come to terms with this, we can spot evil men by their efforts to keep their secrets.

Our economy is in disarray with too much debt and far too much unemployment, yet the corporate and financial orders still operate in what has now become unacceptable secrecy. As the old industrial model finally crumbles, it is exciting that we can replace the corrupt order with a better culture, maybe even a Golden Age, but we are going to need men of vision, men of integrity, and men who understand the new culture. I maintain that all men of goodwill should stand up and demand transparency, we should all demand transparency, each and every one of us we should demand transparency both in the corporate world and in government. It is only transparency that can flush out the old evil and the old industrial and banking corruption.

It may be hard for us to see and it may be hard for us to accept as we cling to our secrets while the energy swirls around us. It may be hard to see while the banking and corporate and military and political powers fight to maintain what has been their unfair privilege.

You and I can ride and command this new electronic wave, but only if we use our strong demand for transparency as the raft to keep us all afloat, not just in our nation but all around the world.

We can use transparency to help us create a better system – for if we don’t the new electronic wave will but absorb the old evil and the new wave which before was shining with such promise, could go black and crash and engulf us.


Quote for the Week

A lack of transparency results is distrust and a deep sense of insecurity.

Dalai Lama



Rand Paul announces for President

rand PaulToday I’m announcing I’m running for President of the United States of America because I want to defeat the Washington machine.

Our country is run by and for the special interests, and the career politicians in both parties let it happen.

And with your support here’s my plan to defeat the Washington machine and unleash the American Dream:

  • Term limits to get rid of the career politicians.
  • Require Congress to read legislation before they actually vote on it—read the bills!
  • Audit the Fed—we deserve to know what’s happening with our money.
  • Pass a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution—no more adding trillions in debt—time to pay it down.
  • Boldly overhaul the tax code—no more loopholes for the biggest corporations with the best lobbyists—give workers a tax cut.
  • Stop Common Core—school choice is the way forward.

… and I’ll take this message to every corner of America. I’ve been to Detroit. I’ve been to Ferguson. I’ve been to Berkeley. I’ve been to Chicago. I’ve been to Howard. Everywhere I go I bring the conservative message to the young, to those who are struggling, to those who the Left has failed… and they respond!

Ours is the winning message, but it is one that scares those who have profited at our expense.

So today I announce my candidacy for President of the United States.

I humbly ask you to help us defeat the Washington machine.

Today—right now—is when I need your help most.

Thank you.

Rand Paul