Grandpa Asks, “What is the Job of Government?”

It seems that most upheavals in the world are caused by governments in one way or another. For evidence, just take a look at what’s happening in Syria, Afghanistan, Cyprus and North Korea. Even if a government is not actually waging war, it would seem that few governments are effective at ending strife and providing peace and prosperity.

Which leads us to an interesting question: What should be the job of government?

ideal government

Many of us have the idea that we as individuals have very little influence over the state of the world. That is a fallacy. What you say and do is important. After all, a nation is made up of individuals, and so is a government.  So, that being the case, it is important that we, as individuals, decide how we want to be governed.

If we look at history, we find that most governments of the past have been repressive of its people, to greater or lesser degree. This is not how it should be.

What is a government after all? It is a collection of delegates that represent people. We can’t have everyone directly involved in running a country, so people elect delegates to make decisions for them. Fair enough, but then these delegates should act in the best interests of the people they represent. So let us define what is in people’s interest.

grandpaThe most important job of government, it can be said, is to maintain order, so people can get on with their lives. Why is it so important to maintain order? Well, the opposite of order is chaos. And chaos means no control, which means no government. So a government worthy of its name keeps criminals off the streets and does not permit riots or lynchings. Where a natural disaster strikes, it steps in and rapidly restores the area back to normal. It also maintains good relations with other nation states.

A government should also be just. This is related to maintaining order, because injustice breeds resentment and rebellion. This in turn can create disorder and chaos. Being just means treating everyone the same, regardless of race, religion, nationality, age, gender, education, financial condition, etc. You get the idea. A just government provides equal justice for all and does not favor any particular segment of the population. Crony capitalism is an unjust system. There should be no subsidies or grants. Why not? That goes back to justice. Rewarding one group of people, but not the others is unjust.

Because a government is made up of individuals who represent a larger collection of individuals, the rights and duties of a government should be the same as the rights and duties of the individuals it represents. An individual, for example, does not have the right to kill another person, except in self defense. Likewise, a national government does not have the right to kill people, except to defend the nation. That rules out the death penalty for criminals or aggression in distant lands.

A government should set a good example. Its actions should reflect how it would expect its people to act. Government officials should lead exemplary lives; lives that are an inspiration to the people.

There is another aspect to a good and effective government. It would provide opportunity to the population at large. This would mean building an infrastructure that would serve all areas of the nation. Roads, communications, health and educational facilities should be provided on a large scale. This might not happen overnight, but should be done gradually and consistently so that economic opportunity can be given to all the people. It makes good sense to do this. If we look at history, we find that revolutions mostly occurred among the poor and the desperate, who had nothing to lose. So, once again we get back to maintaining order, keeping peace and bringing prosperity.

In this context, here is a suggestion. While it is important to have a military force to protect a country against outside aggression, it is a bad idea to have a group whose sole purpose is to destroy. The end product of such a group is chaos, which is at odds with the purpose of government. So, the suggestion is to have the military practice fighting only part of the time, let’s say six months of the year. During the other six months they practice constructive skills, such as building roads, bridges, schools and other public amenities in areas that need them, as well as providing relief in areas struck by natural disaster.  Now would that not change the focus of the Pentagon?

Another aspect of maintaining order is the duty of government to ensure the nation has a stable currency. The irresponsible issuing of vast amounts of fiat printing press money is a fraud and a betrayal of trust. It cheats everybody out of the fruits of their labors and this is unacceptable. There is a simple yardstick to judge elected officials. A loaf of bread should not cost more next year than it did last year. If it does the people should know that their government is not functioning as it should and vote them out.

American experiment

The United States of America has a constitution and related documents that guarantee individual rights, such as freedom of speech and the right to bear arms. It has helped make that country the most powerful and prosperous nation on earth. While that system has its flaws, it is a good and successful system of government. The elected officials pledge to support the constitution and should hold it sacred.

Unfortunately, there are individuals in high government positions, who would sacrifice this worthwhile system for a world government based on repression and the denial of individual rights. The idea of a world government is not necessarily a bad one, if such a government is based on rule of law, if it honors the rights of nation states, if it brings true international justice and if it guarantees the rights of all individuals on this planet. Rather than having the United States lower its standards and sacrifice its constitutional guarantees to a subversive organization like the United Nations, why not have the United States lead the world in setting the example and creating an alliance with all other nation states who favor rule by law, especially those states  that value personal freedom and responsibility over collectivism?

Meanwhile, it is a good idea to spread the word that the job of government (any government, national or local) is to maintain order, be transparent in its dealings, protect its people, respect privacy and be just and fair to all.  A government that does not operate for the greatest good rarely lasts in the long run, but in the short run, our lives will be better and we will have fewer problems only if we hold Government accountable.

Let’s keep this in mind when next we go to the polls. 

Quote for the Week

“The preservation of the sacred fire of liberty and the destiny of the republican model of government are justly considered as deeply, perhaps as finally staked, on the experiment entrusted to the hands of the American people.”  ~ Thomas Jefferson

Hidden Agenda – the Truth about the National I.D. Database

Bio-metric ID and Past Oppression of the Blacks in South Africa – is there a connection?

Most Americans feel that AIG (assholes in greed) and their too-big-to-fail cronies are getting too big a slice of the American pie. This blog-post examines a similar situation in history when there was oppression and inequity in how the wealth of a country was being Mis-shared.

Big Brothers

I am sharing a little of my South African history in the hopes that the new immigration legislation does not in any hidden way embody the bad identity ideas employed earlier in South Africa.  I came to see in South Africa that the first step in the creation of an oppressive regime is getting every body to accept and to carry identity papers.

I grew up in a little mining town in South Africa.  My father was a School Principal so together with the Banker, the Doctor, the Lawyer and the Pastor we enjoyed elite status; elite status but only in the “very best white” community.  As a school principal my father managed not only an elementary school but also a boarding school. There he had approximately 20 low-level janitorial Black workers who were housed in a compound   In addition there were also Black workers who came in the morning and left in the night,  working on that or this project.  As a “white master” in South Africa my father was considered to be fair, his workers were housed and fed and they were paid, although they would have seen our minimum wage workers as “kings”. In one of our “ethical” father-daughter discussions he explained that while he didn’t quite agree with it, other than voting for the “United Party” not the oppressive Nationalists, there was not much he could do about it. As I grew up I wasn’t quite that reasonable.

The transient workers came out before sunrise to work at the school and then went home after dark. Home to them was a ghetto over the hill where the good whites could not see them, and had no idea how they lived. I found out later that, although South Africa was one of the richest gold countries in the world, they lived for the most part with no lights or running water. The “think” in the White community was that Blacks were genetically inferior – believe it or not this was even taught in the Universities. I wonder what the clever Obama would say to this?

I have an inquiring mind and I have never meekly just “accepted the way things are, not then in the bloom of youth and not now as I enter my golden years. I was fortunate in that at least my father was knowledgeable and willing to answer my “off the wall” questions.

The United Party, founded by Jan Smuts had an interesting history. South Africa had supported the allies in the Second World War and Smuts had had a hand in the final peace treaty. Ironically it was Smuts who drafted the list of “Human Rights” still on record with the United Nations. Dad was able to explain how the oppressive Nationalist government had gained power. There was a problem with the gold mines in South Africa for the gold was marginal; not a great amount of gold per square foot of rock. The very rich international controllers of the mines had a vested interest in keeping the blacks subordinated; this was how they were able to pay the miners sub-minimum wages. In this way international financiers who owned the gold could maximize the mining profits.

In the end 10% of the South African population was able to control the other 90%. Here in America it is the 1% controls the 99%.

At that time  the Powers-that-Be were actually able to relocate large sectors of the Black population, send them all back to undeveloped rural areas, an amazing feat. They were able to determine who could study, who could work, and where the people would be forced to live? Take three steps back and just imagine relocating all Americans in the State of Washington and plonking them down in Nevada. Unbelievable but It was done.

How was it done?  This is a good question to ask as our Nice Government Men draft new legislation to control not just illegal immigrants but also seek to control you and me. It has always been done with Identity Papers. 

Know that that grand experiment actually didn’t work in South Africa, I mean the homeland plan. . Yes many were moved out to the back-lands but the problem was that low-level, low paid workers were still needed in the built up areas. Sound familiar? It was in South Africa when I first heard the term guest workers.  What is wrong with a guest worker program? The biggest problem is that husbands and wives are separated for long periods of time, and the family unit is destroyed. A possible consequence is a wide spread of sexual diseases; witness how Aids in Africa is way out of control.


Autocratic Education

I came to understand all of this in 1978 (time of the Soweto riots) when I was invited to participate in an experiment to train Black programmers for employment in an all White British company (ICL) operating in Johannesburg. We had twelve hundred applicants but for the first batch, we selected only 40 students. The discrimination among the White employees notwithstanding, there was a good reason why we were set up to fail. We had selected some of the most able and wonderful beings I have had privilege to work with in this lifetime, all Black. I remember one especially outstanding student who stood proud and tall, over six feet high.  His skin was dark, and he reminded me of the royal tribes in central Africa at the time of the Queen of Sheba.  He was an achiever, this student, who had two Math degrees. Yet he had no electricity or running water in his tiny hovel. In the early morning he would pick up fruits and vegetables from the market and drive to the affluent White suburbs to sell his produce. Does this sound familiar? So the next time you see a Latino selling fruit on the roadside it could be he that too, has a good education.

The British company in South Africa was structured into competing profit centers. Each profit center was like a small business, with each middle manager operating like an entrepreneur.  In order to survive they had to make a profit. So the new Black workers that we offered  had to be proven producers. When I went out to survey these middle managers I discovered that what was wanted was “self-starters”, yet my students had been trained only in obedience.  There is a trend today towards this kind of autocratic education, but in a digital age this is not what is going to bring back prosperity. My students were very good at following, but that was all. Here in America in the new millennium what we we also need is self-starters.

I developed educational techniques to break down the past indoctrination and the bad propaganda where they had been seen as “non-people”. In the end we were successful. Out of the forty students 36 graduated and were successfully assimilated into the all-white company, my first experience with Diversity. Two students were let go because they could not take the stress of the training, and reverted to drugs. Two were picked up by BOSS (Bureau of State Security) because their papers were not in order.  I was never persuaded that they were bad or that they were revolutionaries as accused.

Man with thumbprint and eyeball

Bio-metric ID

I saw it then all at first hand, and I began to realize that what tipped the scales towards oppression was the pernicious identity papers that not only invaded privacy, but put together with an abusive government, devastated a country.

Please think this through:  At that time in South Africa they did not have the technology to create bio-metric ID cards. At that time the abusive government did not have our  sophisticated computers to track people, nor did they have GPSs; They also did not yet have drones to turn on their own people.  What they did have was a package of nasty identity papers and with this alone  they were able to oppress a whole race.

According to Ron Paul, the national ID could create a new federal database with bio-metric information on all citizens and all of those who work within the United States. It would be illegal for anyone to have a job without an ID card. “Every time any citizen applies for a job, the government will know…[and] once the government bureaucrats know exactly how we run our lives, they will try and control them.”

I, Grandma, want to play it safe. There is a lot of noise regarding IRS targeting of the Tea Party. With a Federal database soon it may not only be these enthusiastic young idealists,  also Churches and Schools could be quashed.  Because Power corrupts and Absolute Power corrupts absolutely, it is not too far-fetched for a popular and charismatic President to seek a third term that goes on forever,.and effectively destroys the Republic.  Bio-metric ID cards open the door to a military coup. So you think it cannot happen in America?

Wake up and smell the coffee. Read Politics IOU


With the bio-metric ID card that grossly invades our privacy, our “Nice Government Men” can decide where we live, who we marry, how we breed, what schooling we get, what groups we support and where we work and I am sure they will be able to invent another 100 uses for these cards to entrap and control us.


A solution for illegal immigrants needs to be found that is simple and fair and brings about growth in their own sector

  Quote for the Week

The purpose of government is to protect the secrecy and the privacy of all individuals, not the secrecy of government. – Ron Paul. 



Obama’s Love Fest with the Latino Vote

Payback Time

Now Obama is the only president to ever secure a second term with a smaller percentage of the vote than in his first election. He got roughly 7.8 fewer million votes from whites, 1.6 million fewer voters from blacks, 1.8 million fewer votes from young voters, and four million fewer votes from women. In fact contrary to popular belief, fewer people voted in election 2012 than in any of the three previous elections.

So however did he win?

 Obama Latino supporter


What he did was shrewdly court and win the Latino vote

His share of the Latino votes rose a full 4 points to 71% giving him a full 700,000 plus additional votes from Latinos. Note this trend well; the nation’s Latino population has increased by 43% between 2000 and 2010.  One in four Americans now under the age of 18, is Latino.  The Obama-team played this demographic like maestros. Shoring up their base they were good, but on getting-out the Latino vote they were exceptional.

On getting out their loyal supporters and some independents they figured out that injustice is a great motivating force and this they used with panache. An advertisement called “537” was aired in swing states to tell the story of the 2000 Florida election where Bush won by only 537 votes. Correct election procedure mandates a recount when an election is close and if it is challenged, but this recount was disallowed by the Supreme Court. Bush got given Florida with 537 votes and he won the presidency and the course of history was changed.

So the Obama team decided that the 2012 election was payback time. It struck a chord with Democratic voters.

A big challenge in any presidential election is how to get out the vote. This is because half the people who have the privilege and the right to vote simply don’t bother and have to be corralled into doing their duty. In 2000 the born-again-Christian Bush used the churches to get out his vote.  He conquered voter apathy and won the election.

Now this voter apathy is particularly true in the Latino sector where many older citizens do not speak the language or understand the process. It is a natural disqualification that works well for democracy where the people deciding the final outcome should be educated and informed. I personally consider voter apathy a good thing. The future of a country should be determined by those who understand and those who care. There is the right to vote and then there is the responsibility to vote which ideally should be done by the person himself, without influence from others.

The Obama team in 2012 was able to get the Latino voters to emerge from their nooks and crannies, from down in the basement, out of trailers and one bedroom apartments, out of little houses with fifteen people crammed into two small rooms. How did Obama get them to come out in their thousands to the voter booths? There was a massive get-out-the vote campaign funded by such millionaires as George Soros where campaigners were paid only when they registered a Democratic voter.  Are they loyal democratic voters? Probably not, but they sure were willing to come out in their numbers to secure their food stamps.

In the five years that Obama has been in power his moral compass has been clearly expressed.  He does not necessarily elect his decisions based on what is best for the nation, but he will always return a favor.  You scratch his back and he will come through for you. So now he is determined to give his Latino supporters a colossal boost in their numbers.

Looking at what is best for the nation, or what is right, or what will perpetuate the democratic process, there is one big question that has to be asked about Election 2012. It is this:

How many of these illegal immigrants voted in election 2012 when they had no legal right to vote?  

I was going to let it go, admiring the political astuteness of the Obama team  and thinking his win in 2012 was well deserved.

It was by sheer chance that I happened on a conversation of four old seasoned veterans at the Veteran Hospital in Loma Linda in California They swore (laughing so hard they were nearly falling off their chairs) that Obama was trying to turn America into a degraded third world country.

“How so?” I asked.

“It’s all over the airwaves in Mexico. The campaign staff have been promising that if they come in and are helped to vote democrat illegally, in his next term, Obama is going to grant amnesty.”

“All they want is the food-stamps!” said a Vietnam vet.

“Oh come on!”  I was not convinced. I was not born American and there are many reasons why I love this adopted country.

“Is true!”

“I don’t believe it,” I said.

They all just laughed at me, their expressions telling me they thought me silly to expect honest elections. I could also see that they thought me horribly naive

Time for fact check.(Voter fraud 2012?)

I do not speak Spanish and have no way to check into what was on audio and TV in Mexico or even in the Latino community in the USA but I was able to find some facts out that lent credence to their story.

Dead people,micky and dogs voting

Voter Fraud  -oh my!!

Here are the facts I uncovered:

  • 12 Indiana counties have more registered voters than residents.
  • The Ohio Secretary of State admitted that multiple Ohio counties have more registered voters than residents.
  • Federal records show 160 counties in ten states have over 100 percent voter registration.
  • The Florida New Majority Education Fund, Democratic party of Florida, and the National Council of La Raza are currently under investigation for voter fraud.
  • It has been found that more than 24 million voter registrations are invalid yet they still remain on the rolls nation wide.
  • There are 1.8 million dead citizens that are still on the voter roll.
  • More than 2.75 million Americans are registered to vote in more than one state.

I have also been able to ascertain that as the illegal immigrant debate moves forward there is increased activity on our Southern borders, some illegals seeking asylum from as far South as Brazil.

I do encourage Congress to conducting a thorough investigation before illegal immigrants are given any benefits, or any kind of  blanket amnesty.

Quote for the Week

“Voting is the most precious right of every citizen, and we have a moral obligation to ensure the integrity of our voting process – Hillary Clinton