Why it is so important to Protect our Civil Liberties

Is it not the job of every American to protect our heritage? 

If you look at his map you will see that, although the USA is flawed, we are still among the luckiest people in the world.

Map of Freedom

In the United States we enjoy many rights that we hold dear: the right to worship freely, the right to think freely and to voice our opinions. Note that this system bequeathed to us by our founding fathers is in no way perfect, but this map shows us that we are still far ahead of the rest of the world. South America is not yet free but it is coming along.

If we are all to win the influence has to go from North to South and not the other way around. And as far as the rest of the world we need to make sure that the influence goes from West to East and that we do not accept totalitarianism.

Ours is not a fast system. Where we have erred is in trying to enforce our reality on others, to make them accept democracy too quickly.  These maps show clearly the advantage our system has in the world and given time and good leaders other countries will come to see this also. The problem is one of education, not war and the Internet is helping.

It has taken a long time for our politics to become inclusive. Society has had to grow beyond the bad idea of excluding certain segments of the population, like blacks and women. There are two more battles still playing out along these lines and these are gay rights and the rights of illegal aliens. Give it a little more time and these problems will also sort themselves out. We can’t short change the process We cannot prevent discrimination or even exploitation, but we are not all that far from making all people equal under the law.

Politics has been evolving in one other significant way. This is in a growing ability for the people to demand honest politicians. Finally we have the technology to demand transparency in government. At little or no cost we are now able to track the actions of our elected officials via the Internet. There is a simple truth and that is that corruption and evil cannot survive when the light of day is shone upon them.

Transparency International defines corruption as the abuse of entrusted power for private gain. It may surprise you to find that we in America enjoy relatively clean government, for there is a correlation between democracy and corruption. That said we still have a way to go. You can play your part by taking on the civic duty of watching your elected officials and writing them whenever they get out of line.


Map of Corruption

With the unique opportunity afforded us by the world wide web we are now able to hold our elected officials accountable. Power corrupts and the truth is that it is we who keep our policies in line but only if we are vigilant.

I laugh when I hear of Congresses low approval rate. Hello! Who is to blame? I don’t think I have the right to speak out or complain, except when I am doing my job to keep them in line. I think that is why the founding fathers blessed me with freedom of speech.

I write regularly to my representatives and have been gratified by observing positive change. It is easy to communicate regularly with your elected officials via

Downsize DC (https://downsizedc.org/)

Popvox (https://www.popvox.com/)

Popvox tries to bridge the gap between the input the public wants to provide and the information U.S. Senators and Representatives want from us.

Downsize DC wants to downsize and decentralize the government by restoring constitutional limits and the Bill of Rights.

Both sites make it easy to communicate to elected officials and both sites are informative.

We have had another election and this time there has been a major shift in power. Now Obama wants to turn back the clock. In no way a good idea.

Quote for the Month

“Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer;

 Let us not seek blame for the past;

 Let us accept our own responsibility for the future.”

John F. Kennedy

Grandma Thunder is political commentary that seeks to educate and go behind and beyond conventional thinking. With the country observably near a tipping point, is there something you can do to help to keep us prosperous and free?

Tipping Scales

Big Brother and the Concept of the Greatest Good

We need a referendum on Executive Clout – do we or do we not accept it?

The effort by Obama to autocratically resolve the illegal immigration issue by bypassing Congress, is not his job and collapses all that is best in our political system.

Executive clout We have a system of checks and balances that has kept us on track since the Constitution was first framed. It is not a perfect system but it has proven a workable system.It should not be undone.

This effort by Obama to undo what is a delicate and constructive balance between the three branches of government is at best an effort by Obama to be right and to reward the Latinos that put him in power in 2012.

At worst it is a premeditated crime by a crooked constitutional lawyer with a lack of a moral compass.

It is clear when looking at the comments by liberals on Facebook that the Liberal defense was orchestrated; They speak with one voice in the comments on Facebook. This proves premeditation. What I am hearing nnot from one but by many, is:

  • It is the fault of Republicans who sought to oppose Obama.(Justification)
  • Past presidents (some of them Republican) have also used Executive override.
  • It is legal (not true) This is being taken out of context.
  • It has precedent  This also is taken out of context.

We have to examine one more scenario; I don’t like it: but I have to put the question out there,  In how far is Obama an International Socialist pawn? Is his trashing of the American system and culture, a global plot?   A couple off things that have happened lend credence to this last and scary threat. This is the influx (invasion) of South American children crossing our borders. This had to be planned on a global scale; couldn’t have happened otherwise. I also look at Obama’s last election tagline “Forward”.  “Forward” shouted out at us from every podium where Obama talked in 2012. “Forward” is owned lock stock and barrel  by International Socialism. “Move forward beyond Capitalism” is the socialist battle cry.

Do we want Socialism in America?

The independent view is that both Capitalism and Socialism are corrupt and neither is a workable system in this day or age.

We have here an extreme danger which if not quickly brought under control opens the door to a global end-game after which we will lose all our freedoms, and we will lose what is left of our American culture.

America has already lost its prosperity on Obama’s watch.  Here are the figures.

Poverty rate 30 year HIGH ~15%
Labor participation rate 38 year LOW ~61%
Food stamps on all time HIGHS
Avg family income 8% LOWER 
Individual income 7% LOWER 
GAP between middle class and top 10% WIDER
Black unemployment 3% HIGHER
5.5 million more people BELOW poverty line
Home ownership 4% LOWER
Healthcare cost increase 25-40% HIGHER

In the last two years of his term, Obama lacks credibility. He has to be stopped.

The only way I can see this happening is that the opposition from Republicans and Independents and even Liberals with a conscience,  come together and act as one.  We need to make it quite clear that Obama meddling with our system will not be tolerated even if we impeach him. Until now although I saw him to be a liability, I was happy to have him live out his term. This overreach ha changed my mind.

My advice to all who see the danger is to have a referendum ON EXECUTIVE CLOUT. Do we in America want a king or autocratic rule or a dictator?

We can go the way of the courts and we should, but I am warning that we may be up against a shyster lawyer, I doubt that any process that takes too long will win the day. There are shady parts to the law and bribed or threatened or blackmailed judges, and I suspect the control of the courts was well in hand before Obama stuck his neck out.

Obama's crown

The only thing that will save freedom in America is a quickly executed referendum. Let the American people decide if they do or do not want to be governed autocratically.

Is there a precedent for solving a problem like this with a referendum? I do not know the answer. But I also ask if there is a precedent for a President usurping the role of the Senate and the House to make his own laws.  .

Note: our legislators are elected by the people and were returned to office in larger numbers in 2014. It can be argued that the 2014 election was a referendum on the Obama solutions and that these were repudiated


Obama's throne

Do we as Americans want to go back to having a corrupt King?

A few words on Immigration:

One thing I see missing in Obama’s immigration law is the demand that immigrants learn English. Our culture is embodied in our language. That is why this is so important.

Compare Mexico to the USA (same continent)  Why is Mexico poor and riddled with lawlessness?. Their poverty and crime and gang warfare is embraced in their language and their ideas and their history; theirs is a lawless culture. This is why we do not want to import their lawlessness here. Like Obama, it seems they do not have an innate respect for the law. We should not be forced by Obama to take on the Latino culture.

It is only fair and just to allow some immigrants in from Mexico but they should come with enough to start a business, and they should be fluent in English. Not because English is better or Englishmen are superior but it costs a lot to have more than one official language and we cannot afford that right now.

It has been proven that the American heritage and culture has produced prosperity or why is it that we all these immigrants want to come into our country. They are welcome but only if they adopt our work ethic, the language of the majority and don’t bring any baggage with them.

In conclusion
If the electorate chooses to keep a legislative integrity (for that is what is at stake here) or even if they choose to support the Obama’s law, order will go in again. We now have a major confusion that Obama that has brought into our fine land.

Confusion is counter productive and it is destructive and this confusion should not have been introduced at this time, for it is not in the common good. This is not a good time. 

What we want is for our leaders to bring back order.

What we don’t want is leaders who introduce confusion and seek to bypass the laws of the land.

Let’s have a referendum and then we can all move forward together AS AMERICANS.

We let Obama win this battle, and the slide to rule by tyranny will have begun.

After that it will all go downhill very fast.

Quote or the Week

The liberties of our country, the freedom of our civil Constitution, are worth defending at all hazards; and it is our duty to defend them against all attacks.

Samuel Adams


The Meaning of the Midterm Elections

The GOP has the Day!   They have the Senate and Congress; the House is theirs!

Where to from Here.

We have just witnessed a major shift in power in Washington. This was a singular GOP achievement.  What was impressive was how they pulled together to pull it off. We even saw Governor Christie (not up for election at this time) go out to stump and raise a record $106 million for his fellow Republican Governors.

Here are the early results:

Election Results 2014

In numbers elected governors.

A fine job this midterm election, but not a done job.  Congress still has a low approval rating, and the attendance at the polls was a far cry from the 80% participation our founding fathers enjoyed in the early years.

There has always been much fanfare and big promises made during, or just after an election. Unfortunately what followed as the governing began, was little real or meaningful reform? Is this why we have this disenchantment with today’s politicians? They rarely keep their promises.

Could the reason be that unseasoned officials (on both sides of the aisle) are more intent on being right or raking in a buck, rather than in actually solving problems for us?. On the other hand they may face forces we know not of. Whatever Grandma still thinks this is the correct yardstick by which to measure their success or failure.

Have to look at compromise during the next two years.  To get anything done with Obama still at the helm is going to be difficult.  Obama has the veto power not to mention his drove off donkey-czars. All legislation sent up to his desk for signing will have to be cut and dried, and to embrace the better interests of ALL the people, the kind of legislation he cannot afford NOT to sign.

The Tea Party activists scream “no compromise” for they fear a socialist agenda, but at the other extreme, so do the corrupt vested interests who also use this “never compromise” refrain to impose an unconstitutional level of party discipline on the house internal vote; and all in order to keep their own unfair privilege.  In both cases intransigence is justified (laugh out loud) by calling it constitutional. I want to point out that the gentle art of compromise is very much a part of our political heritage and it has always been there right from the beginning. When a politician compromises it doesn’t necessarily mean he has abandoned his core values. Maybe he just has a supreme ability to find common ground or to make the other guy right (never wrong for that doesn’t work) while still holding to his own course.  Maybe he has the ability to see the other person’s needs and point of view. Maybe he knows how to be persuasive by first acknowledging the other. Only when he has gained some agreement will he put forward his own agenda. Compromise is a conversation.

Did you know that the Founding Fathers  actually rejected party politics and chose representative government over party caucuses. Grandma shares their view, is why hers is an independent voice.

Our constitution came into being because the founding fathers had mastered the art of persuasion and knew when and how to compromise. In fact the Constitutional Convention was a quarter of a year’s exercise in compromise. Yes they compromised on the smaller details, but they never strayed from the essential principles, those fundamentals that secure our liberty and prosperity. So they must have defined these core principles and understood them well. Grandma admires the sincerity of the Tea Party activists but she does see that some compromise is going to be needed to make the next two years work.

What should be avoided on both sides is polarity. Polarity is making self right and teh other guy wrong. Our Founding Father’s intended to include  everybody in the final outcome of this game that we call America, and once elected Grandma thinks our new leaders should have the same goal.  The constitution wasn’t a perfect solution by any means,  but this carefully crafted compromise has worked for us for a century or two;  once again in this last election.

So let’s take a look at our new leaders:

Mitch McConnell
McConnell has been the Minority Leader of the Senate since January 3, 2007.  He is  the second Kentuckian to lead his party in the Senate. He is also the longest serving U.S. Senator in Kentucky’s history.

Apparently he has always wanted to lead the Senate and this is his dream fulfilled. He  understands that the Senate is a place for open debate, intended by the founders to be a deliberative body; something Harry Reid didn’t understand. In the Obama administration, Reid was the fall guy. We go forward now with a newly naked Obama into the next two years.

McConnell  seems to know that open debate takes time and it seems he is willing to put the Senate to work and demand long hours. Hello! We might even get a hardworking Senate setting a good example and educating Congress in the value of good old fashioned, hard work.

An interesting fact: I doubt that McConnell could have pulled it off without the loyal support of Rand Paul.  Not only was there a major shift in power from Democrat to the GOP in this last election, it would also seem there was a subtle, albeit fragile shift within the party away from the old corrupt order, and towards the new idealists.

What I really like about the Senior Senator from Kentucky is how he is a committed team player. He even answers questions and acknowledges supporters on his Facebook page – now that is something even Rand Paul does not. In my mind as a public person, that makes him  special.

The way I see him is he is a seasoned politician with a big heart,  I think we may have truly lucked out to have him at the helm.

For now he has my full support but I am watching for I don’t yet know him, and I plead guilty that like many others I was taken in by Obama.

As he has done in his own state of Kentucky, I am thinking however that Mitch McConnell may just make it his first order of the day to break the log-jam and actually get something done!

Rand Paul
I think Rand Paul has the potential for greatness; as Times Magazine says, ” He is the most interesting man in politics today.” Paul sees the bigger picture, he is man of vision. He is dedicated to a true Republic.

He is the author of “The Tea Party goes to Washington” but has been pilloried by Tea Party members, especially those who hold to fixed positions.

Since 2011 he has served as the junior Senator in Kentucky and a great measure of his success is in how he has forged a strong relationship with Mitch McConnell, his senior Senator. Earlier he also created good relations with Mitt Romney.

I have seen him show respect, make friends as needed, laugh and enjoy life, yet somehow never to lose sight of his core position, which is all about liberty and integrity and prosperity.

I love how on his holiday he goes out to help the needy with his skill as an eye surgeon.

He and McConnell make a great team and I am predicting that they will do great things together.

Ted Cruz
He is the darling of the Tea Party – the Senator from Texas. For a time he and Paul were at odds, but were able to resolve their differences.

Cruz fears too much legislating during the lame duck session will get the GOP in trouble.

What I think he is saying is that the GOP establishment have certain pet projects they want to force through e.g. The Internet Sales Tax.  This is a favorite cause of the corporate GOP lobbyists who want to jack up taxes on millions of Mom and Pop Internet retailers. Cruz can see that this helps big business at the expense of the little guy, and will cause more unemployment. He opposes this. Grandma likes the way he thinks.  She hopes the old guard in the party will be humble enough to heed his warning

Cruz is the Senate loud boy, and there is no denying that he has “candy appeal” and force and charisma, and these alone could propel him up and into the White House.

Although the GOP has now proven they can work together towards a common goal, the party is still divided between the older guard and the new idealists. So let me say it: this will be McConnell’s BIG challenge.  Will he be able to make a real, strong unified party not just at election time, but while governing during the lame duck session.   If he pulls it off he will go down in history as one of our very great statesmen.

It won’t be easy. He is going to have to fight big money; he will have to get big banking in line; he will also have to fight some international challenges.  With Reid gone the “Audit the Fed” is likely to pass, and this first audit is going to open up a can of worms. These will come crawling out and taint not just the next two years while he is in office as the leader but if not handled adeptly, much, much longer.  Yet this audit is long overdue, and should not be put off.  Handle it right and Mitch McConnell  is going to have his place in the sun..

There is a lot of money and energy and influence (and arrogance) in the old corrupt industrial order and some of this money and political influence is even found coming in from monopolies outside our borders.  It is going to take strong men to steer a straight course for the next two years, and after that we are going to need a VERY strong President to bring us through. So what is the actual meaning of this midterm election? It simply means that the GOP has at least reached first base.

Transparency International defines corruption as the abuse of entrusted power for private gain.  There is still that in the old GOP guard, as there is in the old democratic order.

“The Sunlight Foundation reports three of the five biggest donors in 2014 are liberal billionaires. This does not take into account the unreported campaign cash, which the Center for Responsive Politics estimates is well over $100 million this year.  Thanks to the Supreme Court’s ruling in the 2010 Citizens United case, politically oriented nonprofits can raise and spend unlimited amounts of money without disclosing their finances to the Federal Election Commission.”

McConnell can expect that special  interests will fight to continue their unfair privilege. The success of the next two years will be measured in how well the GOP organizes and legislates to lift the party and the country out of the corruption of the old industrial order.

Preparing for the next President:
I endorse Rand Paul or president in 2016, because I look at how far he has come since entering the Senate in 2011.  We are going to need a president who can grow into the position

I like him because he never loses his fine principles (no mean skill)

He has demonstrated that he is no stranger to courage – remember  his filibuster on drones that altered the “Big Brother” conversation.

I like him for the very reason that he thinks big, includes everybody, has compassion, has excellent manners and has mastered the fine art of compromise.

So Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul and all the other fine, young republican Senators and Congressmen who have just had this big win, Grandma wishes you well.  You are a fine team, and you have now reached first base, no mean achievement. Now lets see if you can make a home run?

What of Hilary?

Grandma endorses Rand Paul but will she vote for him? Maybe yes and maybe no?

The big question is will our fine lady even run? Would you? If she runs there is every chance that she will win. Yet Grandma does not envy her, her decision.

She is likely to go up against Rand Paul (51)  Marc Rubio (43) or Ted Cruz (41) if she runs. She is 67 years old  and already 69 when she assumes office. Compared to them, although now a beautiful woman just past her prime,  she is likely to look seedy.

On the other hand, were she to run against the jowly Chris Christie she will shine out as the elegant and beautiful and wise woman that she has always been.  Then my choice gets simplified. I vote or Hilary and I vote for the establishment  I vote for Christie and I vote for the establishment. I won’t vote for the establishment so Grandma won’t vote at all.

A republican Congress, a Republican Senate and a Republican President could get a whole lot done, BUT ONLY  if the party were willing to police their own.  If not, the lovely lady has a very vital part to play, she will need to perform the valuable function of vetoing corrupt GOP legislation. Remember the bad Cheyney/Rove years? Was that not a bad time for independents and the nation? If the GOP old guard wins in their efforts to command the Republican party,  I would vote for Hilary.

So Grandma is carefully watching the new GOP Senate and its bigger little brother, Congress.

What she would really like to see is some legislation to stop commercial banks from investing our hard earned money. That is not their job. They are not investment banks. We give a bank our earnings trusting it to be safe with them. The job of a commercial bank is to take the deposits and invest it in their local community. It is the job of commercial banks to kick off local small business in their area, and in that way unemployment gets solved and the economy is given a boost. None of this Casino banking that is still destroying our nation; not for Grandma who understands how pernicious it is.

I will be watching to see if legislation like this comes forward before I cast my vote for Rand Paul (whom I like) rather than for Hilary.

Contrary to some predictions based on the demographics, I do think that the GOP will keep the House and the Senate after 2016. They have mounted a superb grassroots organization in the midterm elections. The only thing that could undo them is the conflict between the establishment and the liberty movement bursting out one more time; the other thing could undo them is if they fail to police corruption and not root out foreign influence.   Fail on either count and once again they will self destruct.

Hard choices: Is Hilary going to run? Toss a coin!

If she does she has a very good  chance of winning for she is supported on the left and also by many independents who like her courage and style.
However if she runs and becomes President she is going to have a really rough time before and after the election. It would be easier on a stronger and a younger man.

Grandma sees the outcome of the next election as actually Hilary’s call.

I actually think Hilary has the integrity to make he decision based on the greatest good.

Bill and Hilary Clinton cuddling baby Charlotte

Grandmother Hilary

She and Bill are doing great charity work; she is a grandma for heaven sakes. I would like to see her enjoy her golden years, but then this new House will have to prove themselves and do their job and a young man of courage and character will have to step up to the plate.

 Quote for the Week 

We are here because of grass-roots conservatives all over the place. That’s the way the democratic process is supposed to work. It’s not supposed to be a bunch of guys in a smoky room picking the next Senator.

Ted Cruz


Job Description for a President

A Politician’s Privilege is to serve…
(An excerpt from Politics IOU)


I asked him what he thought of Presidents?

He looked up at me with his lazy smile and said, “Eight years ago when I almost ran for President I asked Kimre, that very same question.” His smile was little whimsical for, as we know, he didn’t run for office and his wife Kimre died of cancer shortly thereafter.

“And what did your first wife say?” I asked, not quite sure if I should press the question..

He said, “She reminded me of when the kids were small and how I handled them…

  • Senior datum: keep them safe.
  • Keep good order, there should be rules but make these easy for them to understand and to follow.
  • Teach them that work can be play, if it is done right.
  • Never take a toy away unless you have a better one to give.
  • Be willing to play Umpire, and remember to regulate their games so that they play fair.
  • Don’t allow anyone to bully, not others and not each other.
  • Reward them generously, but only when they contribute.
  • Reinforce the idea that they are a part of the family, of the town, and of the world.
  • Believe in their ability and their innate goodness, and turn them into team players.

He concluded by saying that any President should set a good example and inspire his people; leading them to a better and happier life.

He should use his position and his new power more wisely than any man he replaces.

Quote for the Week

“We the people tell the government what to do, it doesn’t tell us.” – Ronald Reagan