The Digital Revolution

Two things drive change: the ideas of man and tech breakthroughs.

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In living memory there have been three civilizing waves: the Agricultural, the Industrial and now the Digital-Electronic Wave. The changes we now experience are fast and furious and are akin to a gigantic wave that is descending on us.  It is because of this that we need new leaders, men of vision who can help us to see where we are going.  It takes men of courage to stand firm and hold a true course as we let go of the old corrupt order. We need new honest leaders to provide the balance that is essential while we negotiate what are profound changes.

Imagine a powerful sea, with large waves breaking. The force of each new wave is met by the force of the prior wave receding. At the place where the two waves meet, their force is broken into a thousand swirling eddies. Is this not what our society is experiencing right now?.
It is not the first time two powerful civilizing waves have met and wreaked havoc on society. It was the force of the Industrial Revolution that undid the old agricultural order of Kings and the Aristocrats. The difference was that in those days it was easy to see unfair advantage and inevitable that justice and fair play would go in. The world was smaller but even then the changes brought by the new industrial wave fighting an entrenched corrupt agricultural order wreaked havoc on the world.

The French Revolution was ugly.

DIGITAL WAVEAs the Industrial wave now meets the Digital Wave, the conflict is both bigger and more subtle. This is because in the industrial order it is easy for bad men to hide because of the split between the consumer and the producer. Those taking advantage have learned to steal from both producer and consumer and they have perfected the art of hiding in the middle.

When men do not act to serve the greatest good, their activities MUST be conducted in secrecy.

How do we track corruption – we go looking for the secrets.

The New World Wide Web was created free. Information is now widely available to everybody on almost every subject. The web empowers the individual, connects people and groups, but most of all it mandates transparency. Those who have bad secrets are running scared and we can know them by their efforts to curb the Freedom of Information Act and the freedom of the World Wide Web.

On a scale of one to ten any politician messing with the freedom of the Internet is INTO MONKEY BUSINESS and is a risk of ten or higher.  They will seek to hide their evil behind a screen of smoke and mirrors but keep it simple: know them by their efforts to curb the Internet. Such politicians are not to be trusted and if an audit is done of their actions and policies you will FIND BETRAYAL AFTER TRUST.

In 1913 a financial cabal persuaded Congress that they did not know enough about money, and nor did we the people. They suggested they would be better at the helm. Our economy is in confusion and disarray with too much debt and too much unemployment with the Federal Reserve to this day, still operating in an unacceptable secrecy. 

As the corrupt industrial and financial model crumbles, it is actually possible to replace the corrupt industrial order with a better culture, maybe even a golden age. This may be hard to see as the water swirls around us and the banking and corporate and military and political powers fight to maintain what has been an unfair and CORRUPT privilege. Yet we still have a chance to fix the world, a chance to keep our freedom and to get back our prosperity. This will only happen if we rise to the challenge of this election and choose good leaders. Judge your leaders by their transparency.

For those who have looked to the gravy train as a solution to survival in the digital age, they will have to find a job.  And Government will have to discover that their main function is putting America back to work.

Know that the Industrial Order could well be replaced by something far worse than what we now have, the signs of decline are out there. What we are doing is riding the digital wave on the cusp, and it is almost ready to tip over.  We can ride and command this new electronic wave, keep it free and use it to create a far better system – or we can let it crash and engulf us.

We can fail to take action, fail to elect the right new leaders and we can let the electronics that drives this new wave be used by those still in charge to spy on us, to force and control us and to trap us and knock us back into a new dark age.

Mr. X at WorkHow do we fight back? Collectively we DEMAND transparency.   Only then can we trace the puppet masters. George Soros is being exposed as Clinton’s secret handler and we will find more bad manipulators for there is not only one.

Exposing the corruption was never before considered politically correct, some of what we are discovering in Wikileaks was previously called “WHACKO” or “CONSPIRACY” Now we are finding out the truth, and it is being shown to us all in writing as we peal away the email secrets.

The truth is that we dare not fail to bring in positive reform, for if we do how will our world look?

  • The elites will continue to enjoy more and more opulence. There will be scarcity by design – all in our best interests, of course.
  • In a new super-regulated society we will find a high ratio of cops (AKA Security Officers) to every working man. They are there to protect us, of course.
  • We will begin to pay a Local Tax, a City Tax, a State Tax, a National Tax, a Federal Tax and a World Tax. This new tax is going to be introduced gradually but it will grow and grow. There will be no representation, of course.
  • The idle rich and the idle poor, both parasitic on society, will continue to collaborate to steal the fruits of the labor of the producers. There will be no fair exchange with producers of course.
  • There will be the appearance of democracy but the election process will be manipulated. There will be no freedom of course
  • The elites will be there by divine right and it will behoove us to support them, of course.
  • The one percent rich will grow richer and the ninety nine percent will grow poorer of course.

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I want to be part of things that are tangible, beautiful, and soulful, rather than just give in to the digital age. But when I talk to people about this they say, “Yeah, I know what you mean” and stare at their mobiles – Jack White

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Lynn Verhoeff (Grandma Thunder) has published two books, “Politics IOU” and “Magic Money” both on Kindle.  The first is satirical about banking and the second, examines the conflict of our times, Globalism vs Patiotism. You can read more at fb Grandma Thunder – an Independent Voice or Blog/Grandma Thunder  or  Free Books by Grandma

Audit the FED


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How’d you like it that every single dollar the federal government spent is “off the books”? No budget. No recordkeeping.

If you’re up in arms about our federal government’s $3.8 TRILLION on-the-books annual spending (and you should be), what do you say about the Federal Reserve putting the American people on the hook for $16 TRILLION in secret bailouts to crony capitalists and overseas banks as happened in secret only recently?


Rand Paul the Senator from Kentucky has newly introduced S. 209, the Audit the Fed bill.  He Is doing  everything he can to EXPOSE the Fed and stop Ben Bernanke’s economic snake oil “solutions” and he should be supported before we begin to find a loaf of bread now costs us  $10 or $20 or upwards of $30 dollars.

You may think we should not panic, and that there is no cause for concern. Don’t  buy the PR line that it is all getting better? Get the FACTS and  Insist on an audit. To solve our economic, to solve all our problems we NEED THE TRUTH. Insist on the audit.

Out of Control

We have to take action before it is too late.  We have to stand together and I think we have a chance if we STAND WITH RAND in 2016.

With our national debt spiraling out of control, and Ben Bernanke continuing to print money like there’s no tomorrow, there’s no time to waste to get educated and to make meaningful changes.

Please click HERE to watch this critical video before it’s too late.

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Grandma asks you to support all efforts to Audit the FED

Grandma asks you to support all efforts to Audit the FED