Visas for Illegal Immigrants

What is wrong with the Senate Bill? 

In the middle of this contentious debate we need to remember that there are many wonderful things about the Latino Heritage. There is the music, and the dance, but most of all there is good Mexican food that has fully captured the American imagination.

latin lady dancing

                         Latino Culture 

That said, the rejected Senate Illegal Immigration Bill  falls short in five key areas:

It is too long and complex to gain our acceptance or trust. (Downsize DC has a great idea : One subject, one bill with its subject clearly stated in its title.)The taxpayer  has been fooled (many, many times) by hidden agendas and pork written into  long bills  What is needed is that Congress simplifies the legislative process and brings the final bill to under 550 pages – Congress really doesn’t have to please everybody with sub-clauses, exceptions can be sorted out later.  It just needs to satisfy “we the people”, AKA the majority, AKA  the taxpayer, AKA the electorate. For believe me it is the hot issue that will decide the 2016  election.  550 pages MAX!

In essence a winning solution keeps out the bad guys, lowers the cost and is compassionate and pragmatic.

Grave concerns about a Federal Work Database.Obama’s Bio-metric database will get linked to the ObamaCare and to other gazillian public benefit databases, like food stamps and childcare. Very soon the government  will know every last detail about our lives. The next step could be to tie Federal benefits to “Correct Thinking” as in George Orwell’s 1984. That is when we will have lost all liberty & privacy and embraced big brother.

It should be up to the States as to how they record and control permits for workers within their borders. Red states like Arizona should have the freedom  to implement stricter immigrant controls than do the blue states.

We are a nation ruled by laws: Illegal immigrants broke our law and need to be given a strong thinking adjustment so that they know that in this country illegal is just not the best way to go.  Fining is quick and dirty and unlikely to change bad habits. Could they get their hands dirty and do some community service to make up for all the problems they have given us?  Is five years community service enough to deter those here for teh gravy train? 

Latinos, for good or for bad, are breeding at a faster rate than Caucasians. This is actually something we need in America to return to prosperity.  The structure of our system is built around the idea that the young support the old with regards to funding of government projects and benefits.  Illegal immigrants came here for a better life and they are welcome, but they have to learn the work ethic and cultural ideas that made America more prosperous than Mexico. They have to let  go of third world ideas that have destroyed their own culture .and begin to embrace the American dream.


The problem with Latinos is that while they have a beautiful culture to share, they have a slow rate of assimilation.into the American lifestyle.  The reason for this slow assimilation could well be the language, there are enough of them that they are not forced by life to speak English.

The official language in America is English; it could be French or Spanish, but right now it is English and it is the language that holds the American heritage of freedom and our culture, our laws, our justice and our traditions. At the fast rate that our friends from the South are breeding, we are already on a fast track to become a multi-lingual nation. With our low job growth and our low GDP and our exorbitant debt, we need to seriously think of the cost to the nation of having more than one official language. Cost of official papers, translators, teachers and on and on. Right now we could give a boost to an ailing economy by mandating that all official and public writings are ONLY in English.  This rule should read that every immigrant has every right to speak whatever language they choose within the confines of their own home and their own social circle;however there should be only English spoken by public servants or shopkeepers and all official writings SHOULD BE IN ENGLISH ONLY.

Latinos  and all immigrants MUST learn the language but after a reasonable time if they cannot speak the language of the land, no more benefits and no more work permits. Before an Illegal immigrant is given a green card (whatever the other conditional requirements) the illegal immigrant should be able to demonstrate a comfortable proficiency in English.  It is not that English is better than Spanish. This is not a point of arrogance. It is a way to preserve what is good about the American culture and much of that is contained in the language.

Border security is paramount.
Once we bring this crisis situation back under the law, AND UNDER CONTROL we have to draw a line and look to the future.    It may not be as bad a situation as many fearful conservatives think. A friend does the books for a Mexican company that organizes coming out parties for young Mexican girls, so he knows the Mexican  culture.  He tells me that with the dipping of the economy both in Mexico and in America,  coming across the border is not as easy or as attractive as it was before; it simply costs too much.  The price has gone up for free passage with every new increase in border security and the new costs are already prohibitive even if the fence is not yet complete.

We simply have to secure and defend our borders against illegal immigration. The cost is too high.

A part of this would be to have the law state that no immigrants are eligible for benefits like food stamps or childcare until they have paid taxes and into Social Security for ten years. This will make it far less attractive for the freeloaders, those who come over to join Obama’s gravy train.

This is a problem in education. If they cannot learn our culture, our heritage and our work ethic they are not welcome in our land. If they can, we would love to have them.  Let’s not block out the able in the world who wish to join with us in creating a better life for all of us in America and want  to work really hard to get ahead.

Finding if they are willing to learn the language and to do community service to raise the standards in their own communities, would be a good way to see if they qualify.

Quote of the Week

“The line separating good and evil passes not through states, nor between political parties either – but right through every human heart.”

— Alexander Solzhenitsyn




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