How they now Pass Laws is Beyond Crazy

Ratified by a GOP congress it has been a long and scary slide since 2008 into more poverty and more tyranny: 

Now once again we have had an abomination in a BIG OMNIBUS BILL that was passed by a Republican Congress in a way where it was impossible for them  to even have time to READ THE BILL   And, yes, hello, of course this bill, like many big omnibus bills before, it was riddled with many irrelevant DIRTY SECRETS.

In the bill which was not written by any congressman but rather by accountants, lobbyists and lawyers (legislation without representation) Dark Money Groups were again given protection to withhold the names of their contributors.  The S.E.C ‘s effort to create rules to force groups and corporations to disclose their campaign contributors was effectively blocked.  This is an unethical, and ugly move to keep the public blindfolded about who is writing the BIG CHECKS.

Note: Since the Citizens United decision in January 2010, politicians have collected more than $500 MILLION in  dark money from phantom donors according to the Center for Responsive Politics,

The way a law should be created is:

  1. A problem is seen
  2. A politician drafts a bill to solve same  problem.
  3. The bill is about only one subject, the solution to the problem. One bill, one subject. The bill description starts with a summary and is then expanded and has a conclusion at the end. it is all about the same thing – there is nothing new that is introduced into it.
  4. The bill is posted on the web where it stays at least six weeks.
  5. During that time it can be viewed by all who have an interest or who would be affected should the bill become law.
  6. IT MUST BE READ and studied by all the politicians who will be voting on the bill.
  7. Each politician has to instruct their aides and staff to inspect the bill in depth during the six week period  and look for ramifications – i.e. places where the bill will be contrary to the current body of law or create a destructive precedent.
  8. Each bill should also be investigated by the Department of Justice to police out vested interests or monopoly.
  9. After the six weeks the bill should be brought to a vote.
  10. When it is brought to the vote on the floor the proceedings should be videoed and all votes should be recorded. The video would be kept on record.

When we are looking at a funding bill , it should clearly state what is being funded and why. Facts and figures. There should be no extraneous data. One subject, one bill one vote. 

According to Senator Elizabeth Warren, Citigroup slipped in another pernicious bailout provision hidden in the most recent spending omnibus bill. Thank you Senator for your integrity. And you have been proven right; the Citigroup supporters were saying that that provision curbing banking corruption, is no big deal for it is all covered in the Volcker rule.  Hello? Now the FED (which I would like to point out does not have a place in our legislative process and refuses an audit) now in their infinitive wisdom, they have decided to put implementation  of the Volcker rule on the never never. Go figure. The losers? Yes Senator you are right. The losers are we the people.

But lest I lose you in the complexity of the legal and financial jargon that is designed to prevent understanding, let’s look at the exact out-point here. We have a simple system given us by the founders. and it works just fine. It also makes good sense. This is what we have to remedy, to get back in again. One transparent source, one subject, one bill, enough time for politicians to read the bill, enough time for the electorate to weigh in on the bill. A simple up/down vote ON THAT ONE SUBJECT. Now that would be sane legislation.

How have lobbyists and special interests gotten their grubby hands into our legislative process?    How dare they?  They are greedy and nasty and selfish and have no concept of the greatest good. And what they use to perplex and exploit us is plain and simple. They use those big, cumbersome bills that are in and of themselves a generality. It is all being done with Omnibus Bills which are introduced to Congress and not even ever read. Yet THEY ARE PASSED by the politicians we are electing.

legislative Responsibility

An omnibus bill is a proposed law that covers a number of diverse or unrelated topics. Omnibus is derived from Latin and means “for everything”. An omnibus bill is a single document that is accepted in a single vote by a legislature but packages together several measures into one or combines diverse subjects. it is a generality and in our legislative process allowing generality opens the door to dictatorship, monopoly and enslavement.

An omnibus bill makes for bad legislation and its effect is to destroy the democratic process.  Because of their size and scope, such bills stop debate and limit scrutiny. The Amendments that are hidden in them are NEVER in the greatest good.

Did you eve wonder how we get bad laws. Simple. This is how.

If we agree to laws being passed in this way we deserve to lose our liberty.

If we want to put an integrity back into Washington we have to first fix the system.

Restore a healthy Balance of Power

Quote for the Week

Anywhere, anytime ordinary people are given a chance to choose, the choice is the same: freedom not tyranny; democracy not dictarship, the rule of law not the rule of the SECRET police.- Tony Blair

Politics IOU

A World on the Tipping Point

This political novel is a work of fiction, yet it gives insights into our political history, our future and our constitutional process. It focuses on what is precious in our heritage.

The book has a touch of sex, a touch of violence and is sometimes funny.

Right now as we advance into an Inauguration of a President loved by the people, slandered by the LEFT and feared by the Global Elites, the parallels are scary.

The government we get is a reflection of our collective reality.

Why is this pertinent at this time?

This is a story of a little rotund man called Corkscrew by the opposition.  He is the president of the largest and most powerful nation in the world, yet (from his view) he is being treated unfairly because he is not eligible to run for a third term. He wants to be Emperor or perhaps even a global oligarch. The majority are beginning to realize that in the eight years that he governed, he didn’t really make their lives that much better. Yet and here is the rub: he is supported by the mighty rich global elites who are loath to lose an unfair advantage.  

This book is relevant because one week away from the inauguration of Donald Trump there are some very disturbing parallels.  False flags abound. What is being hidden? What don’t we know that we should know.

Definition of black propaganda – with lies and innuendo seeking to falsify perception, or to create a false reality, to justify a criminal act.

“derogatory information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.”

In America what is surfacing on social media is that there is NO evidence to support Russia having successfully influenced the American 2016 elections.  The LEFT lost because they chose an arrogant, inept and crooked candidate, Wikileaks exposed the DNC corruption. Assange has said his source was NOT Russian.

We can figure out that if Trump and Putin become friends, as both are AGAINST THE N.W.O. that the global game of open borders and regime change from above is over. Jacob Rothchild has said that Donald Trump is a danger to the N.W.O.

This book (Politics IOU) was written to raise awareness of how a hidden influence can tear apart the fabric of a culture. We lose our heritage only when we let others set out to exploit and divide us.

How we are controlled

In 2017 what is of concern is that:

  • That this election was fought bitterly and after the fight the nation has failed to heal. This shows us that somebody is still subverting us.
  • That false narratives being spread to de-legitimize the Trump presidency get debunked and disproven but then they pop right up again. As each lie is debunked, it seems to go away, but within a day or two the same old stale discredited narrative is resurrected on some different channel.
  • As the CIA baits Russia and Obama amasses troops on the Russian border what stands out loud and clear is that somebody wants World War Three but that it is definitely not the American people.
  • ONE BIG COLOSSAL outpoint:
    Nowhere is there any evidence of bad intent by Putin. He hasn’t eaten babies, he hasn’t been rude or nasty, he hasn’t assassinated an American president, or any other president of a sovereign nation, and no, he hasn’t even made a lewd or dirty pass at Michelle Obama. In fact as hostilities wind down in Syria, it is Russian boots on the ground, feeding and protecting the children and fixing the minefields to make it safe there again. Is it time to rethink good guy/bad guy?

    We are a constitutional republic. If nobody interferes with us we can agree to disagree and sort out our differences in the voter booth every four years.  That is the sane way to handle differences. It is a good system making for a smooth transfer of power. It only breaks down when those who favor “Might is Right” muscle in and try to subvert the system and sow seeds of unrest.

    Problems arise when the population is uneducated. Reading Politics IOU is an easy and pleasant way to remedy this problem and to figure out what is really going on. The best thing is it is FREE. Here is your free download. Politics IOU.

    America stays free if we refused to let ourselves be divided.  We have much in common whichever side of the aisle fits best with our reality.  We don’t have to let the oligarchies divide us.  We are all Americans first and foremost. We are all special.

 Some stable data:
  • That Russia is and will always be an opponent. Fair enough.
  • Putin has led Russia away from communism; that being friends with Russia may well be to our advantage in dealing with the communist China and the N.W. O.
  • That Putin supports Christianity, says he likes the moral and spirituality of a church.
  • That Putin expelled Soros from Russia
  • That Soros was/is Obama’s puppet master
  • That Putin opposes the global NWO and has cut the Russian economy free from centralized banking.
  • That the only gain from the Iraq war that cost us so much was a new Central Bank one of the first in the Middle East.
  • That the Syrian war was ILLEGAL, was never declared by Congress.
  • That the rebels causing the atrocities in Syria are set up and funded by Saudi Arabia, supported and armed by Obama & Clinton.
  • That ISIS was created & armed on Obama’s watch.
  • That this has all culminated in a Lame-duck president going rogue and signing an executive order to expel 72 Russian diplomats; a clear act of aggression. The big danger here is an American President who for some time has been acting like a king.

Liberals are still hurting because they lost the election. The press is very adept at putting a spin on things.  Political consultants aim to “smear” the political opponent and the press (guardians of the truth) are letting them get away with it. The art of the attack ad was created by GOP Karl Rove in daddy-bush days, but perfected in 2008 & 2012 by the Democrats. The attack ad gives political  power to special interests.

Definition of black propaganda – with lies and innuendo seeking to destroy another’s reputation.  Dr Ben has faulty memory, Trump is Hitler, Trump is anti-women, Trump is too-much-for women, Trump is racialist, Trump is anti-Muslim, Lying Ted, Low Energy Jeb, Crooked Hillary. These labels are GENERALITIES and like all GENERALITIES the clever voter spots that they are partly or largely FALSE. Things are never quite the way they seem.

The CIA, CNN, WaPo, Times, have come out in support of Russo-phobia. Why is this? That we have this much turmoil as we go into the Inauguration, is disturbing.


America is a constitutional Republic and Donald Trump is our president elect, so the popular vote is irrelevant. Where it becomes important is when half of the population don’t see this, and buy into “the injustice of it all”. They simply do not understand the electoral college. However know that it is questionable if Donald Trump even lost the Popular Vote.


Read Politics IOU – its FREE and may you never see your Politics in the same way again.


Quote for the Week

Interference of those who should have known better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most; that has made it possible for evil to triumph.

Haile Selassie