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Turn of the year Quote for the Year

“Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government; whenever things get so far wrong as to attract their notice, they may be relied on to set them right.” – Thomas Jefferson, 1789

This post is for you from Grandma

America’s Debt

Insatiable Spendifosity – with apologies to Rudyard Kipling.

Once upon a time, dearly beloved, there was a little planet scooting around  on the very edge of the universe. No I wouldn’t be telling you this story if there wasn’t a most picarious situation there on that little planet.

The problem is sentially the boss-men can’t agree when the little planet is wallowing in debt, not just a little debt but a big, bad debt; a VERY big debt which would be quite alright if you and me were not (again) expected to pay.

elephant and donkey fightingHere are the guys take turns running the show on this little planet.  One side gives out the food stamps, and the aid to refugees & immigrants (all paid for by the banking FED). The other side fancies big bombs and whrrrrrr fast planes. You like that eh? Truth is this side likes to fight are mostly crusty OLD white men, been getting a payoff under the table since time began.

Will you, one day, be expected to pay?  Unless they get their shit together. Fraid so!

How much do we owe?  Click to see the amount in pictures. A quarter, a dollar, ten dollars, a hundred dollars? The debt is now over 120 trillion dollars.  To pay your share you would have to work for a whole year with no ice-creams, no burgers, and you wouldn’t be able to pay the rent or go to school.


There is only one thing on which both sides boss-boys agree: they all love to spend and spend and spend and spend.  Right now one boss-man wants to cut titlements, and the other wants to tax the rich.

No you are right, they really don’t know what they are doing!

What is titlements? Well it is like this, if you loan money to the government or to a banker, then when they finally get to pay you back, then they call it titlements.

Let me tell you a secret. The truth is that these two groups  pretend not to agree, but I suspect that is all for show.  You member the time you and I were caught with our hands in the cookie jar and we had to concoct a good story together?   Are bankers the same as boss-men? Well kind of, sort of. It is they who have their fingers in the cookie jar!

What is the fiscal cliff?

It is when you put too much money in the cookie jar and try to pick it up but it has got too heavy. So you drop it and it breaks and the money runs everywhere.

You think that’s funny? You like that picture? Ok.

Looking at the debt pictures.

What is fiscal? It means money.

Oh no, no, no, you don’t want to push both groups over the cliff although I do understand your anger, dearly beloved.  You looked at those pictures? One hundred and twenty billion dollars is one hefty, big tag they are going to be asking you to pay. Now they have increased it to thirty million AND THEY WANT YOU TO ALSO PAY FOR REFUGEES FOR FIVE LONG YEARS.

Big Banks on a Fiscal Cliff  What I want you to know is that if we just quit holding the safety net, the big bad banks will all go a slipping and a sliding all the way down the REAL fiscal cliff and sink under a sea of derivatives. It was they who created the casino-system that made your bad debt and conned both leader-groups into accepting it, oh yes, really, oh yes, really really!

We not bail them out again?

No Not under the big man.   He knows there a law to handle situations like this.

All supported by the tax payer

The Safety Net

Meanwhile while the big bad banks continue their shilly-shanigans. I am going to take all your money put it into a little credit union. I have already taken it out of the stock exchange. It is the revenge of the taxpayer and the likes of you and I. Credit unions (for now) don’t play around with your money and deliver an honest service.

The big, bad banks are sliding down a real fiscal cliff, and they won’t land softly.

Thank you? You’re welcome.



Yes I know.  A very bad thing to borrow money we cannot pay back.

Are we really ruptbanked?

Bankrupt? Yes dearly beloved America has been bankrupt a long, long time, Running on debt is built into the rigged system. It is designed to be like that.  Don’t make another ugly face!

And the big man, he the one with the funny, ugly  faces, he knows about such things?

Yes I think he does.

He made the debt?

Oh no. He very frugal.  I think he will stop the spending.

And you say it my money they are spending?

Fraid so.

He makes me laugh. I think he fix it up.

He strong enough to throw them all over the Fiscal Cliff?


kids 4 trumpI call him and talk with him?

I teach you how to tweet.

Then we all live happily ever after.


Quote for the Week

Blessed are the young, for they shall inherit the national debt.”
Herbert Hoover


The Solution to a Bloated Government

Downsizing Big Brother

old man pointing

A new post from Griping Grandpa

Unless you are a dyed-in-the-wool Marxist you might agree that our federal government has its fingers in too many pies. Just think of the many departments it has – the IRS, INS, CIA, DEA, FBI, NSA and many more. That’s not what the framers of the Constitution had in mind. They wanted a strictly limited federal government with checks and balances. Any rights not explicitly granted to it would belong to the people or the states.

It only makes sense that we would be better off with a smaller federal government. To function at all, government has to tax people. And the bigger the government, the more it has to tax people. Plus, the bureaucracy has to justify its existence by issuing more and more rules and regulations. History teaches us that when empires grow too much, they become unwieldy and eventually collapse.


satellite over the city

Big Brother

So, we would be better off with a smaller government, but there is a problem. With few exceptions, the politicians who are supposed to represent us are not interested in a smaller government, or in spending less. Instead they seek to expand their own power, wealth and prestige. That’s a dilemma.

How can we convince politicians to work towards a smaller, less costly government? Revolutions, like wars, seldom work; they destroy lives and property and the people generally end up worse off than before. So, that’s no solution. No, to achieve our objective requires a selling job.

Here is one approach to selling this concept. Right now, the federal government harasses all of its three hundred million or so inhabitants and demands income taxes from all of those who earn over a certain minimum. Just think of the army of income tax agents it takes to make sure everybody is paying their “fair share”.

The answer lies in delegating some federal tasks to the states. Rather than harassing hundreds of millions of individuals, wouldn’t it be much easier to harass just fifty states?  In the case of taxation, the states already collect sales and/or income taxes, so it wouldn’t be much of an extra burden to collect taxes for the federal government at the same time and pass those funds on to the feds. Voila! No need for an IRS, other than a few guys to make sure that the states cough up the money, regardless of how it is obtained. Sure, it would throw IRS agents out of work, but they could be employed more productively elsewhere.

Taxation is just one thing; there are many other tasks that the federal government can delegate, reducing its headaches and costs. The main role of the feds should be to make sure that the states follow the Constitution and “play nice” with each other. It should be up to the individual states to decide what its inhabitants are and are not allowed to do.

What are the benefits? A leaner and more nimble federal government and a state government with more power, but also with more accountability. If the state’s inhabitants don’t like what their representatives are doing, or not doing, they can elect a new bunch. Or they can move to another state with less restrictive laws or lower taxes.

Finally, the delegation of tasks is not limited to the feds. State governments can delegate to county governments and county governments can delegate to city governments. The more localized a government is, the more responsive it can be to the wants and needs of its people and the more influence the people have over their representatives.

It’s an arrangement where everybody wins.

 Quote for the Week

“That government is best which governs least.” – Henry David Thoreau


Illegal Immigration

Could this powder keg, always just waiting to go off, destroy America?


I am going to take you on a visit with an imaginary neighbor family. They have three children, all of school going age. The mother is a Special Education teacher and a Democrat, while the father also teaches, but his specialty is Math and he is and has always been a Republican. Did you say she’s a Democrat and he is Republican, are you sure?

Well did you know that Janna Ryan, wife of Mitt Romney’s running mate in the 2012 election was a Liberal Democrat when she met her husband? And did you know that first lady Laura Bush was also once a registered Democrat before marrying George W. Bush? And of course you did know that the infamous former California Republican Governor endorsed John McCain, in 2008, while his then-wife Maria Shriver was a strident Obama supporter?

Let me introduce you to this couple: Her name is Abigail and he is Noah. They have been together for fifteen years, two years longer than the age of their oldest child Troy who has just turned thirteen. On this day when we check in on them, they are sitting at an old kitchen table. Abbey has just made her husband apple/cinnamon pancakes, his favorite. She has also just discovered that if she brews their favorite Columbian coffee and pours it over a long glass of ice cubes and then throws in an Irish cream at the top, it is a summer treat par excellence!

“I have been thinking about the recent GOP opposition to illegal immigrants,” she says.. “I think it is going to cost the GOP the election. I think Obama is too shrewd to buck the Latinos.”

“And you want the Democrats to win?”

‘Of course, but more than that, I want to see a good, stable solution.”

“I thought you favored controlling illegal immigration,” said Noah.

He was surprised by her remark. Her sister from Australia had come to the USA and the immigration process had taken five years and cost his sister-in-law $8,000 in lawyer’s fees. The family had often discussed the Mexican problem, eleven million entering and now living illegally.

“My viewpoint has been shifting since I have been teaching Special Ed,” said Abbey. “A lot of my kids are from illegal families, and some have been in the country as long as seventeen years. So what to do with them now? Pluck them up and send them back to Mexico? Maybe we should not have given the parents driver’s licenses and education and benefits, when the kids first went to school, but those were the good years. We could afford the largess.”

“The problem is we can’t afford it now,” said Noah, “We can’t carry passengers when our own people are struggling.”

“I understand, but America has invested in these people. Noah I really see them as Americans. They see themselves as Americans. We have invested years of work in these children.”

Noah was listening to her intently. “Do you have a solution?” he asks.

“Yes I actually think I do,” she says


“It’s like this Noah. Do you remember our discussion in the teacher’s lounge about school rules? Dr. Fowler made the very good point that there is no purpose to creating a rule that cannot be enforced. That is just asking for trouble.”

“And a good point that is,” says Noah.

“Well applying that to the illegal immigrants I just don’t think it is feasible to send eleven million people back over the border.”

“True – and your point’?

“Well, what if the President were to declare an amnesty?”

“Would that be fair to people who came in legally, like your sister?”


“I don’t like the idea of immigrants starting off in our country thinking it okay to break the law, Abbey,” says Noah.

“Agreed. So, listen up Noah, what if there were an amnesty but it includes that they have to learn the language and do five or more years of community service?”

“You know I think you are on to something.”

‘Yes, they would do the community work among their own people and that would raise the level of the areas where they live.”

“I like it,” said Noah.

“Should I email Obama about this?”

“You do that. Tell him though, that it applies only to illegal immigrants living in America at this time.”

“And the new ones?”

“They should come with job skills or enough money to start a business and they should  have learned the language before they come.”

“Isn’t that a bit arrogant, forcing them learn our language?”

“English is our national language and I don’t care it could be Spanish, but it happens to be English. We want just one official language. Costs of translating are enormous and this is a money that can better be spent on education. If immigrants want to come to America for the good life, it is probably a good idea to force them to show their colors. Will they contribute after they arrive or be a burden?”

“I see what you are saying,” Abbey said.

She smiled to herself as she drafted her email.  There were some things about Republicans where she did agree. Mostly they had a good handle on the economy.

Just look at it, together they had come up with a really good solution, or that was what she thought. Would Obama agree? She wondered if he was going to be able to get Republicans and Democrats to work together in Washington.

Everywhere she went these days she was seeing Blacks arm-in-arm with Latinos or Caucasians. America was leading the world in Ethnic Diversity. What about Political Diversity? Wouldn’t that be a good PR campaign? PR was the true American Way.

The country needed both viewpoints, Democratic and Republican. Abbey decided that listening to each other without interrupting was the trick; listening and understanding the viewpoint and the message. Even if she didn’t agree with it. They were Americans and America supported Diversity.

old woman walking on water.

A blog post from Grandma Thunder

Quote for the Day

We will never stop illegal immigration until this country has a comprehensive, realistic immigration policy – Ruben Hinojosa 


The Merry Go Round

 What Goes Around Comes Around.

in 2012 why did MItt Romney/Paul Ryan  lose the election for the GOP?

This election was a spectacle with titillating, incredibly scintillating razzle-dazzle! With all that juicy, sparkling money coming in from Super PACs should we be surprised that the election became one big circus.

the circus

What goes Around comes Around

And when the circus was all over with the lights on the merry-go-round going dim and winking out, it was the donkeys who had won and they had won big time.

A herd of dejected, elephants were leaving office and trudging down the hill.

We are inclined to think that most of the money coming in from these independent political groups creating influence and super PACs were leaning to the right.  If you were to make this assumption you would be dead wrong. They are now increasingly looking LEFT.The super-rich are seeking perks from a party that ran on the platform “Tax the Rich!” LOL.

  • Tax-exempt foundations supporting Obama have assets ten times greater than tax-exempt trusts and foundations supporting the GOP.
  • That the moneyed, philanthropic world is fast moving to the left and has been for some time can be proven by tracking their donations on Open Secrets.  These global elites would appear to have cottoned on to the fact that if you want to control the masses, this is the way to go.  Among the Obama/Hillary supporters you can find: The Rockefeller Foundation; the Rockefeller Family Fund; the Ford Foundation; the Carnegie Corporation; the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation; the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; the Heinz Family Foundation; the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation; the Fannie Mae Foundation; the Chevron-Texaco Foundation; the Annie E. Casey Foundation; the AT&T Foundation and many more and of course Goldman “Sucks”
  • Many super rich CEO’s that backed Obama in 2008 have been well rewarded: Jamie Dimon (JP Morgan Chase) Dick Fuld (CEO Lehman Bros) Warren Spector (CEO Bear Sterns) Larry Fink (Black Rock Money Management) Greg Fleming (Merrill Lynch) and Larry Blankfein (CEO Goldman Sachs).Warren Buffet and George Soros were both well rewarded by the Obama administration. Other donkey-perks have gone to Walmart (food stamps), J.P.Morgan Chase (Food Stamp EBT bank-fees) , and Pfizer (Obamacare).
  • The Rothschilds are closely linked to Clinton. Marc Mezvinsky, the husband of Chelsea, is a money manager with connections to Goldman Sachs & the Rothschilds. Jacob Rothschild has donated money to the Clinton Foundation.
  • Should we  investigate to see if Romney/Ryan also have ties to the global elites,
    these corrupt money managers who wish to transform America into the new North American Continent in a global dictatorial order WHICH FAILS TO HONOR “BALANCE OF POWER, our CONSTITUTION or HUMAN RIGHTS”? 

obama statsSo in 2012 against all odds, Obama won the White House. On leaked data from FOI Judicial Watch and the excessive numbers of non-citizens on the voting registers he won with voter fraud. Now as leader of the house Ryan has the power to fix the problem. I don’t see him actively doing anything.

What “King” Obama has done to America in the last four years is an abomination. He has shredded the Constitution, advanced the threat of Islam waged illegal wars appointed judges who elevate racial sensitivity above the fundamentals of the constitution AND SET US UP FOR MARTIAL LAW.

By losing in 2012 the consequences have been catastrophic. We have one last chance in 2016 and all three losers are attacking the one person standing up for America. Shame on them.

Thanks to good work by Rience Priebus and the Tea Party, good people all, the GOP was still able to keep control of the House and there has been a good resurrection and defense of the American constitution over the last four years.

Should we hold Ryan, Romney & McCain accountable? You bet. There is a cost to not stopping evil. Minimally they should look themselves in the face and see their own sins, then they should apologize to America.

The GOP will lose again in 2016 if they do not roll up their sleeves and root out all the entrenched corruption and FALSE IDEAS that have accumulated over the last fifty years. 

Politicians tend to think that when they do their dirty deeds that there are no consequences. Not true! Even in politics it seems that doing unto others as you would have them do unto you, is actually (long-term) the cleverer way to go. Good politics builds trust. Until Trump came along, the country had lost its faith in the political elite and in the integrity of the political.process. Yet this is SO VERY vital and important. We are navigating the digital revolution which is of greater magnitude even than the industrial revolution. So far we have gotten away with it, without a civil war or having to take our corrupt elites to the guillotine. This is only thanks to our political  process, faulty as it is.

So what to still needs to get cleaned up?

The GOP Karl Rove invented and perfected the negative attack ad which created in turn a toxic, fearful & divisive parliament.  It was these dirty, diabolical tricks that gave us Bush-baby and kept him in office for two terms and he, too nearly did us in. Not a good game to play, Karl Rove. You are a good republican but these black-propaganda techniques are actually damaging to the Republican party and to the democratic process. It would also be in order for Karl Rove to apologize to America.

What goes around comes around.

By 2012, the Democrats had finally mastered the black slander arts with a brilliance unmatched even in the prior elections of Bush Daddy and Bush Baby. Mitt Romney was positioned as a liar, a tax evader, out of touch and uncaring – I suspect that there is little truth in any of these allegations yet they were thrown out so often and on so many channels that they were made to stick. Democrats consider the rich should pay a high tax rate and fund their indigence. They were able to successfully BLAME Romney. So far, bless him, Trump is avoiding this “we pay for you” tax pitfall.

Karl Rove was initially a Bush-Daddy man. That is right, H.W. Bush the GOP one-term president who was defeated by Clinton and is famous for the line, “read my lips – no new taxes” just before he raised the taxes The irony is that the real crime was in the lie not in the taxes. People rarely forgive politicians when they make a promise and fail to deliver. The truth is that taxes are sometimes good and sometimes bad, politicians shouldn’t ever generalize or make promises they cannot keep.

Now Daddy-Bush is an interesting character. It is rumored he engaged in covert shenanigans with his Saudi friends to prevent the American hostages being released for long enough to undo Carter’s bid for a second term.  The fact is the hostages were released, but they were released only when Reagan was about to be sworn in.  President. Carter has said that his failure to bring the hostages home cost him his second term.  So Daddy-Bush made Carter a one-term president – and guess what, not too long thereafter, Daddy-Bush also became a one-term President.

What goes around comes around

The thing is that Romney/Ryan failed to differentiate themselves from Bush or from the torture/war maniac, Dick Cheney. So what happened is Romney assumed their crimes. In 2016 by his rhetoric and actions we have to suspect he still has not woken up and shone his moral compass.

Paul Ryan is intelligent & likable BUT HE, TOO,  IS GOING TO HAVE TO RADICALLY CHANGE HIS TUNE in order to climb aboard the patriotic Trump Train.

Trump is not a bigot, he is not a racialist and he is right that until we know what is going on with Radical Islam, we need to put in better controls.

We need to hold all accountable including Romney/Ryan for the diabolical success of the PAST FOUR YEARS DECLINE INTO CORRUPTION. We need to also hold them accountable for the unconstitutional executive clout of King Obama. We have to hold them accountable for the pernicious four year’s growth of the size and clout of the Federal Government. We have to hold them accountable for the disintegration of the middle East and the frightening rise of ISIS, of Radical Islam over the last four years when the core principles of the GOP were severely challenged.

What goes around, comes around.

Congress is investigating Hillary and Soros but what about Cheney? They investigate Clinton but what of Bush & Romney & Ryan?   An investigation of ALL members of Congress to expose their connections to Radical Islam, International Socialism, the Bilderberger NWO adn Communism is in order. We have traitors within.

It is a problem in Justice.

Thoroughly investigating the last sixteen or more years would free up the Republican party from past crimes committed in their own ranks and by the opposition. Try Gowdy would be the ideal man for the job. Americans deserve a clean government. Don’t have to prosecute everybody, just put the worst most corrupt offenders head on a pike to send out a clear message to America and the world, we are still the good guys in America.  It would tell the world that we in America can handle power without going corrupt.

In 2016 thanks to the Trump revolution, America is getting a second chance to clean up the party’s  act and if it does, the GOP is going to win big time, it will be a Trump landslide. The Trumps are not angels but they are mostly clean, have no connection to global oligarchies, and stand strong & tall. The current Obama/Hillary administration is crooked, and therefore easy to beat.

We won’t be able to have that big win unless the  Republican Party Elite change their tune and distance themselves from corrupt lobbyists and consultants (who needs them?) from the corrupt donors gaming the system, and from banking as usual and politics as usual.

 Quote for the Week

Seven things that will destroy us:

Wealth without work
Pleasure without conscience
Knowledge without character
Religion without sacrifice
Science without Humanity
Business without Ethics

Politics without Principle 


About the AuthorLynn Verhoeff (Grandma Thunder) has published two books, “Politics IOU” and “Magic Money” both on Kindle.  The first is satirical about banking and the second examines the conflict of our times, Globalism vs Patiotism.You can read more posts at fb Grandma Thunder – an Independent Voice or www.grandmathunder.com  “Politics IOU” is FREE at www.grandmawriting.com