Is there a Right and a Wrong Way to have a Cataract Operation?

To see or not to see?  Bad eyesight tends to catch up with us as we grow older

I can remember my mother complaining that her arms weren’t long enough to read books and my father trying to install brighter lightbulbs in the house so that he could see better.

Griping Grandpa Griping Grandpa on Glasses

Recently, yours truly, Griping Grandpa, had cataract surgery. The operation was a breeze and the clarity of my vision is much improved.

There is one problem, though.

Prior to the operation I had to decide on what type of lens to get for each eye – optimized either for close-up or distance vision. I chose close-up for the left eye and distance for the right eye, figuring that I could get the best of both worlds. Not true!

Before the operation I was nearsighted and only needed glasses for driving. Reading and computer work.I could do without glasses. My mistake was to choose my weaker left eye for close-up and the strong right eye for distance vision.

As I found out much to my dismay, most of my activities require  close-up vision – I only need distance vision for a few things, like driving, which for me is very much a part-time activity. While my distance vision has improved dramatically, the net result is that I now need reading glasses in addition to the usual driving glasses, which is a real pain in the you-know-where.

If I were to do it over again, I would choose close-up vision for both eyes. That way I would need glasses only for driving.

If cataract surgery is in your future, and it well may be, make your decision, based on what is going to work best for you.

For me there’s hope;. My wife had the same surgery a few years ago. Now some years later, she seldom has any need for glasses and amazingly her vision continues to settle in and change and to improve!.

Whether or not you wear glasses, take some time out to feast your eyes on some beautiful pictures with us at

Have a great day of looking!

Weekly Quote

The large print giveth, but it is the small print that taketh away.
Tom Waits, Small Change


Understanding how Man became the Endangered Species

We all love our green planet;  but some EPA thinking is JUST SILLY. 

Over the last eight years, did we give elected officials and their chosen bureaucrats too much power to stop?

I was talking recently to a die-hard environmentalist.  Fossil-Lady chortled with glee as she told me the Tejon cities had been effectively stopped. She belonged to an EPA activist group that found any kind of urban development unsettling. We were talking together about Tejon Ranch, the largest surviving ranch in California originally owned by General Edward Fitzgerald Beale, an explorer and historic figure in early California.  Tejon is now a development corporation. Even before the crash of 2008, the development group had planned to sliver off a small corridor of land from the vast territory while agreeing to conserve 90% of what is THEIR own land. This is not California land, or Federal land, it is privately owned. I was thinking it was a generous gift.

Fossil-Lady was fighting the proposed developments along the I-5 and the I-138. While it is true that the ranch is home to hundreds of bird species, including a few from federal and the state endangered species. Sadly there are some who fight the right of MAN to share with them and profit.  I will admit the EPA had some good fighting arguments and they were keeping the courts busy. Besides the endangered species, Tejon is also home to at least twenty on the Audubon Watch-list, such as the Spotted Owl, Willow Flycatcher, and Tri-colored Blackbird and of course the magnificent Condor.

My question to Fossil-Lady, which she wasn’t answering, was that because 90% of the land would still remain pristine, could birds not fly over a one story, two story or even three story building?


Centennial, the one planned city, is along the I-138. This joins the I-14 down into the LA Metropolis.  The second, a smaller more expensive and more prestigious getaway, was planned in five acre lots near the lakes along the I-5 just beyond Lebec. This was all planned & budgeted for, long before the 2008 crash and now it is 2017. Why has this development never even been started – stopped eternally by the  EPA.  The most noisy of the opposition was the Center for Biological Diversity, based in Tucson, Arizona. They claim the development endangers too many ecosystems, including the largest native grassland left in California.(My common sense father would have said, “Arizona” but I thought you said you were in California? Yes Dad, but do you not know that the Environmental Lobby transcends state lines, actually it goes all the way up to the United Nations where its dart is firmly embedded.)

Fossil-Lady said that she strongly applauded the Arizona efforts. I asked, “You say both projects are now finally approved?”

“That’s right!” Fossil-Lady’s Cheshire-smile broke out again, surprising me. I knew she was against the development.

I frowned, “So . . .  why aren’t they beginning to build?”

“Nobody building in this crazy economy?” she said with lots & lots of satisfaction.

I invite the reader to take a closer look at how this has impacted our small rural community economically?

Against this backdrop, a friend traveled three hours to Fresno desperately looking work, which had all but vanished after the 2008 banking collapse. When he finally got to Fresno there was no work there either; no job as promised, and no lodging. So he and his wife (an outstanding chiropractor) were being forced to leave our community. What is his trade?  Actually he builds houses. If the development had not been stopped by the Environmentalists he could have happily plied his trade on his own home turf. He and his wife would have been spared much financial stress and the community would have been that much richer in more than just one way.

Why could he not get a job in Fresno? Let me share with you what was going wrong in the Central Valley, why it was that he couldn’t get work there either?

There is a very rich farming area around Fresno; so why no employment? The Central Valley raise more than 350 different crops, supporting 20% of all the jobs in the Valley. Some niche markets here, as many of these crops are not grown anywhere else in the nation and some not anywhere else in the world.  Let me correct myself, these were the products and statistics before the EPA unloaded on that area also.

We used to be able to find 1.88 million acres of arable farmland near Fresno; I say arable but that was before the EPA lobby persuaded the left-leaning Congress to cut off the water for farming. Go figure. You need to know, reader, that every dollar that is created by successful farming, generates another $3.50 for the local and regional economy.

California’s drought has devastated the state’s economy, costing about $2.7 billion and over 10,000 agricultural jobs. Nearly 600,000 acres of farmland now lies fallow. There is a drought that California is fighting but the central valley farmers blame Congress. Travel up the I-99 from Southern to Northern California and you will quickly see the signs, “CONGRESS CREATED the DUSTBOWL” Local farmers began a desperate PR effort to enlighten Americans on the danger of the continuing  EPA regulations, denying water to our food basin.


The local farmers are quite right to blame the liberal caucus, but they are also partly wrong. There has been a natural drought in California; even our little dam in Frazier Park has dried up and Congress didn’t do that. They are also trucking in water to Lake of the Woods, one of the little villages that make up our rural “hill” community. But any good community should pull together to conquer natural challenges. This didn’t happen in California where we are so divided.

The “River Restoration” program, mandated by Sacramento and also by Washington is designed “to restore and maintain fish populations in ‘good condition’ in the main stem of the San Joaquin River below Friant Dam to the confluence of the Merced River” . This program is a large part of the problem. Stops came from a settlement agreement in a lawsuit filed aggressively by the Environmental Lobby, placing the survival of little fish senior to the survival and prosperity of Man. Hello, do we have a situation in our courts? Should they not be passing judgement for the greatest good? Add to the above, the “Endangered Species Act”, invoked by the Delta smelt, a little fish that’s not even suitable for eating.  The courts decided these were more important than MANKIND. The cutoff of irrigation water, mandated by this judgement has destroyed the Central Valley agriculture and tens of thousands of jobs. This has been all for a trade-off for the survival of the wee, poor little, endangered fish. No I kid you not, in the middle of this bad California drought, since 2008 1.4 trillion gallons of water have been flushed into the San Francisco Bay.

Good news is that Diane Feinstein and Kevin McCarthy have created common ground and common-sense legislation that saves the farming in central California. This is has just passed through both the House and the Senate. Even President Obama has agreed to sign the bill, signalling that he does have the better interests of the nation at heart. (Senator Boxer is being dragged off kicking and biting and screaming, and frothing at the mouth. Goodbye, good riddance.

Sadly the EPA battles in California are not over. Will Americans ever embrace common sense and learn to work together for the common good? The issue is not only scarce water, it is also scarce energy and the rising cost thereof, making it difficult for Americans to keep up. An aging population needs every kind of affordable energy, coal, oil, fracking, natural gas, wind power and solar to keep warm. With this erratic weather, being able to depend on warm houses and central heating is absolutely vital.

Only with healthy competition, will our energy costs become affordable. We are a nation of many abilities and a nation of many resources, THERE IS TRULY NO REASON FOR SCARCITY IN AMERICA.

One last question and sadly it also has to be asked.  Those who wish to make America great again see that the climate is unstable; what we haven’t seen is GLOBAL WARMING. What we do see and hear is that this “global warming” narrative is a very strong favorite of the “untrustworthy” New World Order. I wish it were not so, but those who favor “America First” have a healthy (proven) distrust of GLOBAL. With the climate change NARRATIVE out there and far, far too loud and noisy, astute Americans ask (and so they should be asking) is there any hidden agenda associated with global warming?

Whether the reader voted for Donald Trump, or Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton our survival, prosperity and greatness will come from all men of good will learning to work together for the greatest good.  Like Diane Feinstein, we need to learn to work together on projects that are good for us all. We also need to be vigilant, and protect ourselves from Big Brother; is the hidden agenda that MSM wants us to pay lip service to, that what they really want is for us to pay a city tax, a county tax, a gas-at-the-pump tax, a value-added tax, a Sales tax, a State tax, a Federal tax and now also a Global tax? Are these freeloaders angling to sneak a Global Tax through, calling it a CARBON TAX?


Americans love our beautiful planet, we love our free lands and we will stand up to protect them. We have also advanced to where we have became aware of our collective identity and we know we have a responsibility for the planet.

However, let’s use common sense, and be alert to efforts to stop progress.

There is something wrong in our thinking when the disadvantaged stay poor, and millennials are all still stuck in their parent’s basements.

Weekly Quote 

“There is no cause to worry. The high tide of prosperity will continue.”
Secretary of the Treasury Andrew W. Mellon,
Note the date: September 1929


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