The Merry-Go-Round (2013)

Why the GOP lost the Election (updated in September 2013)

grandma walking on water.

The 2012 election was a spectacle with titillating, incredibly scintillating razzle-dazzle! With all that juicy, sparkling money coming in from Super PACs should we be surprised that the election became one big circus.

the circus
What goes Around comes Around

And when the circus was all over with the lights on the merry-go-round going dim and winking out, it was the donkeys who had won and they had won big time.

A herd of dejected, elephants were leaving office and trudging down the hill.

We are inclined to think that most of the money coming in from these independent political groups creating influence and super PACs were leaning to the right.  If you were to make this assumption you would be dead wrong. They are now increasingly looking LEFT! LOL. These super-rich men are seeking perks from a party that ran on the platform “Tax the Rich!”

  • Tax-exempt foundations supporting Obama have assets ten times greater than tax-exempt trusts and foundations supporting the GOP.
  • That the moneyed, philanthropic world is fast moving to the left.  Among the Obama supporters you can find: The Rockefeller Foundation; the Rockefeller Family Fund; the Ford Foundation; the Carnegie Corporation; the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation; the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; the Heinz Family Foundation; the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation; the Fannie Mae Foundation; the Chevron-Texaco Foundation; the Annie E. Casey Foundation; the AT&T Foundation and many more.
  • The super rich CEO’s backed Obama in 2008: Jamie Dimon (JP Morgan Chase) Dick Fuld (CEO Lehman Bros) Warren Spector (CEO Bear Sterns) Larry Fink (Black Rock Money Management) Greg Fleming (Merrill Lynch) and Larry Blankfein (CEO Goldman Sachs).
  • Warren Buffet and George Soros are known to be Obama cronies and both have been well rewarded by the administration. Other donkey-perks have gone to Walmart (food stamps), J.P.Morgan Chase (Food Stamp EBT bank-fees) , and Pfizer (Obamacare).

The average man was hurting financially in 2012 and Grandma hasn’t seen it get much better in 2013. So the question is why did the GOP lose the presidential election in 2012? Typically when the economy is tight,  the country favors Republicans.

Politicians tend to think that when they do their dirty deeds that there are no consequences. Not true! Even in politics it seems that doing unto others as you would have them do unto you, is actually (long-term) the cleverer thing to do. Good politics builds trust. Our country has lost its faith in the political process.

The GOP Karl Rove invented and perfected the negative attack ad which created in turn a toxic, fearful & divisive parliament.  It was these dirty, diabolical tricks that gave us Bush-baby and kept him in office for two terms and he nearly did us in. These ugly techniques were so effective that politicians, both conservative and progressive, began to shake and quake in their boots. If they failed to toe the line would the dirty attack ads be used in the next election against them? Not a good game to play, Karl Rove, for what goes around comes around.  These black-propaganda techniques were actually damaging to the Republican party and to the democratic process.There is no substitute for truth in politics.

By 2012, the Democrats had finally mastered the same black arts with a brilliance unmatched even in the prior elections of Bush Daddy and Bush Baby. Mitt Romney was positioned as a liar, a tax evader, out of touch and uncaring – I suspect that there is little truth in any of these allegations yet they were thrown out so often and on so many channels that they were made to stick.

Karl Rove was initially a Bush-Daddy man. That is right, H.W. Bush the GOP one-term president who was defeated by Clinton and is famous for the line, “read my lips – no new taxes” just before he raised the taxes The irony is that the real crime was in the lie not in the taxes. People rarely forgive politicians when they make a promise and fail to deliver. The truth is that taxes are sometimes good and sometimes bad, politicians shouldn’t ever generalize or make promises they cannot keep.

Now Daddy-Bush is an interesting character. It is rumored he engaged in covert shenanigans with his Saudi friends to prevent the American hostages being released for long enough to undo Carter’s bid for a second term.  The fact is the hostages were released, but they were released only when Reagan was about to be sworn in.  President. Carter has said that his failure to bring the hostages home cost him his second term.  So Daddy-Bush made Carter a one-term president – and guess what, not too long thereafter, Daddy-Bush also became a one-term President. What goes around comes around

But what has all this to do with the GOP defeat in 2012? The thing is that Romney failed to differentiate himself from Bush or from Karl Rove, or from the torture/war maniac, Dick Cheney. So what happened is he assumed their crimes and sadly, for he is a good man, he got their payback.

The GOP lost the White House, yet they are still able to control Congress. Grandma’s advice to them,If they want to stay in office, with such a low approval rating, that they should investigate not only the Obama years but also the Bush years. Then they should put not one but two heads on a pike. They should hold the worst of the bunch criminal associated with the Obama administration, but they should also investigate the military-industrial complex usually associated with Republicans.  The party needs to wash its hands of the greed and the graft and all the civilian deaths in Iraq, and Afghanistan and elsewhere in the world that occurred at the hands of American soldiers.

Guns and hunger

Congress is investigating Soros but what about Cheney?  Investigating both and holding each accountable for their crimes would free up the Republican party from past crimes committed in their own ranks. It would  also send a CLEAR bipartisan American message to the world that we do not tolerate criminal behaviour in our own political ranks. It would tell the world that we in America can handle power without going corrupt. It would tell the world that War crimes like those in Syria and Egypt are not a national thing, no need for a national war here. Lets hold individuals with influence and power wherever in the world, responsible for what they do. War is not part of the vision bequeathed to us by our founding fathers. and I Grandma, as an American, feel that we as the Big Guy on the block, should be setting the good example.

If you look at all the presidents since WWII you will find that all except Carter were involved in a little or a big war. President Carter was/is positioned as a weakling and a wimp, yet it was he who said that when he had the option to go to war, he chose not to do it. It was wanted that he go to war to get the hostages released yet he bucked the military, saying that he didn’t want to kill, didn’t want to kill not only the hostages but 200,000 or more innocent Middle Eastern civilians. It took courage for Carter to take that stance. After he left office he became a Saint, contributing more to America and to the world with his Habitat for Humanity than any other past president.

We are experiencing great changes ushered in by an  electronic revolution. In the midst of this confusion we desperately, oh so desperately need good leaders that we can trust.

Of all the politicians gearing up for the 2016 election in terms of principle and integrity, Rand Paul shows the most promise for he (and his father) clearly love and follow the constitution.  Not a bad rock on which to pin our hopes for the future. Not a bad rock at all on which to pin the hopes of the world.

In 2014 & 2016 the GOP will get a second chance to clean up their act and if they do, then I sincerely believe they will win big time, for the current administration is corrupt, and therefore easy to beat.

But first the Republican Party will need to clean up their own act and distance themselves from corrupt past Republican shenanigans.

 Quote for the Week

Seven things that will destroy us:

Wealth without work
Pleasure without conscience
Knowledge without character
Religion without sacrifice
Science without Humanity
Business without Ethics

Politics without principle 

The Road To Economic Recovery

Grandpa says, “Something can be done about it.”Old Man Pointing a finger

There has been an economic slump in the US since 2007, with no end in sight

In this post and subsequent posts I want to examine some underlying causes and suggest remedies that can get us back on track.

But first I want us to examine what constitutes a healthy economy. That will help us in identifying what is wrong and suggest a remedy.

In a nut shell, a healthy economy is based on production. An economy goes out of whack when there is more consumption than production. We are talking about production of goods and services that are needed or wanted. But there is more to it than that.

farmerLet’s take the example of a farmer. If he produces just enough food to feed his family, he won’t have enough left over to exchange with the community for other things he may want or need, nor will he be able to prepare against farming hazards, such as blight, floods, droughts, frost or any of the many calamities that may befall him. If, on the other hand, he produces an abundance of crops, he will prosper and so will the community he delivers to. Of course the farmer should be able to sell his produce for a profit, otherwise he will go bankrupt.

How does this translate to the economy?  Taking into account the basic human needs of food, clothing and shelter, we need farms, clothing manufacturers and builders, plus raw materials, tools and machinery, as well as a distribution system. The final cost of these products should be affordable for the consumer.

Now, what happens when a country like China or India, with lots of poor people, starts to compete with our country for providing those goods and services? They can produce these things much cheaper than we can, because their wages are so much lower. No kidding. Check out the 99 cent and dollar stores that are springing up all over the US. They sell goods produced overseas at ridiculously low prices. There is no way American manufacturers can compete with that. So what do they do? They either go out of business, or they move their manufacturing overseas. Either way that reduces employment here in the United States.

Then what is the solution? Should we stop trading with other nations? No, I don’t think we should, but we should work on leveling the playing field. Instead of free trade we balance imports with exports by imposing tariffs (import duty) on imported goods to the extent that our own manufacturers can once again be viable. I am sure the Chinese government will not be happy about that, but they are a Communist regime and the Communists were supposed to be our enemies, remember?

factory3On a slightly different, but related subject, there is the matter of illegal immigration. As long as we have a standard of living in the US that is higher than in countries to the South, there will be a migration of people wanting to live here. Besides, illegal immigrants represent cheap labor. Ah, cheap labor! Why not turn this to our advantage?

Now, I am going to make a radical proposal here, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. Nothing else has worked so far. What I propose is to create a buffer zone, a free zone, inside the US, along the Mexican border, maybe 30 miles wide, but excluding any major cities. And what do we do with that zone? We encourage struggling industries to set up their facilities there. We encourage them by waiving any restrictive laws in the zone. No minimum wage, no taxes. The factories that operate there have the obligation to provide adequate free housing, food, clothing, recreation and basic medical care for their employees, as well as some pocket money. Then we invite able-bodied workers from South of the border (and from the US) to work there. If they are healthy and without a criminal record, they can apply.

If they sign a 5-year contract, at the end of the five years they can apply for permanent residence in the US. To qualify they have to attend English classes in their own time, so they can speak the language when their contract is up. I envisage paying them a dollar for every hour worked (remember, they have no living expenses) plus an equal amount into a compulsory savings account, payable when they leave. For a 40-hour work week that adds up to $2000 per year in savings. That’s more than many of us in the US are capable of saving. Any medical visits, other than scheduled check-ups, take a deductible out of the savings, as well as any fines imposed for violating the few rules necessary for maintaining order. Any children born in the free zone do not automatically become US citizens, but assume the nationality of the mother.

Even though this would be a radical departure from the existing scene, think of the advantages.

1. It would to a large degree solve the problem of illegal immigration
2. It would provide a more secure border
3. It would provide cheap goods without having to import them
4. It would be a great opportunity for creative entrepreneurs to start a new business
5. It would reduce unemployment
6. It would make us more self-sufficient
7. It would provide an opportunity for struggling enterprises to become viable.

The economy is a big subject and for clarity I am covering it in several posts. My next post will be about Foreign AidStay tuned.

“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.” – Paul J. Meyer

(To be continued.)